I start my column this month by thanking those of our members who attended our Annual General Meeting and also congratulate all elected directors. As I stated at the AGM, the Association works tirelessly to advance the interests of our members and we will continue to do so into the future.

At the time of writing the big news for the NSW Racing industry is that the media rights for NSW in its entirety (incorporating the Australian Turf Club and Provincial and Country NSW) and Victoria will now be assigned to the thoroughbred industry owned media company TVN until 2028. This agreement is subject to due diligence, shareholder and regulatory approvals.

It is intended that a new Board and management structure will be established for the new era at TVN with both Principal Racing Authorities having representation on the TVN Board. It is expected that a transition to the new board and structure will be completed by the end of July, at which time the current board will step down.

Racing NSW's Chief Executive, Peter V'landys commented that "This agreement provides the entire New South Wales thoroughbred industry with a vital opportunity to improve wagering outcomes in the future. It must not be forgotten that wagering is the prime source of revenue for racing and this agreement will assist to maximize this return.”

In other big news for the Association, I am also very pleased to advise members that Justice Wayne Haylen, QC is to join the NSWROA Committee to fill a casual vacancy. The appointment will commence from 2 July 2012.

Justice Haylen was an original member and de facto Deputy Chair of the Racing Appeals Panel and was a member and then Chairman of the Racing Appeals Tribunal. He held the position of Trustee of Randwick Racecourse.

NSWROA is very fortunate indeed to obtain the services of Justice Haylen for the NSWROA Committee. His wealth of experience and involvement with the racing industry will be invaluable to our Committee. With the expertise, experience and initiative of the likes of John Vouris, Michael Inglis, Peter Beer, Bruce Cowell Louis Mihalyka, Tom O’Callaghan, Julia Ritchie and now Wayne Haylen, the Association continues to grow in stature.

On behalf of our Members, NSWROA is grateful for the sponsorship and support of Luxbet.


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Recently the team from StableSmart made a presentation to the Committee of the NSW Racehorse Owners Association (NSWROA) demonstrating a new product for racing participants.

Stablesmart is a new online service for thoroughbred owners, managers and fans. It connects owners, managers, and fans with all relevant information about horses that they own or follow. For owners and managers, it is a unique online horse management service, which improves communication and opens up information between horse owners and their managers. For fans, it is a unique online horse tracking and communication service, allowing fans to stay in touch with all news on thoroughbreds they wish to follow and also engage in discussion with fellow racing fans.

The Association would be interested to hear the thoughts of members on the product and encourage you to visit to see for yourself. Please send any feedback you may have to the NSWROA Office


NSWROA is, once again in 2012, proud to be hosting Racing’s Night of Champions, the most prestigious charity award’s night in Australian racing.

Racing’s Night of Champions will be held at the Grand Pavilion at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse on 16 August 2012 and NSWROA cordially invites you to join us for the evening.

With the theme of “Where The Stars Align”, this event will pay homage to the best New South Wales Racing has to offer in recognising the achievements of both horses and their humans.

This year NSWROA is proud to be supporting the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation (POWHF) as our charity of choice at Racing’s Night of Champions.

POWHF is an established charitable organisation supporting and promoting research, education, health promotion and patient care for and at the Prince of Wales Hospital Randwick.

One of the many highlights of the night will undoubtedly be our feature entertainment which will be provided this year by Damien Leith. Damien’s career has gone from strength to strength since being crowned Australian Idol in 2006.

He has become one of the best-selling Australian artists of the modern era, with combined album sales nudging the one million mark via his albums The Winner's Journey [#1, 4X platinum, ARIA Award for highest selling album]; Where We Land [#1, platinum], Catch the Wind [#2, platinum], Remember June [#25, gold] and last year's ROY – A Tribute to Roy Orbison [#2, platinum].

NOW & THEN, an album in two parts, is the latest release for Damien. The "Now" represents a wonderful new selection of Damien's self-penned songs whilst “Then” sees Damien pick up where the ROY project left off, further celebrating and honouring the music of Roy Orbison, this time alongside his famous mates from the late-80s stellar outfit, the Traveling Wilburys. The Wilburys, of course, saw Roy Orbison join forces with fellow music icons Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty.

Racing’s Night of Champions is, without doubt, the best value night out you can have. For the low admission price of $198.00 per person you receive:

• a sumptuous 3 course meal
• fine wines and beverages; and
• feature entertainment by one of the true stars of the Australian music industry.

