The NSW Racehorse Owners Association (“NSWROA”) is your representative body to help fight the causes that will make your ownership experience more rewarding.

A strong NSWROA benefits racing throughout the State.

Racing needs owners. The better your ownership experience, the more owners, which means more horses, better field sizes, better returns to racing which benefits all racing participants.

We need YOUR membership to give us a stronger voice to serve and promote the interests of ALL racehorse owners in New South Wales.


Join NSWROA now and be part of your racing future.



Click here to download a Membership Application Form (PDF). Please complete this form in full and return with your credit card payment via email to owners@nswroa.com.au or with cheque by mail.

Please note that you can also renew over the phone by calling our office on 0421 353 871 during business hours or via email owners@nswroa.com.au


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