As members would be aware, the Association has made changes to the awards criteria for Racing’s Night of Champions, the New South Wales thoroughbred industry’s night of nights.

The changes, which are applicable for the 2012-2013 season onwards, include the introduction of:-

• a new awards category – NSW Miler of the Year; and
• a new points system.

Previously, the Association has provided three awards by distance category at Racing’s Night of Champions, being sprinter/miler (which covered all races up to 1600m), middle-distance (which covered from 1601m to 2399m) and stayer (which covered 2400m and further).

It has become apparent that these distance categories were not an accurate reflection of the attributes of the horses we were trying to reward. In addition, there was a massive concentration of numbers in the sprinter/miler category as you would expect.

Therefore we have expanded the awards criteria by introducing an additional category. The new criteria will encompass the following distance parameters:

• Sprinter – up to 1499m
• Miler – 1500m to 1700m
• Middle-Distance – 1701m to 2299m
• Stayer – 2300m and longer.

The points system has also been revised to widen the gap between Group 1 and the other levels so that there is greater relative reward for Group 1 racing. Previously, the points system rewarded consistency in black type events, rather than the results in the best races.

The new points system for the 2012-2013 season onwards is as follows:

Group 1 Race 36 18 9
Group 2 Race 20 10 5
Group 3 Race 12 6 3
Listed/Restricted Listed Race 8 4 2

In other news of interest to members, the Australian Racing Board have made some changes to the Australian Rules of Racing with effect from 1 October 2012. Please see item later in the newsletter regarding these changes.

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For the information of members, the Australian Racing Board (ARB) has recently made some changes to the Australian Rules of Racing. Those changes, which came into effect on 1 October 2012, are as follows:-

ARR.135A time frame for notification of a change of riding instructions

ARR.135A has been amended to extend the deadline for notifying a change of riding instructions.

The words “when the order to mount is given by the Stewards prior to the race” have been deleted and the following words added, “thirty minutes prior to the advertised starting time of such race”.

AR.135A now reads:

“When by or on behalf of a trainer, any instruction is given to, or arrangement made with the rider of a horse engaged in a race that the horse be ridden in the race in a manner different from the manner in which the horse was ridden at its most recent start or starts, it shall be the responsibility of the trainer or his duly authorised agent to notify the Stewards of any such instruction or arrangement as early as practicable but not later than thirty minutes prior to the advertised starting time of such race. Upon receipt of that notification the Stewards may make any public release in respect thereof as they deem appropriate.”

AR.18 – dealing with racing’s intellectual property rights

RISA have compiled a briefing note explaining the background and reasons for amendments to the Australian Rules of Racing (AR.18) dealing with racing’s intellectual property rights. Click here for briefing note.

You will note that the amendments do not give the Principal Racing Authorities, Race Clubs or RISA the ability to control the development or sale of merchandise by owners or to derive any income from merchandise or prize money associated with racehorses. AR.18(2) grants each registered owner a non-exclusive, royalty free and non- transferable licence to use any indicia associated with his or her horse (including the horse name, image and jockey silks) for any purpose related to racing, training, promoting and otherwise dealing with the horse, including merchandise.

Importantly, a horse owner may also sub-license such rights to other persons, on whatever terms he or she deem appropriate.


Our good friend and corporate partner Gow Gates Insurance Brokers have some new equine insurance products available and have kindly prepared the following information for the benefit of members:

Horse insurance has been a core Gow-Gates service since the 1970s. Our equine and bloodstock team understands horses and how to help you insure the risks involved in owning, training and breeding them.

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Public Liability Insurance is fundamental when operating any business. Whether your operation is a Stud or Spelling farm, or you provide a specialised equine service, we can offer insurance solutions to protect you and your business against the financial risk of being found liable for death or injury to a third party, or loss or damage of third party property.