You will find it very hard indeed to get such value for money from any other event. So why not treat yourself to a great night out and by attending you are also assisting the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation.

In order to assist guests travelling to the function, NSWROA has arranged for a free return bus service to the event. The bus will travel between Randwick/Rosehill/Randwick and bookings for this service will be essential.

For those of you looking for accommodation close to the venue, Rydges Parramatta have an accommodation event offer available to our guests. Just quote “Racing’s Night of Champions” to gain access to this Event offer. To view the accommodation flyer click here. In addition Rydges can provide transfers to Rosehill Gardens – simply mention when booking accommodation.

For further information regarding the Racing’s Night of Champions, visit the NSWROA website or click here to view a flyer for the event.


A reminder to members that Paul Carrazzo CPA, arguably Australia’s most respected and active tax consultant, will present his annual Sydney tax seminar on 26 June 2012 to coincide with the Inglis Weanling and Bloodstock sale. A special discounted rate of $110 for NSWROA members applies. See flyer under for further details.


It is now nearly 3 years since the new horse loss rules for high income earners were introduced on 1 July 2009 and over the past 18 or so months our office has lodged and reviewed many of the applications required to have these losses approved.

It has now reached the point where I’m in an ideal position to share with the industry some of the specific issues our office has encountered when applying for these rulings, many coming to the surface only once the ATO has been challenged to interpret the meaning and spirit of these new rules.

Issue 1 – A horse business that has made a tax profit cannot apply under the “Nature Of Activity” ground

Under these rules, a person (alone or in partnership), cannot claim an immediate loss for their breeding and/or racing losses if they have an “adjusted taxable income” (ATI) in excess of $250,000.

Where the $250,000 income test is failed, the only way the person can claim the loss is if they apply to the ATO to exercise its discretion to allow the loss in either of the following two circumstances:

  • Circumstance 1 - The business was (or will be) affected by special circumstances beyond the control of the operators of the business (e.g., a fire, flood, drought, diseases affecting livestock or crops (e.g. EI), a pest plague or a hailstorm; or
  • Circumstance 2 - The business, because of its nature (read “Nature Of Activity”), is not expected to become commercially viable until some time after it has commenced. Horse Breeding and many primary production activities very much fit into this category.

What must be noted is that the latter Nature Of Activity (“NOA”) ground is available to assist start up businesses that due to their inherent nature, can take many years to generate a tax profit.

Accordingly, a business that has already generated a tax profit in its earlier years cannot seek to apply under the NOA ground, as they have already made a profit within the accepted industry lead time period.


Maxine is a high income earning breeder who has been breeding horses for 5 years (i.e. since 1 July 2005) and in the 2010 tax year incurs a tax loss of $100,000.

The 2008 tax year was the “ray of light” for Maxine as a nominal tax profit of $5,000 was derived, due to the enormous price received for a foal out of a mare acquired “in-foal”. However, all other years have generated losses and realistic projections indicate that the business will only again be profitable in the 2013 tax year, some 8 years after the activity commenced (being within the accepted industry 8 year lead time for a breeding business).

In this example, Maxine could not apply under the NOA ground for the tax years 2010-2012 losses to be accepted as a profit (albeit a nominal profit) has already been derived in the 2008 tax year, this being within the 8 year lead time period.

The only ground that Maxine could apply to have her 2010 loss deducted is via the stricter “Special Circumstances” ground.

Issue 2 - ATO not considering a NOA application where business has generated income only, even though a profit has never been made

Our office found this problem moreso in the early days of these applications being processed, but be aware that the ATO can take a while to get their case officers properly trained!

This problem was created when the ATO thought that an activity could not apply under the NOA ground if it commenced to generate income within the 8 year lead time period. Regrettably, they confused the concept of “income” and “tax profit”.

Bottom line – if the ATO refuses to process your NOA application using this wrong rationale, you very much have the law on your side!


Gerry is a high income earning breeder who commenced his breeding activity on 1 July 2008.

Gerry’s private ruling projections indicated that he would make a tax profit from his activities during the tax year ended 30 June 2014, within the 8 year lead time period.

However, during the 2010 tax year, Gerry lost a valuable foal via a paddock accident and received an insurance payout of $100,000. This was his only income for that year, however it still did not cover expenses and a tax loss was still incurred in the 2010 tax year.

