I am pleased to advise members that the efforts of your Association, and in particular Committee Member Mr Antony Surace, have come to fruition on the issue of compensation for owners of horses scratched at the barrier where the horse has been injured from the actions of another horse.

Racing NSW accepted our proposal was reasonable in circumstances where a horse is scratched as a result of the behaviour of other horses or circumstances other than its own behaviour.  Accordingly, the payment of prizemoney would be that for the place the horse would have achieved in the race had it finished last.  For example, where a race field is reduced to eight runners as a result of the affected horse’s late scratching, the compensation payable would be equal to the ninth prizemoney in that race.

Racing NSW has also agreed that any acceptance fees involved would be refunded in such circumstances.

It should be noted that Racing NSW’s agreement to make the compensatory payment applies only where a horse is scratched as a result of the behaviour of other horses.  For clarity, this does not cover instances where a horse itself initially behaved in an unruly or fractious manner.  No compensation would be payable if a horse triggers an incident, where it then gets kicked by another runner as a knock-on from its own poor pre-race behaviour or barrier manners.

The compensatory payment will be applied to any barrier incidents that occur from 1 February 2017.

This is a great result for Owners and we thank Racing NSW for implementing same.

In more good news for the Association, we have successfully extended our partnership with Tabcorp.  The partnership, which has now entered its ninth year, will move forward once again under the face of

In addition to being NSWROA’s Exclusive Wagering Partner, will also continue its sponsorship of the NSW Champion Horse of the Year award at the NSWROA’s Racing’s Night of Champions® which takes place on 17 August 2017.

The Association is delighted that our partnership with Tabcorp has been extended.


On behalf of our Members, NSWROA is grateful for the sponsorship and support of Tabcorp.

TABCORP, we’re committed to supporting the racing industry.

Tabcorp is Australia’s leading wagering and entertainment group. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the Australian Racing Industry through our support of organisations like NSWROA.

Tabcorp returned $735 million to the racing industry in FY14 contributions such as this help to ensure the preservation and improvement of the industry and its people.

Having a bet with the TAB lets you be part of the action by getting involved in the race or the game. You can bet at any of the widely distributed TAB retail outlets, online, by phone or at the track - it's your choice.

You can also enjoy the best features of the TAB when you’re out and about with our website or app. Compatible on all devices.

  • Fast, responsive data loading – makes for easy betting and up-to-date odds
  • Multi building so you can place multis faster
  • My Account functionality: Pending Bets, Account Balance, Bet history and Account Statements.

Click here to open an account now or to download the TAB App, visit on your mobile device.

If you have any inquiries or questions, please contact our friendly customer service staff on 133 390.




Members might recall that last year a great initiative of the Association was introduced (with the co-operation of the Australian Turf Club) - the NSW Racehorse Owners Association Trophy race.  This race serves as a “thank you” to all involved with the industry for the year that was and will be conducted each year as the last race of the metropolitan season.

To reinforce our support for this great initiative, the Association will hold a raceday function to coincide with the running of this race. 

Accordingly, you are cordially invited to join fellow NSWROA members and friends of the Association at our raceday function, at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse, on Saturday, 29 July 2017.

The function will take place in the Marscay Room on Level 3 of the J R Fleming Stand.

The package for the day, which is priced at $135.00 per person (GST inclusive) includes general admission to the track, a sumptuous buffet luncheon and beverage package, afternoon tea and race book.

If you are interested in attending, click here for a booking form.




Of all the ATO tax rulings relating to the horse industry, the one that gives me the most pleasure is its 1990 ruling, IT 2585, relating to the capital gains status of racehorses owned by hobbyists.

In short, this ruling sorted out what type of capital asset a hobby racehorse is for the purposes of applying the capital gains tax (CGT) provisions, i.e. is it an “ordinary” capital asset or a “personal use asset” (PUA). This designation is crucial as PUA’s attract a special capital gains exemption on disposal if the horse interest (i.e. the whole horse or share of the horse) is acquired for $10,000 or less.