Care, Custody and Control (CCC) Liability is essential cover for Agistment and Stud businesses, and anyone who is responsible for other people’s horses. This cover provides protection against legal liability incurred as a result of injury or death, or financial loss, in respect of a horse in your care. It also covers the legal expenses in defending such law suits.

Property Insurance can be arranged for private properties and businesses such as Farms, Agistment Centres, Studs and Training Stables which includes cover for Buildings, Contents, Business Interruption, Equipment and Farm Machinery.

Gow-Gates are able to offer all of the above insurances, and more. We also offer a NSWROA Horse Insurance Package along with special rates for the above insurance packages to all NSWROA members.

We are here to assist the Equine Industry and develop solutions which work for you.

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Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers (Australasia) Pty Ltd, A.B.N 29 069 562 787, AFSL 245433.

Disclaimer: The information in the above article is intended as a guide only and should not be relied upon without the consulting the relevant policy wordings and seeking professional advice.


Back in the May 2012 Budget there was a significant new tax concession announced that will be of help to many businesses run via companies.

This concession takes the form of companies being able to “carry-back” losses in order that they can be offset against profits derived from previous years, such offset resulting in a refund of previous company tax paid. Under the existing company loss rules, tax losses made by a company can only be carried forward and offset against a future profit derived. The current treatment provides some recognition of the tax value of a loss but no immediate benefit.

These proposed changes will be of benefit to many in the racing/breeding industry who run their successful horse businesses via a company and may suffered significant losses in the ensuing years due, say, to factors like bad luck, the softening of the bloodstock market, mainly due to the advent of the GFC in late 2008 and the continuation of the natural disasters that have befallen regional Australia in the past 5 or so years.

Now that Treasury have released a discussion paper in late July 2012 as to how these rules are likely to operate, I am in a position to provide the industry with the policy design features of these rules as well as a useful example as to how these rules will operate.

Overview – Loss “carry-back” rules

Access to company losses will be improved by introducing a loss carry-back measure to allow companies that have paid tax in the past, but are now in a tax loss position, to choose to claim a refund of some of the tax they have previously paid. This will allow companies to utilise the losses sooner and reduce the risk of never being able to use them. Some of the major features of these new rules are noted below.

Limited “carry-back” period

A one year carry-back period will be allowed for the 2012-13 income year, followed by a two year carry-back period from the 2013-14 income year onwards.

This means that a loss carry-back refund will be able to be claimed for the 2012-13 income year against tax paid for 2011-12.

From the 2013-14 income year onwards, a loss carry-back refund will be able to be claimed against tax paid for the two years preceding the claim year.

$1 million cap

A cap of $1 million will apply in each claim year to the amount of losses that any company can carry-back against taxes paid in previous income years. This design feature means that loss carry-back will particularly benefit small companies, which are relatively disadvantaged by the existing loss utilisation rules.

The maximum potential refund in any year will be the tax value of the cap. With a $1 million cap and a 30 per cent tax rate, this will be $300,000.

Available to companies only

Loss carry-back will only be available for companies and other corporate tax entities (which are taxed as companies).

Refunds limited to a company’s franking account balance

The maximum amount of the tax value of loss carry-back (currently $300,000) cannot exceed the surplus balance of the company’s franking account at the end of the income year for which the loss carry-back is claimed. That is, the tax value of loss carry-back cannot exceed the value of past taxes paid and of franking credits received that have not been distributed to shareholders at that time.

Choice to claim loss “carry-back”

Claiming loss carry-back will be optional.

For any potential claim year, a company will have the option to claim loss carry-back for any current year loss of that year and/or any unutilised current year loss of the previous year. The company can choose to only claim loss carry-back for a portion of a loss.

Where both of the immediately preceding income years were profit years, the company will be able to choose to apply a particular eligible loss, or portion thereof, to either or both profit years.

Date of effect

The measure will apply from the 2012-13 income year.

Example – loss “carry-back” generates a huge tax refund for breeder

Understandably, many of you will find these proposed rules a little complex and hopefully my example below helps to demystify these changes.