The ATO tried to argue that as he had generated some income prior to his application and within the lead time period, a NOA application could not be considered. Gerry’s diligent accountant successfully argued that the ATO were confusing the concept of “income” and “tax profit” and his NOA application was duly processed.

Issue 3 - Make sure your financial projections are realistic

These private ruling applications must include financial projections indicating that your business will generate a tax profit within a “commercial” time frame.

We are finding that the ATO can be very unpredictable in the way they assess these projections. For instance, if the activity has generated heavy losses within the early years, they can be very sceptical if projections are lodged indicating a tax profit can be made, no matter how credible they may be. Some areas I would pay special attention to:

  • If foals are part owned, ensure only your share of estimated sale proceeds are included;
  • Factor in that your mares may not generate a foal every year (n.b. average live foal rate is 61% for mares covered); and
  • If your expenses decrease over time, yet stock number remain relatively constant, explain to the ATO why this is occurring. For instance, service fees maybe decreasing as stallion shares have been acquired and you are taking up your service entitlements that you need not pay for.

To play it safe, I would have a financially savvy expert specifically verify the accuracy of your projections, ensuring the expert is independent of your horse affairs.

Issue 4 - ATO are taking the lead time period from the time the “business activity” commenced, not from the time that the applicant commenced the business

This approach was something the tax community definitely did not see coming!

If you consider ATO rulings and facts sheets on these new rules and the actual way in which these laws are drafted, it would be very reasonable to assume that the lead time for the breeding activity commences at the time the applicant commences the activity. Not so. The ATO consider the lead time period to commence from the time the “business activity” originally started, regardless of who or what entity was running the business at that time.

This is a crucial issue as the activity needs to become “commercially viable” within a “lead time” acceptable for that industry for the ATO to rule in your favour and allow the immediate deduction of the loss.

Example (adapted from a previous Carrazzo media release)

Fred the horse breeder owns a property in the Hunter Valley where a breeding business has been operated by himself since 1 July 2002.

Fred died on 30 June 2008 and the business was passed to his wife, Dorothy. For a number of reasons, the breeding business has never made a profit for the entire period 1 July 2002 to 30 June 2011, some 9 tax years.

Dorothy is a high income earner and is forced to apply for a private ruling to be able to deduct her horse breeding losses for the tax years 2011 to 2014 inclusive.

In her application, Dorothy’s projections note that a profit will first be made in the FY 2015. This profit has been supported be expert reports that indicate that the lead time for her to make a profit is “8 years”. As Dorothy commenced the business in her own right on 1 July 2008, a profit by FY 2015 is within this 8 year “lead time” period.

Though the ATO accepted the “reasonableness” of her projections, they said she was outside the lead time of 8 years as the business activity had actually started with Fred back on 1 July 2002! Using this older start date, the “lead time” for generating a profit is now increased to 13 years (based on a FY 2015 profit) and this now puts the business well outside the accepted 8 year lead time and Dorothy’s application to claim the losses was unsuccessful.

Issue 5 - ATO very strict on what is a “special circumstance”

As noted above, the ATO can exercise its discretion to allow the loss if “special circumstances” impact on the ability of the activity to make a profit.

If applying under this ground, it seems that every bit of bad luck that occurs with a horse is not “special” or “abnormal” to the ATO, even though it is “outside the control” of the breeder or owner. These include:

• Mare abortions;
• Foals failing scope tests after sale;
• Paddock and track accidents; and
• Foals dying at birth.

Per ATO rules, “Special circumstances” are those circumstances “which are sufficiently different to distinguish them from the circumstances that occur in the normal course of conducting a business activity.”

The special circumstances must be outside the control of the operators of the business activity. Such circumstances are specifically defined to include drought, flood, bushfire or some other natural disasters. In other words, they are “unusual”, “uncommon” or “exceptional”. In the case of other events, failure for no adequate reason to adopt practices commonly used in an industry to prevent or reduce the effects of special circumstances may point to the special circumstances not being outside the control of the operator. Unfortunately, this is how the ATO are currently viewing the occurrences I have outlined above.

Be warned, if seeking the ATO’s relief using “special circumstances”, the onus is on you to prove that not only did they prevent you from making a profit in the tax year (preparing an adjusted P&L supporting this is highly recommended), but that they are “outside the normal course” of horse industry activities.

Issue 6 - Industry lead time for horse breeders is not strictly “six years”

Our office and others have successfully argued 8 years as the lead time for profitability within the breeding industry, this being evidenced by successful private rulings lodged with the ATO. These rulings can be accessed publically via the ATO register of private binding rulings.

When the ATO began processing these applications a few years ago, it seemed that they were very fixed on “6 years” being the lead time for breeding activity profitability, however further external evidence put to them via the industry and these applications has thankfully changed this position

Don’t let the ATO intimidate you on this issue!

Please also note that the ATO ruling on these new rules does give the applicant the scope to argue for an extension to the generally accepted lead time if there are, in their words “…special circumstances outside the control of the operators of the business activity have meant that there is no longer an objective expectation that within the period that is commercially viable for the industry concerned the activity will …produce a tax profit”.

You are welcome to contact the writer if you wish him to clarify or expand upon any of the matters raised in this release.

DISCLAIMER: Any reader intending to apply the information in this article to practical circumstances should independently verify their interpretation and the information’s applicability to their particular circumstances with an accountant specialising in this area.

Prepared by:
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E-mail: • Web Site:


Now that we’re well into the second racing season where Racing NSW has been paying BOBS Extra bonuses, it’s interesting to examine the figures to see what trends are appearing.

After the first week of May, Racing NSW had paid out on 136 BOBS Extra bonuses this season – 91 for successes by four-year-old horses and 45 for five-year-olds winning. Together they were valued at $871,250.

Older horses with the ability to run strongly over 1600-metres and longer seem to hold their form well once they strike it, and that is shown by the number which win more than one BOBS Extra bonus.

King of them all so far is Beau Colin, a 5yo Beautiful Crown (USA) gelding who has won six of his 44 starts, with every single victory being in a BOBS Extra race. Owned and trained at Wyong by Stan Thomas, Beau Colin barely got warm in his 2yo and 3yo seasons. Then, as a 4yo, he won over 1600m at Taree, again over 1600m at Queanbeyan and scored again at Taree, this time over 2000m – making it three BOBS Extra bonuses for the season. Now as a 5yo, Beau Colin has won another three BOBS Extra bonuses, at Muswellbrook over 1750m, Cessnock over 2100m and Muswellbrook once more, over 2300m. The six bonuses have added $30,000 to the $63,000 he’s won his stakes money – a lovely return on the BOBS and BOBS Extra nomination fees!

Rain Drum, from the Gai Waterhouse stable at Randwick, is another to show how valuable a BOBS Extra nomination can be. This Fastnet Rock gelding had his first start in September last year when placed third at Hawkesbury. Two weeks later he won over 1600m at Kembla Grange and in October scored again, at Canterbury Park over 1900m. After a spell Rain Drum was victorious at Wyong over 1600m and at Canterbury over 1900m. His four BOBS Extra bonus wins have added $35,000 to the $87,000 he’s earned in stakes money.

So as we approach the 1 September deadline for BOBS nominations for horses about to turn 2yo, it’s well worth considering the additional $840 to enter BOBS Extra.

Ask yourself “Is this horse going to run as a four-year-old or later, and is it capable of winning over 1600m or longer?” And, if the answer is yes, then don’t hesitate to pay the BOBS Extra fee.

Below are the leading BOBS Extra winners so far in season 2011-12:-

Horse Sire
Guy Walter
RAIN DRUM Fastnet Rock
Gai Waterhouse
MISSHIRAZ Secret Savings (USA)
Garry Frazer
REPUBLIC LAD Encosta de Lago
Chris Waller
DOLPHI'S BOY Half Hennessy
Stephen Hill
BRAVE THE WAY Falbrav (Ire)
Alan Bailey
Gai Waterhouse
FOXSTAR Galileo (Ire)
Guy Walter
John O'Shea
HARD LIQUOR Tale of the Cat (USA)
Anthony Cummings
Anthony Cummings
SAINT SAIALA Redoute's Choice
David Payne
BEAU COLIN Beautiful Crown (USA)
Stan Thomas
SHABANA Quest For Fame (GB)
Mick Lynch


Following the election of the Committee at the 47th Annual General Meeting of the NSWROA on 14 May 2012, an election of office bearers took place at the June Committee Meeting with the following results:

President: Ray McDowell
Vice President: John Vouris
Secretary: Michael Inglis
Treasurer: John Vouris


A WINNER – there are no better words for an owner to hear!