To the relief of the horse industry, the ATO confirmed that a hobby racehorse is a PUA and thus the exemption for CGT for hobby horses acquired for $10,000 or less applied. Note – this exemption applies regardless of the amount of sales proceeds received.

Ruling withdrawn – what does this mean?
As background, IT 2585 is known in tax talk as a “Public Ruling” and such rulings provide advice that is binding on the ATO. They express the ATO’s interpretation of the laws they administer.

In a review of this ruling recently, it came as a great surprise that the ATO had officially withdrawn it on 5 April 2017. Needless to say, this move was not given great publicity by the ATO!

In strict technical terms, the withdrawal of the ruling means that it only remains applicable to disposals of hobby horses carried out before the withdrawal date i.e. 5 April 2017.

So…does this mean that hobby horse disposals on or after 5 April 2017 no longer attract any CGT exemption that IT 2585 offered?

This short answer is NO.

The answer to this question is found in the official “Notice of Withdrawal” the ATO issued in relation to this ruling. The ATO noted in this document that this issue:

“…is a straightforward application of the law. IT 2585 is being withdrawn as the CGT provisions in Part IIIA of the ITAA 1936 have been rewritten in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.”

Cutting to the chase, from an ATO perspective, the CGT law has been rewritten in 1997, after this ruling was released in 1990, and the new provisions will apparently provide us all with enough guidance on this issue. End of story.

What this all really means to hobby owners seeking this exemption, for horses sold on or after 5 April 2017, is that the ATO have, by inference, indicated that it’s “self-explanatory” that the new rewrite designates hobby racehorses as PUA’s, given that they are “primarily used for your own use or enjoyment”.

Don’t let the ATO strongarm you!
So, let hobby owners be on notice – don’t let the ATO strongarm you into not claiming this special CGT concession that is still available in your circumstances. If you’re unsure as to whether you can claim this concession, don’t take the ATO’s word for it, contact a specialist firm like us and we’ll ensure you get the concessions that you’re rightfully entitled to!

Prepared by:
801 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Vic, 3122
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NSWROA member Graham Caves, who is also a volunteer member at the ATC Heritage Centre at Randwick, has provided the following review of an item in the ATC Heritage Collection for our newsletter this month.


Phar Lap Memorial Stone - Randwick

The ATC Heritage Collection houses many and varied historic pieces. Some are within the Heritage Centre at Randwick, many are positioned throughout the buildings and grandstands of all the ATC racecourses and some, such as statues, monuments, plaques, historic buildings and remnants of same, and the subject of this article – the Phar Lap Memorial Stone – are simply located in the racecourse surrounds.
Back in 1975, the Australian Jockey Club was approached by Mrs Beverly Bittner of the USA to ask if it would like to have a memorial stone she had found on her property – the inscription on the stone read - “PHAR LAP : a noble horse”.

On Mrs Bittner’s property in Menlo Park, San Francisco, California, once the stable/farm of breeder Ed Perry, is where Phar Lap met his tragic and untimely death. Since he is now in the Museum of Victoria, Melbourne (hide), National Museum, Canberra (heart) and National Museum of New Zealand, Wellington (skeleton), he wasn’t buried in Menlo Park, but someone had placed this stone at the site of his death, most likely Ed Perry himself.

The AJC accepted Mrs Bittner’s offer and in the accompanying pictures are shown the then AJC Secretary (CEO) Ray Alexander and an airline official taking delivery of the stone and the presentation of thank you by then AJC Chairman J H B Carr to Mrs Bittner and her young son Blake on a Randwick race day.

The stone has been on display ever since at Randwick though it has been moved several times. The pleasant garden setting in which it now resides is worth a look next time you are at Randwick. A word of directional advice though, it is outside the race day area. You will need to see it on the way in, or the way out. Best pinpoint is that it is alongside the road, next to the inside-the-course taxi rank. You’ll get your bearings if you look at the picture under.



