As members are aware, the Association is continually providing input/submissions/lobbying on many issues on behalf of our members.

These endeavours usually go unreported rather than being captured in banner headlines.

The Association does not covet media glory but having said that, we want you, our members, to be assured that we are constantly working on your behalf.

At the recent Annual General Meeting and covered briefly in my column last month, I made mention that our biggest issue in recent times, the proposed Payment Mandate is no more.  Many many hours of effort indeed were given to this most important issue by our Committee directly as well as our contributions via the Australian Thoroughbred Racehorse Owners Council (ATROC).

I am pleased to advise that Racing Australia has now drafted a new Standard Trainers Agreement and Standard Joint Owners Agreement that will uniform Agreements for all Owners and Trainers in Australia.

The Association, via our representation on the Racing Industry Consultation Group (RICG), is currently providing feedback on these draft Agreements.

Members are also advised that your Association is leading the way in efforts on consultation via our Principal Racing Authority (Racing NSW) on trying to ensure the rights of all Owners are well protected.

It is with great regret that I inform members that soon after our Annual General Meeting, Mr Phillip Morley resigned to take up a position on the Board of the Australian Turf Club (ATC).  Our loss is definitely the ATC’s gain.

May I take this opportunity to publicly thank Phil for his efforts during his time on the NSWROA Committee.  His input will be sorely missed.


On behalf of our Members, NSWROA is grateful for the sponsorship and support of Tabcorp.

TABCORP, we’re committed to supporting the racing industry.

Tabcorp is Australia’s leading wagering and entertainment group. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the Australian Racing Industry through our support of organisations like NSWROA.

Tabcorp returned $735 million to the racing industry in FY14 contributions such as this help to ensure the preservation and improvement of the industry and its people.

Having a bet with the TAB lets you be part of the action by getting involved in the race or the game. You can bet at any of the widely distributed TAB retail outlets, online, by phone or at the track - it's your choice.

You can also enjoy the best features of the TAB when you’re out and about with our website or app. Compatible on all devices.

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Click here to open an account now or to download the TAB App, visit on your mobile device.

If you have any inquiries or questions, please contact our friendly customer service staff on 133 390.



As advised previously in 2016 we will introduce some members and Life Members to the readership via the “A Quick Word with ….” column in the newsletter.

This month, Life Member Walter Lanham, is “in the spotlight”.


1. Wal, what was your “introduction” into the racing industry?
A. My introduction was via my first wife Dianne, as her great-grandfather Andrew Town was the proprietor of Hobartville Stud and also a racehorse owner.
2. Why did you decide to become a racehorse owner?
A. Our dream was to breed and race horses so we decided to keep shares in some of the horses we bred.
3. How many horses do you currently race?
A. I have six in work at the moment with Flys Away currently the flagbearer whilst Art of Defence I believe has the most promise.
4. Which has been the “best” horse you have owned?
A. Belle Tetue who won the Gimcrack Stakes by 5 lengths in 1982, was second in the Silver Slipper, second in the Maribyrnong Plate, fourth in the Golden Slipper and second in the Sires Produce Stakes.
5. Who has been the “best” horse you have seen?
A. It is a toss-up between Makybe Diva and Black Caviar – both champions in my opinion.
6. What has been your most memorable moment on a racecourse?
A. Last October I had a double at Canterbury – one I  bred, Adjective and one I bred and race, Flys Away both great & great great grandchildren of Toe The Line, which was the 4th mare I purchased.
7. What is your “vision” for the industry?
A. I would like to think that small owners could continue in the industry as I believe they are currently being squeezed out.
8. If you were down to your last $20.00 – what would you spend it on?
A. I would have it on a winner hopefully and be in front again.



The fifty-first Annual General Meeting of the NSW Racehorse Owners Association Limited (ACN 000 498 859) was held in The Boardroom, PKF, Level 8, 1 O’Connell Street, Sydney on 16 May 2016 at 5.30 pm.

I am pleased to confirm that Messrs Peter Beer, Francis Cook, Glenn Fraser and Phillip Morley were re-elected at the meeting.

The above join Messrs Ray McDowell, Michael Inglis, Wayne Haylen, Tom O’Callaghan and Mrs Kerry Carpenter on the NSWROA Committee.

Subsequent to the AGM, Mr Phillip Morley resigned as a Committee Member on 20 May 2016 having been appointed a Director of the Australian Turf Club.