As members are aware, as part of our membership renewal process, NSWROA requested members to forward the names of their racehorses in order for us to acknowledge their racing triumphs in our publications.

The listing under comprises wins recorded in New South Wales as well as Australian black type successes which are recorded in bold type.

Accordingly, hereunder are the lucky NSWROA members who had winners in May 2012:

Owner Meeting Horse
Ms N Anderson Gosford Emeritus (NZ)
  Wyong Emeritus (NZ)
M Angelos Hawkesbury Reuben Percival (NZ)
S Bilich Warwick Farm Millenium Ruler
Ms L Brennan Wagga Newell (NZ)
S Bourke Canberra Flying Bentley
Mrs D Boyd Nowra Virtuoso
G Bunt Hawkesbury Kanskje
C Burt Canberra Flying Bentley
B Bryant Wagga Newell (NZ)
J Camilleri Gold Coast Florentina
A Cardy Wagga Rambling On (NZ)
P Carter Canberra Flying Bentley
I Champion Moree Lady Cinnamon
M Codling Canberra Flying Bentley
F Cook Scone Sour Mash (IRE)
F & Mrs C Cook Gosford The Heights (NZ)
N Couper Doomben Tiger Tees (NZ)
F Crews Rosehill Under the Sun (NZ)
P Davis Warwick Farm Millenium Ruler
P Duggan Casino Urnfield
J Fleming Binnaway Eureka Joh
  Cobar Eureka Joh
Mrs S Gavenlock Tamworth Camorino
Gooree Pastoral Company Randwick Calamba
  Rosehill Air Comet
  Wyong (2) A Little Prayer
M Graham Canberra Flying Bentley
M Haberlin Canberra Flying Bentley
G Harvey Canterbury Mossamine
  Newcastle Lady Paget
  Nowra Cortado
  Scone (2) Love Excels
    Riva de Lago
G Holz Gosford Majestic Beast
The Hon T Hughes, AO Canberra Party Dress
S Humphries Canberra Flying Bentley
M Inglis Wagga Caprossa
S Iskander Eagle Farm Trump
N & Mrs M Johnson Narromine Sparkey Babe
R Kemister Wyong He's A Knockout
P & Mrs D Kepitis Wyong Casula Gal
Laurel Oak B'stock Canberra Flying Bentley
R & M Lazarus Quirindi Sutton Surprise
Mrs L Locke Wagga Doubt Not
His Excellency Nasser Lootah Kempsey Fayez
L Macri Scone Upon This Rock
B & Mrs L Mackie Gosford Grand Cooler
K Maloney Canterbury (2) Core Purpose
    Ninth Legion
G McAllister Canberra Flying Bentley
G McNeice Sapphire Coast Polygon Wood
J Middleton Canberra Braviano
  Nowra Virtuoso
L Mihalyka Canberra Flying Bentley
P Morrison Gunnedah Double Crest
Dato Tan Chin Nam Kembla Shen Long
Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate Flemington Affable
  Kembla Reflectance
  Rosehill Destruction
R Pegum Rosehill Under the Sun (NZ)
K Pryke Gosford The Heights (NZ)
D Ramage Canterbury Kim Warrior
Ramsey Pastoral Company Canterbury Mecir
  Wagga Tribal Rock
B Rutter Gosford Emeritus (NZ)
  Wyong Emeritus (NZ)
Sheikh Mohammed Canterbury (2) Zauberflote (2)
  Doomben Mental
  Gold Coast Mascareri
  Gosford Baculos
  Hawkesbury Free Wheeling
  Hawkesbury Mental
  Kembla Birdlife
  Randwick Adroitly
  Rosehill Euryale
  Scone Komodo
  Scone Raspberries
  Warwick Farm (2) Coins
Mrs C Size Warwick Farm Purrfect (NZ)
J L Thompson Gosford Nash Rambler
  Hawkesbury Weepu
T & Mrs D, J & Miss H Wallace Canterbury Kirinata
  Gosford Kirinata
M Whitby Gosford Ward (NZ)
G Williams Canberra Flying Bentley

Another feature in the Newsletter is the NSWROA Member’s Black Type Honour Roll which acknowledges the success of members in the black type arena.