Noel Riley & Associates are a firm of Chartered Loss Adjusters who specialise in the area of Bloodstock and Livestock insurance claims.  Over the past 19 years, Noel Riley and his daughter Peta Parnell, have worked with Insurers, owners, trainers and veterinarians throughout Australia and overseas.  They have shared their knowledge and experience, writing articles for and presenting papers to peak industry bodies.

In this and the next five issues of our newsletter, Peta Parnell, will address some of the issues faced in Bloodstock Mortality Insurance, with a view to raising awareness and opening up a discussion on the topic.

We open this month with the topic of “Notification to Insurers”.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Notification to Insurers

The great majority of horses insured in Australia are insured under the Lloyd’s Equine Policy.  It is a condition of the Policy that in the event of “any illness, disease, lameness, injury, accident or physical disability whatsoever” the Insured (normally the horse owner) will “immediately” notify the Insurer’s representative, who, if considered necessary, will instruct a veterinarian on behalf of the Insurer.  It is the Insured’s responsibility to notify the Insurer’s representative, not the veterinarian’s or trainer’s.

However, with a view to helping their clients and possibly avoiding disputation, veterinarians, trainers and farm managers are encouraged to enquire whether a horse is insured and when it is, to instruct their clients to notify the Insurer. 

Clearly, if the Insurer is not informed of the problem, its representative can not make the necessary enquiries and, where considered necessary, can not appoint a veterinarian on behalf of the Insurer, which can result in disputation after the event and in some circumstances, may even result in the reduction or denial of a claim.  Insurers will want to ensure that an insured horse receives appropriate veterinary treatment and if it is not notified of a problem at the time, it becomes necessary to scrutinise the treatment history and veterinary records of the horse, which can be time consuming for all involved. 

When a veterinarian is appointed on behalf of the Insurer, he/she will liaise with the Insured’s veterinarian on the treatment being administered and can satisfy the Insurer that the treatment is appropriate.  Often, the veterinarian appointed by the Insurer is a specialist in their field, whose knowledge and experience can only benefit the prognosis of the horse.

It is also not uncommon for a veterinarian to be initially appointed, to diagnose the condition and to prescribe treatment, and not be consulted on the progress of the horse or its on-going or future treatment.  When the Insurer’s representative is notified, he/she will regularly follow-up the person in possession of the horse or the veterinarian, ensuring that appropriate treatment continues.

Notifying the Insurers of an injury or illness to your horse, no matter how small, does not mean a “black mark against your name”.  It can avoid problems down the track in the event that the condition worsens or a claim is submitted. 

Always ensure that the people in charge of the care of your horse are aware if the horse is insured.

Any reader intending to apply the information in this article to practical circumstances should independently verify their interpretation and the information’s applicability to their particular circumstances with a Chartered Loss Adjuster specialising in this area.




The 2017 Godolphin Stud & Stable Staff Awards were presented at Eagle Farm on 9 June 2017.

Now in it’s third year in Australia, the awards that recognise and reward the work done behind racing’s front line, attracted a record number of nominations and revealed rare skills, along with the common themes of loyalty, devotion, and humility throughout the six categories.

The major award of the night, the Thoroughbred Excellence Award, was presented to Jeremy Rogers, Racing Manager at Darren Weir Racing.  Rogers was also recognised with the Dedication to Racing Award, pipping ‘stablemate’, Angela Taylor-Moy, in the final count.

The Thoroughbred Excellence Award carried a prize of $5,000 with a further $2,000 to be distributed among workplace colleagues.  The five category winners received a prize of $10,000, with a further $3,000 to be shared among fellow staff at their employers’ workplace. Each runner-up received $1,000.