We are now well and truly in the shadows of 30 June 2016 and, predictably, our phones begin to run hot with clients wanting to know how they can plan their tax affairs to save tax before year end.

Tax law changes are running at a record pace and many of these relate to horse breeders and owners, so now is the time to bring some valuable year-end tax planning to your attention.

Let’s hope these tips avoid one less call to your tax adviser this month.


  1. Remove racehorses from super funds by 30 June 2016
  2. Another reminder – super fund trustees must comply with stricter standards when it comes to maintaining racehorses in Self-Managed Super funds (SMSF’s).

    From 1 July 2011, personal use assets (i.e. racehorses) and other collectables (e.g. antiques, jewellery, paintings etc.) cannot be owned by super funds unless these stricter standards are met. Without going into detail, a racehorse in training in a SMSF will not generally meet these standards.

    For racehorses that were owned in SMSF’s prior to 1 July 2011, special grandfathering provisions apply and the fund trustee has until 30 June 2016 to remove these from the fund.

    N.B. If the fund trustee can argue to the ATO that the racehorse(s) is not a “personal use asset”, the horse may still be able to keep the horse in the fund.


  3. Insurance recoveries spread over 5 years

    The Tax Act allows a taxpayer carrying on a primary production business (e.g. a horse breeder) to elect to spread over five years an insurance recovery for a loss of livestock or for a loss by fire of tree which have been held as assets of a primary production business carried on in Australia.

    The taxpayer can elect to include only 20% of the insurance recovery in assessable income for the income year of loss or destruction and to include 20% of the insurance recovery for each of the next four years.

    This is an especially valuable tip for individuals (alone or in partnership) wanting to generate tax savings by increasing the loss in your business in a tax year where other income is abnormally high (e.g. wages, investment income). Of course, this assumes that the Non-Commercial Los (NCL) rules are met and that loss can be immediately deductible (refer below).


  4. Spreading “profits” on forced disposal of livestock over 5 years

    The Tax Act allows that a taxpayer can elect to exclude from assessable income the profit on a forced disposal or death of live stock held as assets of a primary production business carried on in Australia. The section adds that the excluded profit must be brought to account as assessable income over a five−year−period in one of two ways, being:

    • a) taxpayer is able to spread the profit over a five−year−period (year of disposal or death plus next four years) and accordingly does not have to bring to account the whole amount in the year in which the profit is made; or

      b) alternatively, a taxpayer can elect to defer the inclusion of the profit in assessable income where the proceeds of the disposal or death are mainly used to replace the livestock. This election is called an ‘‘election to defer’’.  In the case of an election to defer, the profit on disposal or death is to be applied over six income years, including the ‘‘disposal year’’.


  5. New improved Farm Management Deposits (FMD) scheme

    The FMD scheme allows a deduction for monies deposited with FMD providers and it works so that income from a ‘good’ year in which the primary producer’s tax rate is high can be deferred to a ‘poor’ year in which the rate is lower.

    To be eligible for the FMD scheme, “off-farm” income (e.g. wages and investment income) threshold must be no greater than $100,000 (was $65,000). This increased threshold applies in this 2016 tax year.

    The FMD scheme does not apply to companies.

    The minimum amount of FMD is $1,000. The sum of balances in FMD’s must not exceed $400,000. The deposit must be held for at least 12 months to get full deductibility.

    For future tax planning, note that the Government’s ‘Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper’,released mid last year, notified of significant improvements to the “Farm Managements Deposits” (FMD) scheme, such improvements to be operative from 1 July 2016. The major change is that the sum of balances in FMD’s doubles to $800,000 (now $400,000).


  6. Changing closing stock valuation method 
  7. Tax law requires each item of trading stock on hand at the end of the year of income to be taken into account at the taxpayer's option at either its cost, market selling value or replacement price. Horse breeders have the additional option of “special closing value”, commonly referred to as the mare and stallion “write-off” rules.

    However, a person is not bound to adhere from year to year to any method of closing stock valuation for any part of his stock, i.e. he or she may change the basis as to the whole or any part of his stock from year to year at will.

    For instance, adoption of either the “write-off” or “market selling value” options can substantially decrease the value of trading stock, which in turn decreases profits for the horse activity.


  8. New 100% write-off for fences and other assets from Budget night 2015
  9. Crucial farm infrastructure such as fences and water facilities are now subject to special write-off rules from on or after 2015 Budget night, i.e. 12 May 2015  (note - these rules were originally announced as operating from 1 July 2016).