Company Losses (Current Position)

Kentucky Pty Ltd (“Kentucky”) is a successful Australian breeding company that has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars profits over the years.

In 2010-11, Kentucky Pty Ltd generates a taxable income of $750,000 upon which tax of $225,000 is paid (i.e. 30% tax rate).

Bad luck befalls Kentucky and due to the sale of many poorly conformed foals and a very soft market, yearling sale prices plummet and it makes a tax loss of $500,000 in 2011-12.

Under current rules, Kentucky is unable to offset this $500,000 loss against previous tax paid.

Kentucky must “carry forward” these losses and can only use them to offset any future taxable income it generates.

Company Losses (Future Position with loss “carry-back”)

Belmont Pty Ltd (“Belmont”) is another established successful breeding company.

Belmont generates the following taxable income:

• 2011-12 Taxable Income: $750,000 ($225,000 tax paid)
• 2012-13 Tax Loss: ($500,000)

Belmont can offset its $500,000 loss incurred during 2012-13 against its 2011-12 taxable income to receive a refund of $150,000. (i.e. 30% of $500,000)

Belmont continues to trade and generates the following taxable income/(loss):

• 2014-15 Taxable Income: $800,000 ($240,000 tax paid)
• 2015-16 Taxable Income: $900,000 ($270,000 tax paid)
• 2016-17 Tax Loss: ($1,500,000)

Per the “$1m cap requirement” noted above, Belmont is able to offset only $1,000,000 of its 2016-17 losses against their combined 2013-14 and 2014-15 taxable income to receive a tax refund of $300,000 ($1 million @ 30%).

Belmont’s remaining losses of $500,000 must be carried forward in order to be utilised, as per the “Current Position” example above.

You are welcome to contact Paul Carrazzo if you wish him to clarify or expand upon any of the matters raised in this release.

DISCLAIMER Any reader intending to apply the information in this article to practical circumstances should independently verify their interpretation and the information’s applicability to their particular circumstances with an accountant specialising in this area.

Prepared by:

TEL: (03) 9982 1000
FAX: (03) 9329 8355
MOB: 0417 549 347
Web Site:


Our good friends at Ambassador Travel Services conduct numerous racing tours, both within Australia and around the world each year.

With the prestigious International Raceday in Hong Kong fast approaching and bookings to close shortly, it is timely to remind members about the wonderful tour Ambassador has on offer to this incredible event.

Join the Big Sports Breakfast’s Terry Kennedy and Michael Slater in Hong Kong as they broadcast the show live. The tour is well-balanced between racing, sightseeing as well as ample free time for you to experience the attractions in the region.

This years’ tour gives you the option to visit the spectacular Mission Hills in Shenzhen, China for the Sky Sports Drummond Golf Tournament. Just 2 hours from Hong Kong, this golfing Mecca houses five star resorts and 12, 18 hole golf courses designed by golfing champions. Enjoy a friendly tournament with fellow travellers before the big race day in Hong Kong.

You may also take advantage of a range of extensions or extend your stay in Hong Kong and it’s surrounds with the assistance of one of Ambassador’s consultants.

The racing component of the tour includes Grandstand seating on both the Hong Kong Jockey’s Championship Race Day at Happy Valley as well as the Hong Kong International Races at Sha Tin.

Enjoy an elevated view of the tracks from your reserved box on the sixth floor of Grandstand Two at Sha Tin. The evening race meeting at Happy Valley also gives you magnificent views from the Members Grandstand. Lunch and dinner will be served respectively across both venues for you to enjoy alongside the exciting racing action served up on the track.

The Hong Kong International Races are held at the striking Sha Tin Racecourse. It has become recognised as the Turf World Championships, and one of the most important race meetings in the world.

The Hong Kong Jockey’s Championship takes place at Happy Valley Racecourse and is a prelude to the International Races. Here 12 International riders that have achieved championship status throughout the world are invited to take part in this prestigious event.