The full list of winners and runners up are as follows:

Leadership Award
Winner: John Livingstone, Operations Manager, Gai Waterhouse Racing (NSW)
Runner-up: Jade Rossington, Stud Manager, Willow Park Stud (NSW)

Horsemanship Award
Winner: Kellie McCarthy, Assistant Manager, Mill Park Stud (SA)
Runner-up: Scott Eeles, Breaking Foreman, Godolphin (NSW)

Dedication to Breeding Award
Winner: Vikki Cannon, Senior Horseperson, Gooree Park Stud (NSW)
Runner-up: Patrick Sheehan, Foaling Unit, Coolmore Stud (NSW)

Dedication to Racing Award
Winner: Jeremy Rogers, Racing Manager, Darren Weir Racing (VIC)
Runner-up: Angela Taylor-Moy, Foreperson, Darren Weir Racing (VIC)

Administration Award
Winner: Lyn Dressing, Administration Manager, International Racehorse Transport (VIC)
Runner-up: Sarah Moran, Personal Assistant, Griffiths Racing (VIC)

Thoroughbred Care and Welfare Award
Winner: Jane Gollan, Racing and Administration Manager, Gollan Racing (QLD)
Runner-up: Lee Purchase, Stable Foreman, Darren Weir Racing, (VIC)



The fifty-second Annual General Meeting of the NSW Racehorse Owners Association Limited (ACN 000 498 859) was held in The Boardroom, PKF, Level 8, 1 O’Connell Street, Sydney on 15 May 2017 at 5.30 pm.

I am pleased to confirm that Messrs Tom O’Callaghan, Antony Surace, Mitchell Stone and Mrs Judith Foley were re-elected at the meeting.




Amongst the many horse tax cases I regularly review, it’s always frustrated me as to how few involve stallions!

Stallion investment is at the top end of the scale for commercial breeders and whatever tax guidance that the courts and ATO can provide is always welcome in this office.

Against this background, I was very thrilled when I was directed to a stallion related tax case that was recently decided at the AAT.

This case, is yet another example of how challenging it is to get the holistic tax strategy of a horse breeding and racing activity correct.

In this case, it was beyond dispute that racing related tax businesses were being run by a group of companies controlled by the taxpayer. This would mean that any expenses incurred in respect of the business were deductible. However, the ATO demonstrated that an element of the group tax strategy fell down due to how income and expenses of a stallion, owned by the taxpayer personally, were being disclosed and its conflict with the commercial reality of the activity.

A high quality commercial stallion was purchased in the personal name of the taxpayer, rather than by one of the group of companies running the taxpayer’s other horse businesses. This stallion was provided by the taxpayer for no consideration to the group of companies. The income and expense from the stallion was disclosed by the companies rather than the taxpayer.

The Facts

After a successful racing career, the stallion in question was retired to stud.

In respect of the income year ending 30 June 2008, the taxpayer claimed a net non-primary production loss of $931,977 of which $512,146 was attributable to depreciation in respect of the stallion. In the 2009 year, the taxpayer had a net non-primary production loss of $619,647 of which $435,324 was attributable to a depreciation deduction in respect of the stallion. The ATO issued notices of assessment to the taxpayer based on the income tax returns that had been lodged. The taxpayer did so in June 2009 in respect of the 2008 year and on June 2010 in respect of the 2009 year.

In February 2015, the ATO issued two notices of amended assessment that disallowed the taxpayer’s claimed non-primary production losses for the stallion in 2008 and 2009.

The ATO issued the amended notices of assessment because it was not satisfied that the taxpayer held the stallion for the purpose of producing assessable income, and so for a “taxable purpose”. If the taxpayer did not meet this purpose, there was entitlement to a deduction in respect of the stallion’s cost as a depreciating asset in each of those years.

When the taxpayer objected to the amended assessments, the ATO disallowed those objections in an objection decision issued in July 2015. The taxpayer applied for review at the AAT of that objection decision.

The Tax Rule

A deduction for depreciation of the stallion is available to the extent the stallion is used for the taxpayer’s taxable purpose. The taxpayer’s taxable purpose is the earning of his assessable income or the carrying on of a business for this reason.

What is the problem?

The AAT upheld the ATO’s decision to disallow the losses.

The problem is that the taxpayer never declared any income from the stallion and was not personally part of the business of the group of companies that claimed the other income and expenses derived from this stallion.

Instead the taxpayer lent the stallion to his group of companies free of charge, to further the group of companies’ business interests.