The Honour Roll for the 2011-2012 season is as follows:


2011/2012 NSWROA Members Black Type Honour Roll
Current to 31 May 2012

Race Name Horse Owner
G1 ATC George Main Stakes Sincero P Walker
G1 MVRC Manikato Stakes Sepoy Sheikh Mohammed
G1 ATC Epsom Handicap Secret Admirer J & Mrs T Muir
G1 VRC Turnbull Stakes December Draw (IRE) R Pegum
G1 MRC Caulfield Guineas Helmet Sheikh Mohammed
G1 MRC Thousand Guineas Atlantic Jewel L Macri
G1 VRC Coolmore Stud Stakes Sepoy Sheikh Mohammed
G1 ATC Rosehill Guineas Laser Hawk Gooree Pastoral Company
G1 ATC Golden Slipper Stakes Pierro G & Mrs D Kolivos
G1 ATC George Ryder Stakes Metal Bender (NZ) D Fuller
G1 ATC Sires Produce Stakes Pierro G & Mrs D Kolivos
G1 ATC Champagne Stakes Pierro G & Mrs D Kolivos
G1 ATC All Aged Stakes Atlantic Jewel L Macri
G2 ATC Warwick Stakes Pinwheel Sheikh Mohammed
G2 VRC Danehill Stakes Sepoy Sheikh Mohammed
G2 ATC Chelmsford Stakes Trusting Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
G2 ATC Hill Stakes Trusting Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
G2 ATC The Shorts Love Conquers All N Moraitis, AM
G2 MRC Caulfield Sprint Sepoy Sheikh Mohammed
G2 VRC Salinger Stakes Sister Madly K Maloney
G2 VRC Wakeful Stakes Atlantic Jewel L Macri
G2 ATC Villiers Stakes Monton G Bunt
G2 MRC Autumn Stakes Pied A Terre Sheikh Mohammed
G2 ATC Silver Slipper Stakes Pierro G & Mrs D Kolivos
G2 ATC Hobartville Stakes Wild and Proud Gooree Pastoral Company
G2 VRC Sires' Produce Stakes All Too Hard Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
G2 VRC A V Kewney Stakes Empress Rock Dato Tan Chin Nam
G2 MVRC Moonee Valley Fillies Cl. Empress Rock Dato Tan Chin Nam
G2 ATC Todman Stakes Peirro G & Mrs D Kolivos
G2 ATC Magic Night Stakes Ichihara G Altomonte
G2 ATC Pago Pago Stakes All Too Hard Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
G2 ATC Ajax Stakes Niagara Ms J Ritchie
G2 ATC Sapphire Stakes Atlantic Jewel L Macri
G3 ATC Silver Shadow Stakes Pane in the Glass Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
G3 ATC Run To The Rose Smart Missile Gooree Pastoral Company
G3 ATC Tramway Handicap Sincero P Walker
G3 NJC Spring Stakes Darci Be Good (NZ) P de Vries
G3 NJC Cameron Handicap Raspberries Sheikh Mohammed
G3 MRC How Now Stakes Sister Madly K Maloney
G3 MRC Naturalism Stakes December Draw (IRE) R Pegum
G3 MRC Caulfield Guineas Prelude Helmet Sheikh Mohammed
G3 ATC Research Stakes Screen Sheikh Mohammed
G3 ATC Craven Plate My Kingdom of Fife (GB) R Pegum
G3 MRC Betfair Stakes Love Conquers All N Moraitis, AM
G3 MRC David Jones Cup Foreteller (GB) F Cook
G3 MVRC Red Anchor Stakes Karuta Queen G & Mrs V Williams
G3 VRC Carbine Club Stakes Galah Sheikh Mohammed
G3 VRC Maribyrnong Plate Real Stolle Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
G3 ATC Summer Cup Yulalona Sheikh Mohammed
G3 ATC Southern Cross Stakes No Evidence Needed Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
G3 VRC Frances Tressaday Stakes Raspberries Sheikh Mohammed
G3 ITC Illawarra Mercury Classic Appearance Sheikh Mohammed
G3 ATC Epona Stakes Fibrillation J L Thompson
G3 SAJC Auraria Stakes Crucial Sheikh Mohammed
G3 BRC Gunsynd Mile Trump S Iskander
G3 GCTC Gold Coast Guineas Florentina J Camilleri
G3 BRC Sprint Tiger Tees (NZ) N Couper
G3 BRC Fred Best Classic Mental Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC The Rosebud Aeronautical L Cohen
LR MRC Vain Stakes Sepoy Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC Show County Quality Skytrain Sheikh Mohammed
LR MVRC William Crockett Stakes Kneeling Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
LR WRC Mona Lisa Stakes Sweetest Melody Gooree Pastoral Company
LR ATC Ming Dynasty Quality Hcp Ambidexter Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC Heritage Stakes Karuta Queen G & Mrs V Williams
LR SAJC Tokyo City Cup Zauberin G Harvey
LR ATC Reginald Allen Handicap Disputes Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC Gimcrack Stakes Hussousa Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
LR VRC UCI Stakes Isopach Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
LR MRC Gothic Stakes Galah Sheikh Mohammed
LR City Tattersalls Club Cup Galizani Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
LR GRC Geelong Classic Induna Sheikh Mohammed
LR MVRC Alexandra Stakes Torah Ramsey Pastoral Company
LR VRC Emirates Airlines Plate Applegate Sheikh Mohammed
LR HRC Skin Fitness Ladies Day Cup Shannara Sheikh Mohammed
LR MRC Kevin Heffernan Stakes Soul Sheikh Mohammed
LR TATTS RC Recognition Stakes Wonderful Lass Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
LR ATC Festival Stakes Monton G Bunt
LR VRC Kensington Stakes First Command L Macri
LR ATC Australia Day Cup Wazn (IRE) F & Mrs C Cook
LR VRC Talindert Stakes All Too Hard Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
LR MVRC Typhoon Tracy Stakes Glows Sheikh Mohammed
LR VRC Bob Hoysted Stakes Panipique Ramsey Pastoral Company
LR CRC Black Opal Stakes Epaulette Sheikh Mohammed
LR CRC National Sprint Hood O P Tait
LR SAJC Pewsey Vale Stakes Sabie Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC Aspiration Quality Handicap Fibrillation J L Thompson
LR ATC Randwick City Stakes Maules Creek Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
LR ARC Albury Gold Cup Extra Zero R & Mrs J Bergstrom
LR ATC Birthday Card Stakes Celts Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC P J Bell Stakes Ever The Same Gooree Pastoral Company
LR SAJC Port Adelaide Guineas Conrell Sheikh Mohammed
LR BRC Hinkler Handicap Metallurgical Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
LR ATC Hall Mark Stakes Tiger Tees (NZ) N Couper
LR HRC Hawkesbury Guineas Free Wheeling Sheikh Mohammed
LR GCTC Silk Stocking Mascareri Sheikh Mohammed
LR SRC Scone Cup Raspberries Sheikh Mohammed
LR SRC Dark Jewel Classic Upon This Rock L Macri
LR VRC Gibson Carmichael Stakes Affable Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
LR ATC W J McKell Cup Adroitly Sheikh Mohammed