The Hong Kong International Racing Tour departs on 4 December and returns on Sydney on 11 December 2012.

This great tour is just one example of the many exhilarating trips Ambassador Travel has on offer.

For a complete listing of all tours or to see the full itinerary for the above trip, visit their website at or call them on (07) 3229 6555.


The first two-year-old and three-year-old races for the new season have come around, and they have demonstrated once again how successful a bonus scheme for breeders and owners BOBS is.

The first two-year-old race for the season was run at Tamworth on September 24 and out of 10 horses, all but one were paid up for BOBS.

Coop ‘N’ Demp won the Hygain Romantic Dream 2YO Plate (1000m), narrowly beating Don’t Mean Maybe to take the line honours for the start of the season. Ridden down to the wire by apprentice Matthew Powell, Coop ‘N’ Demp ($41) claimed victory on debut for trainer David Hatch, who had trialled the filly just once at Tamworth prior to her running. Fellow apprentice Shane Arnold had the reins on Don’t Mean Maybe, however the $10 chance by Not A Single Doubt couldn’t hold on going down gamely by a nose.

The second two-year-old event for the season saw just four horses race at Port Macquarie but each one was a BOBS nominated charge. Race one, Sarah Lee Food Service & Heinz/Golden Circle 2YO Country Plate (1000m) was won by Quick Exit, prepared by Bob Milligan and ridden by Marlon Dolendo. A $4 chance, Quick Exit won by ¾ lengths over the Bindi Cheers trained Murtajack, ridden by Peter Graham.

Similar numbers were present in the Breeders Plate and Gimcrack Stakes (despite these races not paying out on BOBS) with 18 out of 21 horses paid up for BOBS. The next 2YO BOBS race (The Sydney Children’s Hospital Plate 1100m) will be conducted at Rosehill this Saturday with 12 acceptors set to start, 10 of which are BOBS horses.

In terms of stallion activity, Darley’s Exceed And Excel has produced six winners this season to date for $60,000 while Arrowfield’s Redoute’s Choice has sired six winners for $45,000.

Overall wins belong to Stratum who has sired seven winners so far, resulting in $40,000 in bonus money.


The 2012 NSW Country and Provincial Racing Awards were held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney on 28 September 2012 with a large audience in attendance.

The awards give recognition to individuals and clubs who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to improve and develop NSW Country and Provincial Racing.

Our congratulations to NSWROA member Alister Fraser and our good friends at the Murrumbidgee Turf Club who were honoured on the night and indeed, to all award winners, finalists and nominees for their fantastic efforts during the 2011-2012 season.

Alister Fraser is one of the very proud owners of Ortensia who was awarded the Country Horse of the Year Award. Members will recall that Ortensia was also honoured with the NSW Champion Country Horse of the Year Award at our flagship event, Racing’s Night of Champions, in August.

The full listing of COUNTRY recipients of Awards for 2012 are as follows:-

• Simon Nivison Special Achievement Award – Diedre Adam
• Country Horse of the Year Award - Ortensia
• Country TAB Race Club of the Year – Murrumbidgee Turf Club
• Community Race Club of the Year – Bong Bong Picnic Race Club
• Outstanding Achievement Award – Wellington Race Club
• Country Trainer of the Year – Brett Bellamy
• Country Media Award – Allan Hull
• Country Jockey of the Year - Greg Ryan
• Leading Country Apprentice Jockey – John Kissick

The PROVINCIAL recipients of Awards for 2012 are as follows:-

• Ted McCabe Provincial Recognition Award – Bill Rutledge, AM
• Provincial Horse of the Year - Hay List
• Provincial Media Award – Gary Harley
• Provincial Trainer of the Year – Darren Smith
• Provincial Jockey of the Year - Jeff Penza


The 2012 Australian Racehorse of the Year Awards took place on 16 September 2012 in Melbourne. The incredible Black Caviar took top honours on the night for the second year in succession. Previous dual winners were Might and Power (NZ) (1997-98 & 1998-99) and Makybe Diva (GB) (2004-05 & 2005-06) whilst the brilliant Sunline (NZ) took out the award on three occasions in 1999-2000, 2000-01 & 2001-02.