This meant that when it came time to working out whether the taxpayer could claim the initial purchase price of the horse in the taxpayer’s own name, it could not be argued that the taxpayer either made income in his own name from the stallion or used it in a business ran in the taxpayer’s personal name.

What could have been done?

Taxpayers in this situation should keep in mind basic income and expense matching principles. Where expenses are being claimed by a taxpayer, advisors should always ask where the income being generated is being declared. If not by the entity claiming the expense, those expenses are generally not deductible, such as the depreciation and other associated expenses the taxpayer incurred on behalf of the stallion.

The other issue was record keeping for the taxpayer. While the group of companies kept appropriate records and relevant board meeting minutes (and excellent marketing, strategic and business plans), the personal records in relation to the stallion itself were not kept. This was a significant reason why the court found no deduction could be claimed as no support for the taxpayer using the horse in a personal income producing purpose could be made out.
As advisors in the industry we often find the proposed business model of breeding clients has flaws and does not meet ATO criteria, which was the principle problem in this case. Getting the start-up tax strategy right from the beginning is so crucial.

Prepared by:
801 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Vic, 3122
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Hereunder for the interest of members are some recent industry items:

ATC Extends Sydney Trackwork Times Under Trial Period
The Australian Turf Club will trial later finishing times to morning trackwork sessions at its three training centres to allow trainers and stable staff more options around working hours.  After consultation with trainers at Royal Randwick, Rosehill Gardens and Warwick Farm, the ATC has decided to extend trackwork finishing times to 9am at Rosehill and Randwick, and 9:30am at Warwick Farm, starting on July 1.  The majority of trainers at all venues indicated that they did not support later starting times for trackwork sessions at this stage.  Australian Turf Club Executive General Manager of Racing Services and Membership, James Heddo, said the changes were in response to recent debate about the prospect of losing foreign workers under changes to the federal government’s 457 visa system.  “Whilst there isn’t widespread support for a later start, this trial acknowledges that the needs of trainers and their staff is changing and will still give trainers the option of allowing their staff and stables to start later and finish later in the morning if they desire.  “We will continue to monitor the trial and work with our trainers to ensure the optimum outcome for all participants."

Inglis Digital Online Auctions
The dates for the Inglis Digital Online Auctions for the remainder of the year are as follows:

Month Opens (3PM) Closes (5PM)
June Friday 23rd Wednesday 28th 
July Friday 21st Wednesday 26th 
August Friday 25th  Wednesday 30th 
September Friday 22nd  Wednesday 27th 
October Friday 20th  Wednesday 25th 
November Friday 24th  Wednesday 29th 
December Friday 15th  Wednesday 20th 


Albury Racing Club Appoints New CEO
The Albury Racing Club Limited has announced the appointment of Michael Wighton as its Chief Executive Officer.  The appointment coincides with the departure of long serving CEO John Miller who has accepted the position as the Chief Executive Officer of the Sunshine Coast Turf Club in Queensland.  Michael brings to the Albury Racing Club a wealth of experience in the registered club and sporting club industries. He is about to conclude a long term position as the general manager of the Corowa RSL Club Ltd.  It is anticipated Michael will commence in his new position on and from 17 July 2017.

BOBS Racehorse Nominations for 2017 will close on Friday, 1st September 2017 for horses foaled in 2015 that turn two-year-olds on 1 August 2017.  Click on the following link for further information, nomination forms, terms & conditions, etc - BOBS General Information



Update by Julieanne Horsman, Media & Communications Executive, Racing NSW



The savvy connections of Clipper are well aware of the benefits of racing a BOBS horse.
The three-year-old filly has earned $106,000 in prizemoney, but pocketed $136,000 from BOBS bonuses.  “BOBS makes a huge difference and our stable has targeting BOBS horses at the sales for years now,” trainer Matthew Dale said.

Clipper resumed in late May with an impressive one-and-a-half length win in the Tony Sleiman Memorial TAB Highway Handicap over 1100m.  A fortnight later she followed it up with another TAB Highway win, finishing three lengths ahead of her nearest rival.  “Last prep she gave us a good indication she would mature and improve and she has certainly done that,” Dale said.  “I am really happy with how she has progressed.”