    This Budget initiative will allow primary producers to:

      • Obtain an immediate 100% tax deduction for capital expenditure on fencing and water facilities such as dams, tanks, bores, irrigation channels, pumps, water towers and windmills.

    Furthermore, from Budget night 2015, a small business can obtain an immediate 100% tax deduction for assets they acquire that cost less than $20,000 (previously $1,000).

    For reference, a “small business” for tax purposes has aggregated annual turnover of less than $2 million dollars. Per the recent 2016 Budget, from 1 July 2016 all businesses with annual turnover of less than $10 million will be classified as a “small business”.

    These generous concessions only apply to assets acquired and installed ready for use by 30 June 2017.

    Note – to take advantage of these above fencing and plant write-off concessions, a breeding and/or racing business must have incurred the expense by 30 June 2016, i.e. physically paying the amount on or before 30 June 2016 is not necessary.


  10. Prepayment of service fees
  11. For a breeder conducting a “small business’’ entity, service fees invoiced by the stud master pre 30 June 2016 and paid by the breeder pre 30 June 2016 would be tax deductible to the breeder.


  12. Bad debts
  13. Ensure that bad debts that are to be written-off are. To secure the tax deduction, there must be a physical writing off of the bad debt before the end of the year of income.


  14. Consider the Non-Commercial Loss (NCL) rules re deducting horse business loss
  15. For starters, these rules apply to individuals (alone or in partnership).

    When tax planning, consideration must be given to the operation of the NCL rules and whether a business loss will be quarantined (i.e. not deductible against salary or other income) if adjusted taxable income (ATI) exceeds $250,000 in the current year.

    If ATI is below $250,000, the loss will also be quarantined if none of the four objective tests are met. Consideration needs to be given in meeting one of these four tests, being:

      • Assessable income from the business should be brought forward to be at least $20,000 for the current year. For instance, electing to spread insurance recoveries over 5 years (see above) should be avoided if it means income falls under $20,000;

      • The market value of real property used must be at least $500,000;

      • The business has had a profit in three of the past four years, such that the profits test might be satisfied for the current year; and

      • The value of other assets, such as depreciating assets (but not cars, motor cycles and similar vehicles) trading stock, leased assets or intangible assets is at least $100,000.

  16. Business plans at the ready
  17. For new businesses lodging horse business tax returns for the first time in this 2016 tax year, in line with ATO policy and the overwhelming trend in recent “business or hobby” tax cases, I would suggest that a Business Plan be prepared before your end. This plan requires both financial projections and a strategy indicating long-term commercial viability.

    Be aware that the ATO often requests Business Plans for start-up primary production businesses, so I can’t recommend this strongly enough if you are seeking immediate income tax and GST enterprise status with the ATO.

    Please contact Paul Carrazzo on 03 9982 1000 if you wish for me to clarify or expand on any of the matters raised in this article.


Any reader intending to apply the information in this article to practical circumstances should independently verify their interpretation and the information’s applicability to their particular circumstances with an accountant specialising in this area.

Prepared by:

801 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Vic, 3122
TEL:   (03) 9982 1000
FAX:   (03) 9329 8355
MOB: 0417 549 347
Web Site:




Members are reminded to note your diaries for the flagship event of the Association – Racing’s Night of Champions - which will be held on Thursday 18 August 2016 at Royal Randwick.

As you would be aware this prestigious event is themed “Celebrating The Best” and pays homage to the best New South Wales Racing has to offer.

This year the Association is proud to again be supporting the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation (POWHF),as our charity of choice at Racing’s Night of Champions.

POWHF is an established charitable organisation supporting and promoting research, education, health promotion and patient care for and at the Prince of Wales Hospital Randwick.

See under for advance details of the function.




An electronic copy of the Metropolitan 2016-2017 Fixture Card is now available to members.  Click here to access.

NSWROA is currently awaiting receipt of a limited number of “hard copy” Metropolitan 2016-2017 Fixture Cards.  If you would like a “hard copy” of the card, simply contact the office and same will be sent to you by mail.

The 2016-2017 Fixture Card is brought to you with the compliments of Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers.



One of the many tasks our good friend and NSWROA member, Mr Graham Caves does is to review the books for the biennial Bill Whittaker Book Awards.

Hereunder are the reviews and subsequent results for the 2016 Awards.

*   *   *   *   *   

Every two years the Bill Whittaker Book Awards are held.

Named in honour of the late great racing writer Bill Whittaker, the object of the award is to judge the best horse racing book published in Australia or New Zealand in every two year period.

Held since 2010, the previous winners of the award are:

2010    The Master’s Touch: Racing with Etienne de Mestre by Keith W. Paterson.

2012    Peter Pan: The forgotten story of Phar Lap’s successor by Jessica Owers.

2014    Joint winners:

Over the Hurdles: The history of jumping racing in Australia by John Adams.
Shannon: Before Black Caviar, So You Think or Takeover Target, there was Shannon by Jessica Owers.

You might be surprised to learn that in the two year period to March 2016 there were 25 books on the subject published in Australia and New Zealand. All were welcome, all were worthy but nine were chosen as finalists for this year’s Bill Whittaker Award.

Below are the brief reviews I did for the awards, of the nine finalists.

THE BIG BOOK OF AUSTRALIAN RACING STORIES : Great tales of the turf from Jorrocks to Black Caviar.
by Jim Haynes.
And it is big – 587 pages. As an anthology of horse racing stories collected by Haynes, this is a good one. He has published similar volumes before and on this occasion has cast his net wider to include excerpts or condensed versions of parts of recently published books and, admirably, has persuaded some authors to give us a preview of their upcoming works.

HEROES & CHAMPIONS : The horses, jockeys, trainers and events that made Australian racing great.   
by Bob Charley.
Australian racing has waited a long time for a volume like this. Previous books featuring reproduced paintings by artists in Australia, such as Racehorses in Australia 1922 and Notable Australian Thoroughbreds 1981 are much admired but none have concentrated on the art itself and the painters themselves. Obviously Charley’s book was a labour of love and the racing world in Australia and beyond will be grateful for this beautifully produced volume for years to come.

THEY’RE OFF IN THE MACKINNON : A history of the Mackinnon Stakes.
by Marc Fiddian.
Prolific author of all kinds of books, Marc Fiddian, has produced another about racing. He has written several of the genre and they are all chronicled histories of a certain subject, such as a racehorse, racecourse, race club, stallion or as in this case, a race. Written along the lines of his Victoria Derby, this is the story of the Mackinnon Stakes and it is most welcome as a reading book or as a reference to the many things that have happened in this great race in its long history.

WILLIAMSTOWN : A great metropolitan racing club.
by Tom Ferris.
A surprisingly large tome of 273 pages at A4 size, this book is written from the heart by an author determined to get the story told. It is the history of Williamstown Racing Club at Williamstown, Victoria, once an integral part of the Victorian racing scene and where on its big days many historic contests were fought. Who remembers that Phar Lap once raced there and, of course, won?  Profusely illustrated with well chosen items that mostly have been, as best they can, reproduced from modern sources. There is a wealth of information in its pages.

VICTORIA RACING CLUB : The story of the VRC and Flemington since 1864.
by Rhett Kirkwood and Rod Johnson.
The VRC turned 150 in 2014  and it was seen fit to publish this handsomely produced and authoritative book to commemorate the occasion. Using a resume of the work of John Pacini from his A Century Galloped By, published in 1988, the authors, experienced racing writer Rhett Kirkwood and former CEO and Committeeman of the VRC Rod Johnson, have then completed the story of the 150 years of the club in this splendidly illustrated and written work.   

MOSSTROOPER : Hack to hero
by Peter Harris.
Few horse racing books are written so intensely and with so much detail as this extraordinary history. The author is the nephew of Bob Harris, a main character in the story of Mosstrooper, who was considered by many to be the finest jumper in Australian racing history and Harris takes us back to another era. You get lost in time when you read it and feel that you are living in a racing world so different to the racing world of today. The book is both informative and an eye-opener to days long gone.

ROY HIGGINS : Australia’s favourite jockey.
by Patrick Bartley.
When the great jockey Roy Higgins died in 2014 it was to be expected that a new book would be written to encapsulate the life and career of such an admired and treasured man of racing. Bartley has taken up the challenge with this biography, which adds to the 1984 book, The Professor, to put on record the history of one of Australian racing’s legends. A feature of Bartley’s book are the well selected photographs of the man in family mode as well as those of his racing career.

BOARD ODDS I LAY : The story of Victorian bookmakers.
by John Adams.
John Adams, author of the shared prize winner, Over the Hurdles, in the last Whittaker Awards, has once again produced a book on a part of racing not well covered in the general panacea of Australian racing books. This time he has chosen to enlighten us about the history of bookmakers and bookmaking in Victoria. Nobody has done that before in a full book. The illustrations are chosen for excellence and not size and thus we get a plethora of them. There is always something new to learn about in racing.

WATCHING MORE RACEHORSES : The horsewatcher rides again.
by Geoffrey Hutson.
Book two for Geoffrey Hutson on the subject of studying racehorses, their appearance, their behaviour, their demeanour and all that goes into trying to predict how they will run for you if you choose to put your hard-earned money on them in a race. Hutson has told us plenty of his methodology in his volumes and while much of it is visible and can be learned, much of it is instinctive. This book tells a bit more of how we can fathom our way through the art of watching racehorses. 

And the winner is  !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heroes & Champions ..... by Bob Charley

And the runner-up  !!!!!!!!!!!!

Mosstrooper .... by Peter Harris.



Hereunder for the interest of members are some recent industry items:

Free Skill Sets Launched by AREA
People who are considering a career in Racing have a ‘golden opportunity’ with the Australian Racing and Equine Academy (AREA) announcing a series of FREE Skills Sets that have now been launched.
The multiple award-winning Academy, a partnership between Racing NSW and TAFE Western Sydney Institute, can now offer:  A free Stablehand Skills Set for participants to kick-start their career in racing.  This is a two-week Skills Set program which will run from 4th July to the 15th July 2016. For more information click here.  

City Meets Country Raceday at Royal Randwick on Saturday 25 June 2016
For over 60 years Can Assist has provided financial assistance, practical support and accommodation to country people in NSW affected by any type of cancer.  To help continue the work of Can Assist in supporting people from regional and rural NSW with cancer, Can Assist is holding a major fundraising event in the form of a “City Meets Country Race Day” at Royal Randwick on Saturday 25th June.  Priced at $1800 for a table for 10 guests it includes a three-course meal, drinks and entertainment. The City Meets Country Race Day will be a fabulous fun event featuring Jimmy Cassidy and a host of others supporting Can Assist's cause for the day. To book your table simply visit – - or contact Can Assist on (02) 9216 9400.

ATC Appoints Phillip Morley as Director to Fill Vacancy on Board

The ATC has announced that Mr Phillip Morley has been appointed as a Director to the ATC Board  to fill the casual vacancy left by former director Steve Grant.  Mr Morley, who has been an ATC member since 2011 (and a previous member of the STC) will serve the balance of Mr Grant’s term which expires in February 2018.  Mr Morley has owned and raced thoroughbreds for more than 20 years and has served as a Director on the NSW Racehorse Owners Association Committee.



Update by Matt Jones, Racing NSW Media & Communications Executive


The Peter and Paul Snowden-trained Ravi rocketed up the BOBS Bonus scoreboard after and impressive performance on a wet Rosehill track recently.

Ravi, a three-year-old filly, not only handled the wet conditions well for a three-quarters-of-a-length win but earned an extra $20,000 in prizemoney through BOBS Bonuses.  It was the third occasion, in just seven starts, that she earned a BOBS Bonus for a win.

Peter Snowden has had an opinion of the well-bred Redoute’s Choice filly for a long time and last year told punters that she would be an even better prospect in 2016.

“I think she’ll be capable of running in good three-year-old races in the autumn but suspect she’ll need this prep to work out what it’s all about,” Snowden said last September.

And she’s now on a three-race winning streak and is performed on all surfaces and has extended her speed to a win over 1300 metres and has only finished unplaced once on her way to four wins.

Despite winning four BOBS Bonus races, Ravi is still behind leader Sir Bacchus, who also has won four Bonus races but has picked up $70,000 in winnings.  Another Valley is the only other horse to win four BOBS Bonus races.

The two leading sires so far this season are Fastnet Rock and High Chaparral who’s progeny have won $295,000 in BOBS Bonuses with Lonhro just behind on $290,000.


BOBS Bonus leader board
Sir Bacchus $70,000
Ravi $50,000
River Wild $45,000
Herne's Oak $40,000
Kangarilla Joy $40,000
Scarlet Rain $40,000
Yankee Rose $40,000



A WINNER – there are no better words for an owner to hear!  As members are aware, as part of our membership renewal process, NSWROA requested members to forward the names of their racehorses in order for us to acknowledge their racing triumphs in our publications.

The listing under comprises wins recorded in New South Wales as well as Australian black type successes which are recorded in bold type.

Accordingly, hereunder are the lucky NSWROA members who had winners in May 2016




J Abrahams


Parlay Vous (NZ)

D & Mrs K Ackery


Vassal (GB)



Vassal (GB)



Our Beatnik (NZ)

B Bryant

Gold Coast


J Camilleri



L Carpenter


Sir Bacchus

F & Mrs C Cook


Parlay Vous (NZ)



Vassal (GB)



Vassal (GB)



Sir Bacchus



Loving Home (GB)


Warwick Farm

Harlem Lady (NZ)

D & Mrs K De Mers


He's A Natural

P J Duggan

Gold Coast

Leebaz (NZ)

Ms D Dunn


Music Magnate (NZ)


Doomben (2)












Newcastle (3)









Rosehill (2)









Warwick Farm



Wyong (2)

Infra Dig




Gooree Stud


Skylight Glow



Whirlwind Ascent



Skylight Glow

Mrs S Grant 


Sir Bacchus

S Grant


Dance of Heroes (GB)



Sir Bacchus

Gundaroo Stud


Hope Island

G Harvey


Palazzo Pubblico



Espresso Shot



Pennsylvania Avenue

D Henderson


Destination Tucson

M Hohos



Mrs C Irwin

Coffs Harbour


D & Mrs J Kelly


Majestic Faith


Warwick Farm

Faith's Encore

R Kemister


Pindan Pearl

Mrs D & P Kepitis

Warwick Farm

Harlem Lady (NZ)

G & Mrs D Kolivos


Infinite Love



Pajaro (NZ)

D Kotel


Worldly Wise

Laurel Oak B’stock 


Sir Bacchus

Ms P Leeper


Black Denim

N Macdonald 


Sir Bacchus

Ms N Mackay 


Sir Bacchus

K Maloney




Gold Coast





J & Mrs A McDonnell


Baroque Girl

R McDowell


Magic Panther

D & Mrs M McLeish



J A Middleton

Wagga Wagga

Miss Falsified

L A D Mihalyka 


Sir Bacchus

L & Mrs J Mihalyka 


Sir Bacchus

W & Mrs R Mula


Le Condon Bleu

Dato Tan Chin Nam


Alfred the Great



Static Lift

Miss K Nivison



M O'Callaghan


Red Dubawi

T O'Callaghan


Red Dubawi

R Pegum


Dance of Heroes (GB)

K Pryke


Loving Home (GB)

D Ramage


Alfred the Great



Static Lift

P & Mrs R Richards 


Sir Bacchus

Ms J Ritchie



Mrs M Smith



J L Thompson



M Walcott



Another feature in the Newsletter is the NSWROA Member's Black Type Honour Roll which acknowledges the success of members in the black type arena.

The Honour Roll for the 2015-2016 season is as follows:

NSWROA Members
2015/2016 Black Type Honour Roll
Current to 31 May 2016

Category Race Name Horse Owner
G1 ATC Golden Rose Stakes Exosphere Godolphin
G1 ATC Epsom Handicap Winx Mrs D Kepitis
G1 ATC Flight Stakes Speak Fondly Gooree Stud
G1 ATC Metropolitan Handicap Magic Hurricane (IRE) Godolphin
G1 VRC Turnbull Stakes Preferment (NZ) Mrs D & P Kepitis, F & Mrs C Cook
G1 MVRC Cox Plate Winx Mrs D Kepitis
G1 VRC Coolmore Stud Stakes Japonisme Ms L Ingham, Mrs D Kepitis
G1 ATC Chipping Norton Stakes Winx Mrs D Kepitis
G1 ATC Canterbury Stakes Holler Godolphin
G1 VRC Australian Cup Preferment (NZ) Mrs D & P Kepitis, F & Mrs C Cook
G1 ATC George Ryder Stakes Winx Mrs D Kepitis
G1 ATC Vinery Stakes Single Gaze J A Middleton
G1 ATC The BMW Preferment (NZ) Mrs D & P Kepitis, F & Mrs C Cook
G1 ATC Doncaster Mile Winx Mrs D Kepitis
G1 ATC Champagne Stakes Prized Icon Gooree Stud
G1 BRC Doomben 10,000 Music Magnate (NZ) Ms D Dunn
G2 ATC Warwick Stakes Royal Descent G Harvey
G2 ATC Silver Shadow Stakes Speak Fondly Gooree Stud
G2 ATC Furious Stakes Speak Fondly Gooree Stud
G2 ATC Chelmsford Stakes Complacent Godolphin
G2 ATC Theo Marks Stakes Winx Mrs D Kepitis
G2 VRC Let's Elope Stakes Amicus Mrs D & P Kepitis
G2 ATC The Shorts Rebel Dane Laurel Oak Bloodstock, Mrs J Mihalkya, L Mihalyka, J Murphy, A Fitzgerald, P Kite, S Cook, N Parbery, G Zivkovic
G2 ATC Tea Rose Stakes Pearls Godolphin
G2 ATC Hill Stakes Preferment (NZ) Mrs D & P Kepitis, F & Mrs C Cook
G2 MRC Thousand Guineas Prelude Miss Gunpowder Dato Tan Chin Nam, D Ramage
G2 ATC Shannon Stakes Vashka Godolphin
G2 MVRC Stutt Stakes Sovereign Nation G Harvey
G2 ATC Roman Consul Stakes Exosphere Godolphin
G2 ATC Premiere Stakes Terravista N Couper
G2 VRC Blazer Stakes La Passe G Gereaux
G2 VRC Wakeful Stakes Ambience Godolphin
G2 MVRC Australia Stakes Holler Godolphin
G2 ATC Breeders Classic Amicus Mrs D & P Kepitis
G2 ATC Apollo Stakes Winx Mrs D Kepitis
G2 ATC Silver Slipper Stakes Astern Godolphin
G2 ATC Millie Fox Stakes First Seal Dato Tan Chin Nam, D Ramage
G2 MRC Autumn Classic Tally Godolphin
G2 MRC Peter Young Stakes Bow Creek (IRE) Godolphin
G2 ATC Skyline Stakes Good Standing Gooree Stud
G2 ATC Surround Stakes Ghisoni Godolphin
G2 ATC Reisling Stakes French Fern W & Mrs R Mula, P Morley, D W W Morley, D & Mrs M Payne
G2 ATC Todman Stakes Kiss and Make Up Mrs G Waterhouse
G2 ATC Pago Pago Stakes Souchez Godolphin
G2 ATC Magic Night Stakes Callope Godolphin
G2 ATC Ajax Stakes It's Somewhat (USA) Godolphin
G2 MVRC Alister Clark Stakes Tally Godolphin
G2 ATC Tulloch Stakes Old North Godolphin
G2 ATC Emancipation Stakes Zanbagh O P Tait
G2 ATC Chairman's Handicap Libran (IRE) P Quirk
G2 ATC Royal Sovereign Stakes Japonisme Ms L Ingham, Mrs D Kepitis
G2 ATC Sapphire Stakes Two Blue B Mackie
G2 GCTC A D Hollindale Stakes Leebaz (NZ) P J Duggan
G3 ATC San Domenico Stakes Japonisme Ms L Ingham & Mrs D Kepitis
G3 ATC Up and Coming Stakes Shards Godolphin
G3 ATC Toy Show Quality Amicus Mrs D & P Kepitis
G3 ATC Run To The Rose Exosphere Godolphin
G3 ATC Ming Dynasty Quality Metallic Crown Ms L Ingham & Mrs D Kepitis
G3 ATC Sheraco Stakes Catkins Ms L Ingham & Mrs D Kepitis
G3 NJC Tibbie Stakes She's Clean Ms L Ingham & Mrs D Kepitis
G3 NJC Newcastle Cup Beyond Thankful (IRE) D & Mrs K Ackery, F & Mrs C Cook
G3 ATC Bill Ritchie Handicap Sadler's Lake Ms L Ingham & Mrs D Kepitis
G3 ATC Craven Plate Complacent Godolphin
G3 MRC Moonga Stakes Vashka Godolphin
G3 ATC The Nivison Nayeli G & Mrs D Kolivos
G3 MVRC Red Anchor Stakes Holler Godolphin
G3 VRC Lexus Stakes Excess Knowledge (GB) D Henderson
G3 GRC Belle of the Turf Stakes Ammirata J Abrahams
G3 ATC Canonbury Stakes Tessera Godolphin
G3 MRC Blue Diamond Prelude (C&G) Flying Artie W & Mrs R Mula
G3 ATC Triscay Stakes Sultry Feeling Gooree Stud
G3 ATC Aspiration Quality Heavens Above R Kemister
G3 CRC Canberra Guineas Italy Godolphin
G3 ITC Kembla Grange Classic Single Gaze J A Middleton
G3 ATC N E Manion Cup Libran (IRE) P Quirk
G3 ATC Birthday Card Stakes Sultry Feeling Gooree Stud
G3 MRC Easter Cup Leebaz (NZ) P J Duggan
G3 ATC Neville Sellwood Stakes It's Somewhat (USA) Godolphin
G3 ATC Doncaster Prelude Havana Cooler (IRE) Godolphin
G3 ATC Kindergarten Stakes Astern Godolphin
G3 ATC Kindergarten Stakes El Divino J Camilleri
G3 ATC P J Bell Stakes Tempt Me Not Gooree Stud
G3 ATC J H B Carr Stakes Yattarna Dato Tan Chin Nam, D Ramage
G3 ATC Hallmark Stakes Music Magnate (NZ) Ms D Dunn
G3 HRC Hawkesbury Gold Cup Amovatio M Larmer
G3 BRC Glenlogan Park Stakes Ghisoni Godolphin
LR ATC Premier's Cup Magic Hurricane (IRE) Godolphin
LR WRC Wyong Gold Cup Beyond Thankful (IRE) D & Mrs K Ackery, F & Mrs C Cook
LR ATC Gimcrack Stakes Calliope Godolphin
LR ATC Dulcify Quality Ambience Godolphin
LR MRC Weekend Hussler Stakes Amovatio M Larmer
LR MRC Alinghi Stakes Vezalay M Larmer
LR City Tatts Club Lightning Handicap Dothraki G Harvey
LR City Tatts Club Cup Ruling Dynasty Gooree Stud
LR VRC Batman Handicap Hursley (NZ) G Harvey
LR BTC Ballarat Cup Junoob (GB) R Pegum
LR ATC Cup Telepathic (NZ) G Harvey
LR ATC Starlight Stakes Dublin Lass W & Mrs R Mula
LR BRC Lough Neagh Stakes Fontelina G Harvey
LR BRC Bernborough Handicap Centre Pivot K Maloney, G Harvey
LR GRC Gosford Gold Cup Destiny's Kiss N Moraitis, AM
LR ATC Carrington Stakes Zin Zan Eddie F & Mrs C Cook
LR MRC Blue Diamond Preview (C&G) Cohesion Godolphin
LR ATC Australia Day Cup Destiny's Kiss N Moraitis, AM
LR TRC Strutt Stakes Sebring Sally G Harvey
LR ATC Lonhro Plate Telperion Godolphin
LR ATC Parramatta Cup Arab Dawn (GB) Godolphin
LR ATC Randwick City Stakes Libran (IRE) P Quirk
LR ATC Fireball Stakes Redzel J N Allen
LR ATC Fernhill Handicap Prized Icon Gooree Stud
LR ATC South Pacific Classic Handfast Godolphin
LR GCTC Silk Stocking Eloping K Maloney
LR GCTC Prime Minister's Cup Coolring B Bryant
LR SRC Scone Cup Pajaro (NZ) G & Mrs D Kolivos
LR SAJC Adelaide Guineas Antelucan Godolphin
LR SRC Denise's Joy Stakes Alucinari Godolphin
LR SRC Ortensia Stakes Kaepernick Ms J Ritchie
LR BRC Hampden Stakes Archives Godolphin
LR BRC Bright Shadow Stakes Palazzo Pubblico G Harvey

What great results! Congratulations to all! Don't forget to forward the names of your racehorses to the NSWROA office.




The next TAB Saddle-up Sunday Meeting will be conducted by the Coonamble Jockey Club on Sunday, 26 June 2016 – 2016 Cannonball Ladies Day.

An exciting eight race card is scheduled with the highlight being the Coonamble Cannonball an Open Handicap run over 1100 metres with $20,000 in prizemoney on offer. All races on the card have a BOBS bonus available.

Visit the website – – for further information on the race meeting, accommodation and local activities to make a perfect weekend away.



A reminder to members that 2016 membership renewal fees are now due.

To those of our members who have already renewed your membership our thanks – your support of the Association is greatly appreciated.

In addition, if you have recently moved, changed your postal address or obtained an email address, it would be greatly appreciated if you could contact the office in order for our records to be updated accordingly.

Yours in Racing
Ray McDowell

15 June 2016


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