What great results! Congratulations to all! Don’t forget to forward the names of your racehorses to the NSWROA office.


The next TAB Saddle-up Sunday Meeting will be conducted by the Clarence River Jockey Club on Sunday 8 July 2012 – Ladies Day (South Grafton Cup).

Grafton doesn’t hold back when it comes to the annual XXXX Gold July Racing Carnival and Ladies Day sets the pace for a week of action at the track which includes with one of the richest rural horse races in Australia, the Grafton Cup. The feature race of the seven race program on Ladies Day is the $45,000 South Grafton Cup, a 1600 metre event.

The XXXX Gold July Racing Carnival has five main race days and TAB Saddle-Up Sunday will highlight the second meeting of this exhilarating week.

Grafton is 650km north of Sydney, by car it is a seven hour drive along NSW stunning eastern coast. However, you can also travel by air, train or coach. Grafton is only an hour away from tourist hotspot Coffs Harbour.

Visit the website – – for further information on the race meeting, accommodation and local activities to make a perfect weekend away.


The $150 million Royal Randwick re-development is progressing nicely with a number of noticeable changes in recent times.

The main structure of the Betting Pavilion has now been brought down, the Paddock Stand excavation is now complete, the QEII floors are being prepared for the new stair well and lift and excavation has commenced on the Theatre of the Horse.


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Ray McDowell, President
15 June 2012


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