Clipper was set for the two Highway races and now that she has performed, will be gradually stepped up through her grades.  “We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves but with a nice filly like her, we’d be looking at aiming her for stakes races in the future,” Dale said.
Clipper isn’t her owners’ first BOBS success story. They previously raced Unanimously who amassed $650,000 in prizemoney during his career, including $65,000 in BOBS bonuses. The owners opted to take some as BOBS double up vouchers and used it to purchase another racehorse, Royal Jackpot.   “It’s such a great incentive, especially for owners who reinvest year in year out,” Dale said.


Horse Sire Prize Money Wins
Zumbelina Stratum $70,000.00 4
Black On Gold Sebring $45,000.00 4
Caerless Choice Redoute's Choice $40,000.00 4
Ozark Lonhro $40,000.00 4
Pumpkin Pie Star Witness $40,000.00 4
Miss Debutante Fastnet Rock $40,000.00 4
Gibraltar Girl Manhattan Rain $40,000.00 3
Invincible Gem I Am Invincible $40,000.00 3
My Giuliano Choisir $40,000.00 3
Oklahoma Girl Fastnet Rock $40,000.00 3
Samantha Snitzel $40,000.00 3



A WINNER – there are no better words for an owner to hear!  As members are aware, as part of our membership renewal process, NSWROA requested members to forward the names of their racehorses in order for us to acknowledge their racing triumphs in our publications.

The listing under comprises wins recorded in New South Wales as well as Australian black type successes which are recorded in bold type.

Accordingly, hereunder are the lucky NSWROA members who had winners in May 2017:




J N Allen



G Bachell





Ultimate Fantasy

R J Balding



R S Balding



C & Mrs M Branthwaite


Turf on Top

B & Mrs L Bryant 


Crusader General

A Cardy

Eagle Farm




Shadow Vision

A Chiswick


Lady Evelyn

F & Mrs C Cook


Estikhraaj (GB)


Warwick Farm


A Curtis

Warwick Farm (3)

Pelorus Jack (3)

S Dean 


Monasterio (NZ)

M Einfeld


Top of My List

G Fraser 


Star Aspiration

D & Mrs M Frew




Warwick Farm

Test the World (NZ)

D Henderson




Canterbury (4)

Beau Geste











Gold Coast

It's Somewhat (USA)


Gosford (3)









Hawkesbury (3)









Kembla (4)















Rosehill (3)




Viridine (2)



Duca Valentinois (IRE)


Scone (2)






Warwick Farm (2)





Mrs S Grant 

Canberra (2)

Crusader General



Star Aspiration

S Grant 


Star Aspiration






Vaucluse Bay



Runway Ready

G Harvey





The Nickster



Liesl Lass (NZ)



In Times of War

N & Mrs J Hughes 



A Johnson



P & Mrs D Kepitis



Laurel Oak Bloodstock 

Canberra (2)

Crusader General



Star Aspiration






Vaucluse Bay



Monasterio (NZ)

D & Mrs S Lilley


Broadside (NZ)

R Lloyd


Star Aspiration




K Maloney


Sneaky Glance

J & Mrs A McDonnell


Baroque Girl

J A Middleton


Counterfire (NZ)

L Mihalyka 

Canberra (2)

Crusader General



Star Aspiration






Vaucluse Bay



Monasterio (NZ)

Moonee Park Pty Ltd

Coffs Harbour

Ready Zaim Fire

B Morelli


Monasterio (NZ)

A & Mrs A Ochiltree


Lord Denman

I & Mrs C Patrick


Broadside (NZ)

R Pegum


Magic Miranda

K Pryke



Ramsey Pastoral Company Pty Ltd


The Virginian

C Reynolds 


Crusader General






Monasterio (NZ)

J L Thompson



S van Eyk


Better Be Good

N & Mrs A Vass


My True Love

Vinery Stud




Warwick Farm


T & Mrs D Wallace, J & Miss H Wallace



J Webb



P Webb


Top of My List

J Wilson


Crusader General






Monasterio (NZ)

Another feature in the Newsletter is the NSWROA Member's Black Type Honour Roll which acknowledges the success of members in the black type arena.

The Honour Roll for the 2016-2017 season is as follows:

NSWROA Members
2016/2017 Black Type Honour Roll
Current to 31 May 2017

Category Race Name Horse Owner
G1 ATC The Golden Rose Astern Godolphin
G1 ATC George Main Stakes Winx Mrs D Kepitis
G1 ATC Epsom Handicap Hauraki Godolphin
G1 VRC Turnbull Stakes Hartnell (GB) Godolphin
G1 MRC Caulfield Stakes Winx Mrs D Kepitis
G1 MVRC Manikato Stakes Rebel Dane Laurel Oak Bloodstock, L & Mrs J Mihalyka, J Murphy, P Kite, A Fitzgerald, S Grant
G1 MVRC W S Cox Plate Winx Mrs D Kepitis
G1 VRC Coolmore Stud Stakes Flying Artie W & Mrs R Mula
G1 VRC Crown Oaks Lasqueti Spirit F & Mrs C Cook
G1 VRC Lightning Stakes Terravista N Couper
G1 ATC Chipping Norton Stakes Winx Mrs D Kepitis
G1 ATC Coolmore Classic Heavens Above R Kemister
G1 ATC George Ryder Stakes Winx Mrs D Kepitis
G1 ATC Golden Slipper Stakes She Will Reign G Bachell, M Field
G1 ATC Doncaster Mile It's Somewhat Godolphin
G1 ATC Queen Elizabeth Stakes Winx Mrs D Kepitis
G1 ATC Queen of the Turf Stakes Foxplay Mrs C Cook, Mrs M McLeish
G1 BRC Doomben 10,000 Redzel J N Allen
G2 ATC Warwick Stakes Winx Mrs D Kepitis
G2 ATC Run To The Rose Astern Godolphin
G2 ATC Furious Stakes Foxplay Mrs C Cook, Mrs M McLeish
G2 ATC Chelmsford Stakes Hartnell (GB) Godolphin
G2 ATC Tramway Stakes Hauraki Godolphin
G2 ATC Tea Rose Stakes Foxplay Mrs C Cook, Mrs M McLeish
G2 ATC Hill Stakes Hartnell (GB) Godolphin
G2 ATC Stan Fox Stakes Impending Godolphin
G2 MRC Sandown Guineas Morton's Fork Godolphin
G2 ATC Expressway Stakes Music Magnate (NZ) Ms D Dunn
G2 ATC Apollo Stakes Winx Mrs D Kepitis
G2 ATC Silver Slipper Stakes She Will Reign G Bachell, M Field
G2 ATC Sweet Embrace Stakes One More Honey Emirates Park
G2 ATC Phar Lap Stakes Foxplay Mrs C Cook, Mrs M McLeish
G2 ATC Ajax Stakes It's Somewhat (USA) Godolphin
G2 ATC Emancipation Stakes Zanbagh O P Tait
G2 BRC Victory Stakes Music Magnate (NZ) Ms D Dunn
G2 GCTC A D Hollindale Stakes It's Somewhat (USA) Godolphin
G3 ATC Toy Show Quality Pearls Godolphin
G3 MRC The Heath 1000 Stakes Redzel J N Allen
G3 ATC Concorde Stakes Felines G Harvey
G3 ATC Kingston Town Stakes McCreery (GB) F & Mrs C Cook
G3 ATC Sheraco Stakes Heavens Above R Kemister
G3 NJC Cameron Handicap Chetwood Godolphin
G3 ATC Colin Stephens Quality Allergic Godolphin
G3 ATC Craven Plate It's Somewhat (USA) Godolphin
G3 MRC Blue Sapphire Stakes Flyng Artie W & Mrs R Mula
G3 MRC Ladies Day Vase Euro Angel (NZ) P J Duggan
G3 MRC Moonga Stakes Voodoo Lad K Maloney
G3 MVRC Red Anchor Stakes Archives Godolphin
G3 ATC Summer Cup Red Excitement G & Mrs V Williams
G3 ATC Liverpool City Cup McCreery (GB) F & Mrs C Cook
G3 VRC Matron Stakes Circular Godolphin
G3 ATC Birthday Card Stakes Raiment Godolphin
G3 ATC Doncaster Prelude Spectroscope (USA) Godolphin
G3 ATC P J Bell Stakes Diddums Torryburn Stud
G3 ATC Hall Mark Stakes Redzel J N Allen
G3 ATC Japan Racing Association Plate Top of My List M Einfeld, P Webb
G3 ATC J H B Carr Stakes Raiment Godolphin
G3 HRC Hawkesbury Guineas Shazee Lee M & Mrs E Kowalczuk
G3 HRC Hawkesbury Gold Cup Fabrizio G Altomonte
G3 BRC Glenlogan Park Stakes Eckstein A Cardy
LR MRC Regal Roller Stakes Voodoo Lad K Maloney
LR HRC Rowley Mile McCreery (GB) F & Mrs C Cook
LR WRC Mona Lisa Stakes Fitou Godolphin
LR MVRC Chandler Macleod Stakes Voodoo Lad K Maloney
LR VRC Cap D'Antibes Stakes Kentucky Miss W & Mrs R Mula
LR ATC Gimcrack Stakes Jorda Godolphin
LR VRC UCI Stakes Wine Bush Ms L Ingham, Mrs D Kepitis
LR MRC Weekend Hussler Stakes Chetwood Godolphin
LR MRC Gothic Stakes Peacock Godolphin
LR ATC City Tattersalls Club Cup Junoob (GB) R Pegum
LR VRC Melbourne Cup Day Plate Fabrizio G Altomonte
LR VRC Mumm Stakes Redzel J N Allen
LR VRC Hilton Stakes Souchez Godolphin
LR ATC Starlight Stakes Kuro (NZ) J Abrahams
LR ATC Cup Malice Godolphin
LR BRC Mode Plate Eckstein A Cardy
LR ATC Christmas Cup Destiny's Kiss N Moraitis, AM
LR ATC Canterbury Classic Le Condon Bleu W & Mrs R Mula
LR BRC Nudgee Quality Kinshachi Godolphin
LR ATC Tattersalls Club Cup Destiny's Kiss N Moraitis, AM
LR GRC Gosford Gold Cup Red Excitement G R & Mrs V C Williams
LR GRC Takeover Target Stakes Kuro (NZ) J Abrahams
LR ATC Australia Day Cup Destiny's Kiss N Moraitis, AM
LR ATC Hinchinbrook Plate Veranillo Godolphin
LR WATC Detonator Stakes Pounamu J L Thompson
LR ATC Fireball Stakes Samantha G Altomonte
LR CRC Canberra Guineas Eusebio Godolphin
LR MORNRC Mornington Cup Tally Godolphin
LR BRC Tails Stakes Single Gaze J A Middleton
LR ATC Lord Mayor's Cup Top of My List M Einfeld, P Webb
LR SRC Scone Cup Duca Valentinois (IRE) Godolphin
LR BRC Chief De Beers Quality The Virginian Ramsey Pastoral Company Pty Ltd
LR ATC McKell Cup Allergic Godolphin

What great results! Congratulations to all! Don't forget to forward the names of your racehorses to the NSWROA office.



Coonamble will host the upcoming Showcase Meeting to be held on Sunday, 25 June 2017.

The exciting eight event card has a BOBS Bonus available on all races.

The feature race of the day is the Coonamble Showcase Cannonball an Open Handicap over 1100 metres with some $35,000 in prizemoney on offer.

For further details regarding this meeting visit the Facebook page for the Coonamble Jockey Club at



A reminder to Members to note your diaries for the flagship event of the Association – Racing’s Night of Champions - which will be held on Thursday 17 August 2017 at Royal Randwick.

See under for advance details with further information appearing in next month’s newsletter.

Yours in Racing

Ray McDowell

16 June 2017


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