These awards are voted on by members of Australia’s racing media, along with senior administrators from the principal racing authorities and metropolitan racing clubs nationwide.

And the winners for this year were:

Award Winner
Australian Racehorse of the Year Black Caviar
Australian Champion Two-Year-Old Pierro
Australian Champion Three-Year-Old Filly Atlantic Jewel
Australian Champion Three-Year-Old Colt or Gelding Sepoy
Australian Champion Sprinter Black Caviar
Australian Champion Middle Distance Award More Joyous (NZ)
Australian Champion Stayer Dunaden (FR)
Australian Champion Jumper Bashboy

Other awards presented on the night were the:-

• Australian Champion Sire Award which was taken out by Fastnet Rock;
• Champion Group 1 Trainer Award which went to Peter Moody; and the
• Champion Group 1 Jockey Award was won by Nash Rawiller.

Our congratulations to NSWROA members Greg and Donna Kolivos (Pierro), Laurie Macri (Atlantic Jewel) and Darley Australia (Sepoy) who were honoured on the night, and also to all award winners, finalists and nominees for their fantastic efforts during the 2011-2012 season.


A WINNER – there are no better words for an owner to hear!

As members are aware, as part of our membership renewal process, NSWROA requested members to forward the names of their racehorses in order for us to acknowledge their racing triumphs in our publications.

The listing under comprises wins recorded in New South Wales as well as Australian black type successes which are recorded in bold type.

Accordingly, hereunder are the lucky NSWROA members who had winners in September 2012:

Owner Meeting Horse
J Abrahams Hawkesbury Gibraltar's Gem
  Wyong Scram (NZ)
M Alder  Gundagai Certain Glory
G Altomonte Randwick Ichihara
M Angelos Kembla Our Desert Warrior
R Balding Nowra (2) Naked Gun
    War Chief
W & Mrs E Benson Canberra Anshar
  Wyong California Storm
J Camilleri Wyong Lightning Drew
A Cardy Kembla Deceiver
C Chapple  Gundagai Certain Glory
A Chiswick Port Macquarie Octomum
Dr D Chow Kembla Specific Choice
A & Mrs K Chrysiliou  Port Macquarie Kypria
  Tuncurry Kypria
J Clark Gundagai Alert Lady
F & Mrs C Cook Canterbury Coup Acclaim (IRE)
  Gundagai Certain Glory
  Randwick (2) Moriarty (IRE)
    Thubiaan (USA)
  Rosehill Kelinni (IRE)
S Cook  Canterbury Rebel Dane
N Couper Warwick Farm Tiger Tees (NZ)
M Crismale Canterbury Tavarnelle
  Goulburn Animoso
G De Vries Caulfield Sincero
J Dyer  Gundagai Certain Glory
P Duggan Lismore Urnfield
M Einfeld Hawkesbury Hard Liquor
J Fleming Mendooran Eureka Joh
M & Mrs E Frankel Griffith Domesdame
J Glenn  Gundagai Certain Glory
Gooree Pastoral Company Rosehill Kabayan
E Gormley  Gundagai Certain Glory
G Gormley  Gundagai Certain Glory
G Harvey Canberra Fulminate
  Kembla Diamond Tiara
  Newcastle Heart Testa
  Rosehill Velrosso
  Tamworth Conjugation
  Warwick Farm Tagus
  Wyong (2) Indianapolis
    Ireland's Teardrop
M Inglis Canberra Caprossa
G James  Gundagai Certain Glory
A & Mrs T Johnson Port Macquarie Dehere John
P Kearney Wyong Crafty Irna
J Keough Wagga The Black Gandalf
P & Mrs D Kepitis Hawkesbury Kanyini
  Rosehill Hoylonny
P Kite  Canterbury Rebel Dane
G & Mrs D Kolivos Moonee Valley Pierro
  Rosehill Pierro
W Lanham Tamworth Clickety Snip
Laurel Oak B’stock Canterbury Rebel Dane
  Gundagai Certain Glory
R & M Lazarus Mendooran Sutton Chilli
Ms P Leeper Newcastle Savage Blaze (NZ)
A Lees Rosehill Thumbtacks (NZ)
K & Mrs R Leonard Warwick Farm Danleigh
K Maloney Muswellbrook Crystal Rock
  Wyong Miss Stellabelle
J & Mrs A McDonnell Newcastle Glencadam Gold (IRE)
  Rosehill Glencadam Gold (IRE)
  Wyong Indianapolis
  Wyong Julienas (IRE)
B McGilvray Newcastle Slippery Moss
  Scone Conch
B McHugh Moree Ollie Vollie
L Mihalyka  Canterbury Rebel Dane
  Gundagai Certain Glory
R Milne Wagga April Rose
N Moraitis, AM Cootamundra Arkiboum
P Morrison Newcastle Double Crescent
A Moulding Wagga General's Choice
J & Mrs P Muir Wyong Indianapolis
W Mula Goulburn Knockfin Road
W & Mrs R Mula Hawkesbury Future Shock
J Murphy  Canterbury Rebel Dane
Dato Tan Chin Nam Hawkesbury Commission (NZ)
  Kembla (2) Commission (NZ)
  Newcastle Lunar Rise
J & Mrs H North Canberra Notjustaprettyface
N Parbery Canterbury Rebel Dane
Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate Randwick Longport
  Warwick Farm Tagus
  Wyong Sigmund
K Pryke Canterbury (2) Above All (GB)
    Coup Acclaim (IRE)
D Ramage Kembla Duet
Sheikh Mohammed Caulfield (2) Detours
  Hawkesbury (4) Benedictus
    Bestow (2)
  Kembla Atsuta
  Newcastle (2) Cameo
  Randwick (2) Chiaramonte
  Rosehill (3) Ambidexter
  Rosehill Sables
  Warwick Farm Tatra
  Wyong (2) Cameo
Mrs C Size Canterbury Scandalize
  Hawkesbury Scandalize
M Snow Cootamundra Universal Pack
B Speering Gundagai Certain Glory
B Spencer  Gundagai Certain Glory
M Stapleton Collarenebri Platinum Touch
O P Tait Canberra Zuccotto
J L Thompson Goulburn Miata
C Tognolini Hawkesbury Cantonese
N & Mrs A Vass Kembla Urban Groove
  Rosehill Urban Groove
T W, Mrs D, J W & Miss H A Wallace Newcastle Social Rank
P Walker Caulfield Sincero
M Whitby Wyong The Shooter
G & Mrs V Williams Gundagai Our Brightest Star

Another feature in the Newsletter is the NSWROA Member’s Black Type Honour Roll which acknowledges the success of members in the black type arena. The Honour Roll for the 2012-2013 season is as follows:


2012/2013 NSWROA Members Black Type Honour Roll
Current to 30 September 2012

Race Name Horse Owner
G1 ATC Golden Rose Epaulette Sheikh Mohammed
G2 ATC Warwick Stakes Pinwheel Sheikh Mohammed
G2 MRC Memsie Stakes Sincero G De Vries & P Walker
G2 ATC Chelmsford Stakes Danleigh K & Mrs R Leonard
G2 ATC Sebring Sprint Ambidexter Sheikh Mohammed
G2 ATC Tea Rose Stakes Longport Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
G2 MVRC Bill Stutt Stakes Pierro G & Mrs D Kolivos
G2 ATC Stan Fox Stakes Kabayan Gooree Pastoral Company
G3 ATC Missile Stakes Pinwheel Sheikh Mohammed
G3 ATC Up and Coming Stakes Albrecht Sheikh Mohammed
G3 ATC Silver Shadow Stakes Nechita Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
G3 ATC The Run To The Rose Piero G & Mrs D Kolivos
G3 ATC Concorde Stakes Tiger Tees (NZ) N Couper
G3 ATC Tramway Handicap Tagus Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
& G Harvey
G3 NJC Newcastle Gold Cup Glencadam Gold (IRE) J & Mrs A McDonnell
G3 MRC How Now Stakes Detours Sheikh Mohammed
G3 ATC Colin Stephen Quality Kelinni (IRE) F & Mrs C Cook
G3 MRC Caulfield Guineas Prelude Epaulette Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC The Rosebud She's A Fox B Rutter & W & Mrs R Mula
LR ATC Starlight Stakes Mrs Onassis G Harvey
LR MVRC Mitchell McKenzie Stakes Rusambo Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC Premier's Cup Glencadam Gold (IRE) J & Mrs A McDonnell
LR WRC Mona Lis Stakes Miss Stellabelle K Maloney
LR WRC Wyong Cup Julienas (IRE) J & Mrs A McDonnell
LR ATC Ming Dynasty Quality Hcp Tatra Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC Heritage Stakes Ichihara G Altomonte
LR ATC Dulcify Quality Proverb Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC Reginal Allen Quality Urban Groove N & Mrs A Vass

What great results! Congratulations to all! Don’t forget to forward the names of your racehorses to the NSWROA office.


TAB Saddle-Up Sundays celebrates its first birthday this month – our congratulations to all involved.

The Shoalhaven Turf Club is throwing a birthday bash on Mollymook Cup Race Day – Sunday, 21 October 2012 to celebrate the occasion and all are invited.

Last year’s inaugural event saw some 2,000 racegoers in attendance and 2012 is tipped to be bigger again. The Fashions on the Field competition is always a highlight in Nowra. Categories include Fashionable Filly, Elegant Lady and Best Dressed Gentleman.

Spend the entire weekend in the Shoalhaven area, enjoying fine dining and discovering why so many lucky people call the South Coast of NSW home.

Nowra is an easy two and a half hour trip from Sydney, along the Princes Highway. The dramatic cliffs and shoreline of Kiama signal that you’re well over halfway into your journey. Why not stop at Berry for brunch before continuing the short journey through to Nowra.

Nowra is a historic city and the commercial heart of Shoalhaven. The Shoalhaven River hugs the area and it’s super close to breathtaking beaches and renowned national parks. Make the most of the spring weather on the Shoalhaven River, you can go fishing, canoeing or enjoy a boat cruise.

Visit the website – – for further information on the race meeting, accommodation and local activities to make a perfect weekend away.


Demolition of the unwanted elements of the Paddock and QEII stands is complete. Lift shafts, stairwells and the southern access drum have reached Level Three. The basement slab is down and brickwork has begun. Steelwork is up to Level Two and concrete is being poured on Level One.

The horse and pedestrian tunnels are almost complete on both former stand sites.

Excavation is also proceeding for the Theatre Of The Horse and the piles are complete for the new Owner’s Pavilion.


Have you recently moved, changed your postal address or obtained an email address? If so, it would be greatly appreciated if you could contact the office in order for our records to be updated.

Yours in Racing
Ray McDowell, President
12 October 2012

– 30 NOVEMBER 2012


I am very pleased to advise members that the Association will be conducting a Night Racing Xmas function at Canterbury Racecourse on Friday, 30 November 2012.

As members who have previously attended our night racing functions will tell you, a fantastic time is had by all.

Details for the event are currently being finalised with full particulars to be sent to members in the near future.


NSW Racehorse Owners Association • GPO Box 1506, SYDNEY NSW 2001
Ph: 9299 4299 • Fax: 9299 3212 • E: • W: