In recent times the Association has received correspondence from members on a variety of items of interest to the individuals.

The Association has entered into correspondence with various racing industry participants regarding these matters and is hopeful of positive results in all cases.

One issue in particular has been a “popular” one and thus I thought I should make special mention of same in the newsletter.  The issue in question is in respect of the new facilities at Randwick.

Might I say from the outset that the Grandstand has been a magnificent achievement by the Australian Turf Club and we look forward with great interest to the final product in the Spring.

The Association is presently in negotiations with the Australian Turf Club regarding a number of issues and in particular the Owners Room.  Watch this space for updates.

I can also advise that via our participation on the Racing Industry Consultation Group (RICG), a longstanding issue of ours, the cancellation of acceptance fees on black type racing, is gaining momentum. 

In closing, I would again like to stress the great importance for all racing participants to work together for the good of the industry.

As I have stated on a number of occasions before, times are tough and all participants must unite to ensure our common goal, ie. the success of our wonderful industry, is realised. 


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Chris Waller flanked by Lena Attebo & Christine Cook
Photo courtesy Francis Cook

NSWROA congratulates trainer Chris Waller for breaking the record for metropolitan wins in a season on Saturday 6 July 2013 at Rosehill Gardens.  A fabulous feat!

Waller surpassed the existing record of 156 wins, held jointly by legendary trainer Tommy Smith and his daughter, champion trainer Gai Waterhouse, when Oompa Loompa led throughout to win Race 2 on the card.

At the conclusion of the day he had established a new benchmark of 159.5 wins with three further victories recorded.

With just on three weeks remaining in the season, the new record he will set at season’s end will, I am sure, be very hard to surpass.



Dr Liou accepts his grant with NSWROA Committee Member Tom O’Callaghan (l)
 and POWHF Chairman George Kemp (r) looking on

Members will be interested to know that funds raised from the 2012 Racing’s Night of Champions function are being directed to some wonderful medical research.

At a function on 13 June 2013 conducted at the Prince of Wales Hospital, a major portion of the funds raised from last year’s event were granted to Dr Kevin Liou.  Dr Liou’s topic is “a randomised trial assessing the efficacy of a drug therapy in preventing myocardial injury in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention”.  Basically, how to reduce damage to the heart associated with intervention by stent procedure.

Dr Liou is an Advanced Trainee in the Cardiology Department at the hospital and is “champing at the bit” to commence his ground breaking work with his team.

NSWROA Committee Member Tom O’Callaghan represented the Association at the function and presented the award certificate to a very grateful Dr Liou who assured all that the money would be put to good use.



CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 100

The countdown is on for the Association’s flagship event Racing’s Night of Champions which will be held on Thursday 8 August 2013 at our exciting new venue, the Event Centre at The Star and you’re invited.

Themed as “Celebrating The Best” it is a night of glitz and glamour which honours the achievements of both horses and their humans.

This year the Association is proud to again be supporting the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation (POWHF), as our charity of choice at Racing’s Night of Champions. As you have seen in the previous article, the funds raised are used most productively.

Entertainment on the night will be provided by the multi-talented Tom Burlinson who will take us down memory lane with his renditions from the classic time of swing and one of the greatest performers of all time, Frank Sinatra. 

During the evening both a Monster and Silent Auction will be conducted.  Without giving too much away about the items available on the night, hereunder is a “sneak peak” at some of the marvellous items that will feature in the Auctions:

  • “The Majestic Destination” – A Trip for the Racing Enthusiast

           Kindly donated by Ambassador Travel in association with Emirates Airlines
           This incredible prize provided by Ambassador Travel in association with Emirates Airlines is for            two people flying Business Class with the multi award-winning airline, Emirates, internationally            acclaimed for its superb level of inflight service, to the Dubai World Cup in March 2014.
           The prize is inclusive of all travel arrangements and accommodation.

  • Mud Sweat and Tears

           Kindly donated by Charles Billich
           Charles Billich’s art has been shaped by personal experience. This wonderful mixed media            canvas captures the “drive to the finish line” and highlights the wondrous thoroughbred.

  • The One Stop Shop For Your Advertising Needs

           Kindly donated by Sky Racing
           What better way to “get your message out there” than take this opportunity to advertise with            the leading racing broadcaster SKY Racing?  The airtime package, which is valued at $10,000            (plus GST) is available across the Sky Racing television platform and Sky Sports Radio, and is            ideally targeted to the thoroughbred industry market.*
           *Advertisements must comply with Sky’s Advertising Policy

  • A Chair For All Ages

          A Pledge Gift for the Hospital
          This is your chance to purchase a much needed treatment chair for the Prince of Wales                       Hospital.  Priced in the vicinity of $7,000 the chair does what is needed clinically            (height adjustable (low/high)), one button to lie flat in emergency, has inbuilt TV’s, plays games            and download movies.

  • The Only Earrings You’ll Ever Need

           Kindly donated by Tony White
           Tony White's 18 carat yellow gold Medusa earrings with detachable amethyst and citrine drops            can be interchanged with carved citrine drops and will take you from a fun day to a glamorous            night.

A raffle with exceptional prizes will also be conducted on the night and a “lucky door prize” awarded.

The Association has also arranged for a free return bus service to the event between Rosehill/The Star/Rosehill (bookings essential via NSWROA office) whilst The Star have an accommodation event offer available to our guests. Click here for accommodation flyer.

As a small gesture to say thank you to members attending our flagship event, members who purchase tickets for 2013 Racing’s Night of Champions will go into a post event draw to win two FREE TICKETS to the 2014 Racing’s Night of Champions.

If you haven’t already done so, reserve your place now at a truly fantastic night.

Click here for further details regarding the function.



A reminder to Members regarding our good friends at Ambassador Travel Services.

Ambassador Travel is a Brisbane based niche market travel agency specialising in thoroughbred racing tours within Australia and around the world. With over 30 years’ experience in the racing industry Ambassador Travel is Australia’s premier thoroughbred racing tour specialist. They pride themselves in providing the most comprehensive, professional and personalised travel services for their valued customers.

Why not join Ambassador Travel the next time you want to attend the races and experience the Ambassador difference.   Travel in the company of like-minded individuals and fellow racing enthusiasts, experiencing some of the biggest race meetings in the world, domestic and overseas held throughout the year.

Attend the Dubai World Cup at Meydan Racecourse, renowned for its unparalleled luxury, utmost comfort and cutting-edge technology, all in a stunningly beautiful package. See the excitement first hand from the 60,000 capacity Grandstand - incorporating a world class hotel, unrivalled training facilities, restaurants, a Museum and more.  As the richest race meeting globally the estimated prize money across this evening’s seven races is valued at approximately USD $25 million.  Click here for tour details.


In addition to the 2014 Dubai World Cup, Ambassador Travel has a wide variety of additional racing tours. Two of the most popular racing tours still departing later this year are the selection Melbourne Cup Carnival Racing Tours, a variety of tours bound for the Melbourne Cup. These tours are of different durations and with the inclusion of different racedays and with a choice of accommodation there is something to suit every budget and length of stay. Click here for tour details.

Another popular tour is the Hong Kong International Racing Tour. Enjoy the excitement of the 2013 Hong Kong International - one of the worlds’ premier races. The tour is well-balanced between racing, sightseeing as well as ample free time for you to experience the attractions in the region. With a choice of hotels and the option to extend your tour into Macau or mainland China there is something for everyone. Click here for tour details.

These great tours are just examples of the many exhilarating trips Ambassador Travel has on offer.

For more tour details call Ambassador Travel on 1300 777 989 or visit the website  Their experienced consultants are happy to answer any questions you may have and will be able to assist you with all your travel needs.

Call today and experience the Ambassador difference with special events like their exclusive Melbourne Cup Dinner and the Big Sports Breakfast at the Hong Kong International.




The 2009 changes to the “Non-Commercial Loss” (NCL) rules have hindered the ability for many high income earners to immediately claim legitimate tax losses in relation to their horse activities.

However, for these high income earners, there seemed to be a legitimate option to work around these new rules if proper tax planning took place, this being in the form of the “salary packaging” of their horse business expenses by their employer, this with the view to lowering their “adjusted taxable income” (ATI) to under $250,000 . If ATI is under $250,000, less stringent NCL rules need to be met to be able to claim the horse loss.

For the record, the ATI includes the sum of:

  • Taxable income for that year (e.g. wages less work related deductions);
  • Reportable employer superannuation contributions (“RESCs”) for that year;
  • Total net investment losses for that year; and
  • Reportable fringe benefits for that year.

Salary packaging no longer available

Unfortunately, this salary packaging option has now been closed by the ATO via a draft determination it issued on 29 May 2013.

This determination considers whether an employee’s income is increased – for the purposes of the $250,000 threshold in the NCL provisions – when applying the FBT provisions in relation to the employer reimbursing the employee under a salary sacrifice (or similar) arrangement for their business expenditure to a third party.

See below for an example, adapted from a previous release of mine, of how salary packaging would apply to keep an individual’s income under $250,000.

Example – reducing ATI to under $250,000

Delta is a high income earner working for a leading investment bank. Her salary is $500,000 p.a. For the purposes of this example, her ATI is the same figure.

Delta is also a keen horse breeder and has bred commercially for many years. For the 2013 tax year, her horse sales income was only $50,000, however her expenses were $260,000, thus her horse tax loss for 2013 is $210,000 ($50,000 income less $260,000 expenses).

Under the new NCL rules, Delta could only claim this $210,000 loss immediately if she successfully applies to the ATO for a private ruling, such ruling having to demonstrate that his horse activity has long term “commercial viability”. This is so as Delta’s ATI is $500,000, i.e. in excess of $250,000.

So, how can Delta still “claim” her horse expenses for 2013?

Delta would approach her employer and ask that all of her $260,000 of horse expenses be paid directly by her employer under a “salary sacrifice” arrangement. Accordingly, her salary income is reduced to $240,000 ($500,000 less $260,000) and she no longer has to meet the new NCL income tests. How do we prove he is in the same tax position as if he’d been able to claim his $210,000 loss against his salary? See calculations below.




Non-packaging (paying $260,000 of horse expenses from "own pocket")








$            500,000





Less: Horse tax loss

$          (210,000)

$50,000 sales less



$260,000 business expenses

Taxable income after horse loss

$            290,000





Less: Tax on $290,000 (excl M Levy)

$            104,047





After tax position

$            185,953





Packaging $260,000 horse "business costs" with employer





$            240,000

$500,000 less $260,000



horse expenses

Add: Horse business sales income only

$              50,000





Taxable income after adding horse



income only

$            290,000





Less: Tax on $290,000 (excl. M Levy)

$            104,047


FBT cost

$                    -

no FBT applies


After tax position

$            185,953


New ATO determination

In the ATO’s view, the individual’s taxable income under the ATI criteria is increased, when applying their interpretation of the operations of the FBT Act, by the amount that the individual is reimbursed by their employer under a salary sacrifice (or similar) arrangement.

Per our example above, the reduced $240,000 salary would be increased by the reimbursed amount of $260,000, thus Freda’s ATI goes back to being $500,000. Accordingly, as her ATI is $250,000 or more, she is forced to apply for a private ruling to be able to claim her horse losses in FY 2013.

Before this ATO determination, the general view of the tax community was that the operation of the FBT Act would not lead to the employer reimbursement forming part of ATI, unfortunately this determination indicates otherwise.

This determination is only in draft form and I will update the industry if there are any changes in the final version, though I doubt intense lobbying will change the ATO position on this.

You are welcome to contact Paul Carrazzo if you wish him to clarify or expand upon any of the matters raised in this article.


Any reader intending to apply the information in this article to practical circumstances should independently
verify their interpretation and the information's applicability to their particular circumstances with an
accountant specialising in this area.

Prepared by:

TEL:   (03) 9982 1000
FAX:   (03) 9329 8355
MOB: 0417 549 347
Web Site:




An electronic copy of the 2013-2014 Fixture Card is now available to members. Click here or on image to access.

NSWROA has also received delivery of the “hard copy” 2013-2014 Fixture Cards.  If you would like a “hard copy” of the card, simply contact the office and same will be sent to you by mail.

The 2013-2014 Fixture Card is brought to you with the compliments of Gow Gates Insurance Brokers.



Hereunder for the interest of members are some recent industry items:

Changes to Race Fields Fees in New South Wales
Racing NSW has announced that from 1 July 2013, wagering operators will be exempt from paying the full fees of 1.5% on standard race meetings and 2% on premium race meetings on turnover under the $5m exempt threshold (subject to the position in respect of related wagering operators), but will be required to pay a fee of 1% of any turnover under that threshold.  The new fees apply to all wagering operators, regardless of their location in Australia, or the amount of their annual turnover.  The move brings New South Wales into line with most other Australian States who charge race field fees on all wagers. The new monies will be paid entirely to NSW Race Clubs to help them with the costs of conducting their race meetings.

Amendment To 2YO & 3YO Set Weights Maiden Plates Scale
Please note that the weight scale for TWO and THREE-YEAR-OLD Maiden Plates will be increased by 1kg, effective 1 August 2013.  The new set weights scale for Maiden Plates will be as follows:-

Colts & Geldings 57kg
Fillies 55kg
Colts & Geldings 57kg
Fillies 55kg

Sex restricted Maiden Plates will not change and will remain as follows:-

Colts & Geldings 56kg
Fillies 56kg

All other set weight scales will remain the same.

Shoalhaven City Turf Club Reschedules Feature Races
Shoalhaven City Turf Club has rescheduled the 2013 Nowra Cup and the 2013 Belle of the South for fillies and mares.  Both these races will now be run on Tuesday, 8 October 2013, with the rescheduling due to the Nowra Cup race meeting in May having been abandoned.  The Nowra Cup is a 1600m Open Handicap offering a share of $30,000 in prizemoney as well as a $300 Owner's trophy, $100 Trainer's trophy and $100 Jockey's trophy for the winners. The BOBS bonus available is up to $9000 with a BOBS Extra bonus available at $5000.  The Belle of the South is a Benchmark 65 Handicap over 1200m for Fillies and Mares and prizemoney for the race is $20,000 with a $200 Owner's trophy for the winning connections. The BOBS Bonus available is up to $9000.  Nominations close on Wednesday 2 October with acceptances on Friday 4 October.



The Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Program continues to grow in size and reputation with over 80 retired racehorses graduating from the program.

A further 60 horses currently in training, or spelling, but a recent entrant to the Program has us grinning from ear to ear.

Happy Zero, is the winner of the HKG1 Queen’s Silver Jubilee Cup and earned over $2.4 million in prizemoney. The gelding was trained in Hong Kong by John Moore and ridden by Darren Beadman and in 2009/10 was nominated for Hong Kong Horse of the Year. After returning to Australia to continue his racing career, the Gelding was recently donated to the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Program to start his next phase in life.

Happy Zero (copyright Bradley Photography)

Racehorses that have excelled on the track quite often excel in other equine pursuits due to their willingness to succeed. They are extremely trainable athletes and we look forward to watching Happy Zero’s progress through the Program and onto his next career.

You might have a racehorse that was a genuine Champion, or perhaps one that tried it’s best and is ready to retire, either way, we welcome all types of Thoroughbreds to our Program. Enquire about donating your horse today at or .



I am very pleased to advise that the Association will again be sponsoring the NSW Racehorse Owners Association Maiden Handicap over 1600 metres at beautiful Coffs Harbour on Wednesday 31 July 2013, as part of the Association’s continued commitment to support our country colleagues.

Wednesday 31st July is Day 2 of the 2013 Carlton MID Coffs Harbour Cup Carnival.  The carnival which is held over a three day period commences on Sunday 21st July St Augustine’s School Centenary Raceday, continues on Wednesday 31st July Cabcharge Sportsman’s Raceday and concludes on Thursday 1st August with the 2013 Carlton MID Coffs Harbour Gold Cup Day.

The featured event on the program on Thursday 1st August is of course the Carlton MID Coffs Harbour Gold Cup with $80,000 in prizemoney on offer.  A number of social events will also be conducted on the day with one of the highlights being the Park Beach Plaza Fashions on the Field which is always hotly contested.

We encourage all members in the vicinity to join us and the Coffs Harbour Racing Club for some great carnival racing.

For further details on the Carnival, visit the Coffs Harbour Racing Club website at



Update by Ben Flores, Media Officer, Racing NSW

For those people that have viewed the new BOBS commercial on the Racing NSW website, you may be interested to know that the views reflected are principal examples of how BOBS has changed the way prospective owners look at buying horses.

Gone are the days when trainers would run the risk of bringing a horse to a metropolitan track in the hope of obtaining second or third place prizemoney.

When BOBS was introduced, it allowed trainers and owners to race their horses where it was convenient, this had a two pronged effect.

First, it meant that costs were reduced as was the cost of accepting for a race in the city and second, the result was that the better horses from around the country and provincial tracks could race at those tracks, with the owners knowing that a BOBS win could supplement their fees.

This in turn meant that the quality of runners remained at a much higher threshold.

So, if you’ve been thinking about racing or buying a horse, make sure it is by a BOBS nominated stallion - otherwise you may miss out on a share of millions of dollars in bonuses at all levels of racing across NSW.

Don’t forget, entries for both BOBS and BOBS Extra close on September 1 2013 for horses, now yearlings turning 2YO on August 1.

It doesn’t matter whether your horse has been registered and named – so long as it is sired by a BOBS nominated stallion, it is BOBS eligible and should be entered.

For more information on BOBS, please visit



A WINNER – there are no better words for an owner to hear!  As members are aware, as part of our membership renewal process, NSWROA requested members to forward the names of their racehorses in order for us to acknowledge their racing triumphs in our publications.

The listing under comprises wins recorded in New South Wales as well as Australian black type successes which are recorded in bold type.

Accordingly, hereunder are the lucky NSWROA members who had winners in June 2013




G Altomonte



N & Mrs Y Begg


Written Consent

Mrs D Boyd

Canberra (2)

Rose of Falvelon (2)

C Branthwaite & Ms M Wade


Lad About Town

A & Mrs K Chrysiliou

Port Macquarie

Master Touch

F & Mrs C Cook

Eagle Farm

Moriarty (IRE)



Adoorabeel (NZ)



Black Sea Lady

F Crews


Under The Sun (NZ)

Gooree Pastoral Company

Eagle Farm

Romantic Touch




G Harvey


Chateau Lafaite

Dr B J Hudson

Eagle Farm


J Keough


Lycra Lass

W Lanham


Honours Essential

R Lapointe


Smart Cash

C Lawlor


Ausbred Benz

R K Lees & L Hoyle




Wagga Wagga

Tabletop (NZ)

B & Mrs L Mackie


Two Blue

K Maloney


Breakfast In Bed



Iggi Pop (NZ)

Ms J May


Bandit Queen

J & Mrs A McDonnell



B McGilvray



J Middleton

Canberra (2)

Rose of Falvelon (2)



Adoorabeel (NZ)

N Moraitis, AM


Arabian Gold



Destiny's Kiss

Mrs J Moses


Plutorius (IRE)

Dato Tan Chin Nam



Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate



R Pegum


Under The Sun (NZ)

Sheikh Mohammed

Doomben (2)






Eagle Farm


















Rosehill (2)





R Thomas


Mister Denon

J L Thompson


Accomp'ny Me


Warwick Farm

Mount Nebo

S van Eyk


Ice Chiller

T W & Mrs D Wallace, J Wallace & Miss H Wallace



W & Mrs L Watkins


Peal of Bells

G & Mrs V Williams


Peace Force



Red Excitement

R Willis



Another feature in the Newsletter is the NSWROA Member’s Black Type Honour Roll which acknowledges the success of members in the black type arena.

The Honour Roll for the 2012-2013 season is as follows:

NSWROA Members 2012/2013 Black Type Honour Roll
Current to 30 June 2013

Category Race Name Horse Owner
G1 ATC Golden Rose Epaulette Sheikh Mohammed
G1 ATC Flight Stakes Norzita (NZ) Dato Tan Chin Nam
G1 ATC The Metropolitan Glencadam Gold (IRE) J & Mrs A McDonnell
G1 MRC Caulfield Guineas All Too Hard Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
G1 MRC Thousand Guineas Commandng Jewel M Larmer
G1 VRC Victoria Derby Fiveandahalfstar H Dyball & Ms J Ritchie
G1 VRC Myer Classic Appearance Sheikh Mohammed
G1 VRC Coolmore Stud Stakes Nechita Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
G1 VRC Patinack Classic Mental Sheikh Mohammed
G1 MRC C F Orr Stakes All Too Hard G Harvey & Ramsay Pastoral Company
G1 MRC Oakleigh Plate Mrs Onassis G Harvey
G1 MRC Futurity Stakes All Too Hard G Harvey & Ramsay Pastoral Company
G1 ATC Canterbury Stakes Pierro G & Mrs D Kolivos
G1 ATC Ranvet Stakes Foreteller (GB) F Cook
G1 ATC Coolmore Classic Appearance Sheikh Mohammed
G1 ATC Golden Slipper Stakes Overreach G Altomonte
G1 ATC George Ryder Stakes Pierro G & Mrs D Kolivos
G1 ATC Vinery Stud Stakes Norzita (NZ) Dato Tan Chin Nam
G1 ATC The BMW Fiveandahalfstar H Dyball & Ms J Ritchie
G1 ATC Queen of the Turf Stakes Appearance Sheikh Mohammed
G1 ATC The Schweppervescence Champollion Sheikh Mohammed
G1 ATC Sires Produce Stakes Guelph Sheikh Mohammed
G1 ATC Australian Oaks Royal Descent G Harvey
G1 ATC Champagne Stakes Guelph Sheikh Mohammed
G1 ATC All Aged Stakes All Too Hard G Harvey & Ramsay Pastoral Company
G1 BRC BTC Cup Your Song Gooree Pastoral Company
G1 BRC Doomben 10,000 Epaulette Sheikh Mohammed
G1 BRC JJ Atkins Handicap Romantic Touch Gooree Pastoral Company
G2 ATC Warwick Stakes Pinwheel Sheikh Mohammed
G2 MRC Memsie Stakes Sincero G De Vries & P Walker
G2 ATC Chelmsford Stakes Danleigh K & Mrs R Leonard
G2 ATC Sebring Sprint Ambidexter Sheikh Mohammed
G2 ATC Tea Rose Stakes Longport Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
G2 MVRC Bill Stutt Stakes Pierro G & Mrs D Kolivos
G2 ATC Stan Fox Stakes Kabayan Gooree Pastoral Company
G2 MRC Tristarc Stakes Streama G R J Coghlan, Mrs P R Coghlan & Ms S Coghlan
G2 MVRC Moonee Valley Fillies Classic Kazanluk Sheikh Mohammed
G2 VRC Wakeful Stakes Zydeco Sheikh Mohammed
G2 VRC Yellowglen Stakes Fontelina G Harvey
G2 MRC Sandown Guineas Tantra Sheikh Mohammed
G2 WATC WA Buineas Academus Sheikh Mohammed
G2 ATC Villiers Stakes All Legal Mrs J Moses
G2 MRC Autumn Stakes Mulaazem Sheikh Mohammed
G2 ATC Royal Sovereign Stakes Rebel Dane Laurel Oak Bloodstock, L Mihalyka, Mrs J Mihalykam S Cook, P Kite, J Murphy, N Parbery
G2 ATC Light Fingers Stakes Bennetta G Altomonte
G2 MRC Peter Young Stakes Foreteller (GB) F Cook
G2 ATC Silver Slipper Stakes Sweet Idea N & Mrs A Vass
G2 ATC Hobartville Stakes Pierro G & Mrs D Kolivos
G2 ATC Phar Lap Stakes Toydini R & Mrs J Bergstrom
G2 ATC Reisling Stakes Overreach G Altomonte
G2 ATC Pago Pago Stakes Sidestep Sheikh Mohammed
G2 ATC Ajax Stakes Havana Rey C J Dawson. P M Ryan
G2 ATC Chairman's Handicap Tremec (NZ) Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
G2 BRC Sires' Produce Stakes Zoustar S Iskander
G2 BRC QTC Cup Galah Sheikh Mohammed
G2 BRC Brisbane Cup Moriarty (IRE) F & Mrs C Cook
G3 ATC Missile Stakes Pinwheel Sheikh Mohammed
G3 ATC Up and Coming Stakes Albrecht Sheikh Mohammed
G3 ATC Silver Shadow Stakes Nechita Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
G3 ATC The Run To The Rose Piero G & Mrs D Kolivos
G3 ATC Concorde Stakes Tiger Tees (NZ) N Couper
G3 ATC Tramway Handicap Tagus Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate & G Harvey
G3 NJC Newcastle Gold Cup Glencadam Gold (IRE) J & Mrs A McDonnell
G3 MRC How Now Stakes Detours Sheikh Mohammed
G3 ATC Colin Stephen Quality Kelinni (IRE) F & Mrs C Cook
G3 MRC Caulfield Guineas Prelude Epaulette Sheikh Mohammed
G3 MRC David Jones Cup  Lightinthenite J Abrahams & G Williams
G3 VRC Lexus Stakes Kelinni (IRE) F & Mrs C Cook
G3 VRC Carbine Club Stakes Lunar Rise Dato Tan Chin Nam
G3 HRC Hawkesbury Gold Cup Darci Be Good (NZ) P De Vries
G3 MRC Blue Diamond Prelude (F) Guelph Sheikh Mohammed
G3 MRC Blue Diamond Prelude (C&G) Kuroshio Sheikh Mohammed
G3 VRC C S Hayes Stakes Sheer Talent G Harvey
G3 ATC Southern Cross Stakes Skytrain Sheikh Mohammed
G3 G3 VRC Frances Tressady Stakes Tavarnelle M Crismale
G3 VRC Thoroughbred Breeders Stakes Montsegur Sheikh Mohammed
G3 ATC Sweet Embrace Stakes Romantic Moon Gooree Pastoral Company
G3 NJC Newmarket Handicap Bello Sheikh Mohammed
G3 ATC Epona Stakes Aliyana Tilde C G Crockett
G3 ATC Adrian Knox Stakes Royal Descent G Harvey
G3 ATC Carbine Club Stakes Toydini R & Mrs J Bergstrom
G3 ATC Kindergarten Stakes Safeguard Sheikh Mohammed
G3 BRC Gunsynd Classic Proverb Sheikh Mohammed
G3 BRC Premier's Cup Precedence (NZ) Dato Tan Chin Nam
G3 BRC Glenlogan Park Stakes Sookie Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
LR ATC The Rosebud She's A Fox B Rutter & W & Mrs R Mula
LR ATC Starlight Stakes Mrs Onassis G Harvey
LR MVRC Mitchell McKenzie Stakes Rusambo Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC Premier's Cup Glencadam Gold (IRE) J & Mrs A McDonnell
LR WRC Mona Lisa Stakes Miss Stellabelle K Maloney
LR WRC Wyong Cup Julienas (IRE) J & Mrs A McDonnell
LR ATC Ming Dynasty Quality Hcp Tatra Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC Heritage Stakes Ichihara G Altomonte
LR ATC Dulcify Quality Proverb Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC Reginald Allen Quality Urban Groove N & Mrs A Vass
LR VRC Maribyrnong Trial Stakes Kuroshio Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC Gimcrack Stakes Brilliant Bisc Ramsey Pastoral Company
LR ATC The Nivison Quidnunc Sheikh Mohammed
LR City Tatt's Club Cup  Crafty Irna P Kearney
LR MRC Alinghi Stakes Mrs Onassis G Harvey
LR GRC Geelong Classic Solemn Sheikh Mohammed
LR HRC Ladies Day Cup All Legal Mrs J Moses
LR MRC Twilight Glow Stakes Meidung Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC Frank Underwood Cup Fiumicino (NZ) N Moraitis, AM
LR ATC Christmas Cup Cantonese C Tognolini
LR WATC Starstruck Classic Upon This Rock L Macri
LR ATC Carringston Stakes No Looking Back N & Mrs A Vass, J & Mrs A McDonnell
LR ATC Tattersalls Club Cup Moriarty (IRE) F & Mrs C Cook
LR GRC Takeover Target Stakes Testarhythm W Ford, P Duggan
LR GRC Gosford Gold Cup Moriarty (IRE) F & Mrs C Cook
LR ATC Canterbury Classic Skytrain Sheikh Mohammed
LR MRC Chairman;' Stakes Metastasio Sheikh Mohammed
LR MRC Hareeba Stakes Jolie Blond G Harvey
LR ATC Canonbury Stakes Never Can Tell Cooree Pastoral Company
LR ATC Widden Stakes Overreach G Altomonte
LR MVRC Typhoon Tracy Stakes Norzita (NZ) Dato Tan Chin Nam
LR SAJC Redelva Stakes Agulhaus Sheikh Mohammed
LR VRC Shaftesbury Avenue Handicap Launay Sheikh Mohammed
LR TATTS RC Member's Cup Tokamak Dr B Hudson
LR CRC Canberra Guineas Complicate Sheikh Mohammed
LR CRC Canberra Cup Court Connection A Cardy
LR ATC Randwick Stakes Tremec (NZ) Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate
LR ATC Eskimo Prince Stakes Ichihara G Altomonte
LR ATC Sky High Stakes Julienas (IRE) J & Mrs A McDonnell
LR ITC Keith Nolan Classic Cameo Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC N E Manion Cup Julienas (IRE) J & Mrs A McDonnell
LR ATC Darby Munro Stakes Chiaramonte Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC Fernhill Handicap Ricetto Mrs V Williams
LR ATC JRA Plate Kelinni (IRE) F & Mrs C Cook
LR GRC Gosford Guineas Ichihara G Altomonte
LR VRC Anzac Day Handicap Long John Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC Hall Mark Stakes Rarefied Sheikh Mohammed
LR GCTC Gold Coast Guineas Academus Sheikh Mohammed
LR GCTC Silk Stocking Detours Sheikh Mohammed
LR HRC Darley Crown Aerobatics Sheikh Mohammed
LR HRC Hawkesbury Guineas Limes Sheikh Mohammed
LR ATC Lord Mayor's Cup Moriarty (IRE) F & Mrs C Cook
LR SRC Woodlands Stakes Tweet N & Mrs Y Begg
LR SRC Luskin Star Stakes Fontelina G Harvey
LR ATC McKell Cup Fiumicino (NZ) N Moraitis, AM
LR BRC Bright Shadow Quality Detours Sheikh Mohammed
LR BRC Daybreak Lover Handicap Academus Sheikh Mohammed
LR BRC Strawberry Road Handicap Tokamak Dr B Hudson
LR ITC Gai Waterhouse Classic Peron Patinack Farm Racing Syndicate

What great results! Congratulations to all! Don’t forget to forward the names of your racehorses to the NSWROA office.



The next TAB Saddle-up Sunday Meeting will be conducted by the Muswellbrook Race Club on Sunday, 4 August 2013 – Bengalla Cup Day.

Neighbouring some of the finest horse breeding operations in Australia, the club will be celebrating the horses August 1 birthday in style – so if you’re lucky enough to share your special day with our equine friends, make sure you’re trackside to win!

Enjoy the best of country racing with an action packed eight-race program, vintage car display, markets, live music and plenty of entertainment for the kids!

Muswellbrook Race Club is one of the oldest continuous clubs in NSW, established in 1862. Situated amongst world class Thoroughbred studs, the track is well-supported by many leading country and provincial trainers.

Visit the website – – for further information on the race meeting, accommodation and local activities to make a perfect weekend away.



Have you had a change to your contact details or obtained a new email address?

If so, it would be greatly appreciated if you could contact the office in order for our records to be updated accordingly.

Yours in racing
Ray McDowell,
12 July 2013



At the time of going to press, the media release under was jointly issued by Racing NSW and the Australian Turf Club.

*   *   *   *   *

Racing NSW and Australian Turf Club have teamed up for what is believed to be a first in Australian racing. The Racing NSW ‘Statewide Pass’ provides racegoers with an annual pass to gain general admission entry to every race meeting at every racecourse in NSW for the 2013/14 racing season.

Priced at $249, racing fans can attend an unlimited number of the 767 race meetings on 363 days at the 136 race clubs throughout the State. With feature metropolitan race days costing up to $40 and feature Provincial and Country meetings up to $20 it will not take many visits for the pass to pay for itself.

The pass was developed on the back of the successful ATC initiative last season of the ‘season pass’ which for $199 gained general admission entry to all metropolitan race meetings in Sydney. Provincial and Country Clubs throughout NSW supported the concept of providing an offer for racing fans throughout the State that built on the ATC’s 2012 initiative.

The ATC metropolitan season pass is available again this year with the price remaining at $199, along with an ‘off peak’ season pass priced at only $99 which gains entry to all meetings except for specific major Group 1 race days.

The Racing NSW Statewide Pass, along with the ATC metropolitan season pass and off peak pass will go on sale on Monday July 15 and all are valid from the new racing season commencing 1st  August 2013 through to 31st July 2014. The statewide pass is available to existing Members of  any race club in NSW whilst the metropolitan seasons passes are available to everyone without restriction.

Those purchasing the pass who register their email address when buying will also receive a range of free offers and benefits for major race days throughout the year.

To purchase any of the passes or to find out more information visit or
call 1300 729 668 from Monday July 15.


NSW Racehorse Owners Association • GPO Box 1506, SYDNEY NSW 2001
Ph: 9299 4299 • Fax: 9299 3212 • E: • W: