As this edition of the newsletter goes to print, The Everest is only a matter of days away. It promises to be a thrilling enhancement to the Sydney Spring Racing calendar. Good luck to all the contenders; and may the best horse win.

Our NSW Champion Horse of the Year, Winx, has certainly proved more than worthy of the title: it was wonderful for the Melbourne Racing public to see her at her superlative best in the Turnbull Stakes. This year's running of the Cox Plate promises to be a truly memorable race. In a fitting pre-cursor to this event, Winx has added another Australian Horse of the Year title to her long list of accomplishments. Further details on the Australian Horse of the Year Awards appears later in the newsletter.

On the topic of our awards, which are conferred annually at our Racing's Night of Champions: your Committee has decided to make a change to the awards criteria, designed to recognise the fact that a small number of Group 1 races on the Australian Racing calendar are generally regarded as having special, outstanding, status. Those races will now carry double points.

I am very pleased to advise members of the addition of Mrs Shirley McGrath to the NSWROA Committee and welcome her to her new role. Shirley is featured in the “A Quick Word With” column in the newsletter this month.


On behalf of our Members, NSWROA is grateful for the sponsorship and support of Tabcorp.

TABCORP, we’re committed to supporting the racing industry.

Tabcorp is Australia’s leading wagering and entertainment group. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the Australian Racing Industry through our support of organisations like NSWROA.

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The purpose of the “A Quick Word with ….” column is to introduce the readership to the Committee, Life Members and other members of the Association.

Recently the Association was delighted to welcome Shirley McGrath as a member of the NSWROA Committee and in this issue of the newsletter we shine the spotlight onto our newest Committee Member.

1.   Firstly, congratulations Shirley on your appointment to the NSWROA Committee.
A.   Thank you, I’m looking forward to the involvement and the challenges.

2.   Shirley, what was your “introduction” into the racing industry?
A.   Well it started back in the 1980s, when I became very involved in events at Rosehill Gardens. I subsequently joined the STC (now the ATC) as an early female member in 1991 and continued on from there with memberships now also with the Bong Bong Race Club and the VRC.

3.   Why did you decide to become a racehorse owner?
A.   An opportunity came at the right time. It was a dark and stormy night, it was my husband’s birthday, and we were in a pub in Paddington with friends. By the time we stumbled out I had a share in a racehorse! She was called Olympic Diva. Bred in 2007 by Aston Bloodstock, it actually won a maiden at Hawkesbury before being retired to eventing. She was no Makybe Diva but the initial excitement in being a participant is still remembered.

4.   How many horses do you currently race?
A.   Ha ha, I always find that quite funny as they race a bit and then sometimes rest a lot. Currently I have two racing and two young ones which are in pre-training.

5.   Which has been the “best” horse you have owned?
A.   Given I’ve only just come to the ownership side of racing more recently, it’s a pretty short list. Libran is giving us a lot of fun at the moment and was fortunate enough to be the NSW Stayer of the Year in 2016 at Racing’s Night of Champions.

6.   Who has been the “best” horse you have seen?
A.   Currently it would have to be Winx, but Sunline, Makybe Diva, Kingston Town, Lonhro and Black Caviar all make the list. Meanwhile my husband, being a bit grey himself, loves Chautauqua.

7.   What has been your most memorable moment on a racecourse?
A.   The first time I went to Royal Ascot on the Tuesday, the first day of the carnival, in the Royal Enclosure - it’s thrilling. The Queen passes up the straight in an open carriage and then goes under the grandstand while there is a cheer and the gentlemen in the Royal Enclosure doff their toppers – very much Old England, and they do pageantry so well!

8.   What is your “vision” for the industry?
A.   Involvement in ownership for young adults, particularly from urban areas, together with associated social and event involvement to facilitate the wider excitement of racing. Of course, more races for stayers in NSW – so that we can each year have the good progressive preparation necessary for a real chance to wrest the Melbourne Cup north across the Murray, while being recognized as having in NSW more races of pre-eminent world standing! The Everest is only the start.



Following on from her win as the NSW Champion Horse of the Year at the 2017 NSWROA Racing’s Night of Champions in August, Winx has now been awarded the 2017 Australian Racehorse of the Year Award at a ceremony in Brisbane on 8 October 2017. This is the second year in succession that Winx has taken out both titles.

Winx was also successful on the night in the Champion Middle Distance Racehorse of the Year category. Congratulations to NSWROA members Mr Peter Tighe and Mrs Debbie Kepitis who co-own the champion galloper with Mr R Treweeke.

In what was a fantastic night for NSWROA members, three other awards went our way namely Champion 2YO of the Year – She Will Reign (co-owned by Messrs Garry Bachell and Martin Field), Champion 3YO Colt or Gelding of the Year – Flying Artie (co-owned by Mr Wilf Mula) and Champion Sprinter of the Year – Chautauqua (co-owned by Mr Rupert Legh).

Our hearty congratulations to all!

The full 2017 category winners on the night were:



Australian Racehorse of the YearWinx
Bart Cummings Award (most G1 wins by a trainer)Chris Waller
Group 1 Jockey of the YearHugh Bowman
Champion 2YO of the YearShe Will Reign
Champion 3YO Filly of the YearYankee Rose
Champion 3YO Colt or Gelding of the YearFlying Artie
Champion Sprinter of the YearChautauqua
Champion Middle Distance Racehorse of the YearWinx
Champion Stayer of the YearJameka
Sire of the YearSnitzel
Champion Jumper of the YearWells



Over the years of my consulting on property tax matters, it has always surprised me as to how few rural property owners realise that property acquired before the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) regime (i.e. pre-20 September 1985) is not always exempt from CGT when sold.

When a breeding property is sold, or subject to offer, it’s generally the time our office is contacted by anxious vendors to sort out the tax implications of the sale and, where possible, plan to reduce the tax on sale. The thing we least like telling them is what they thought was a 100% tax free sale can, in certain circumstances, be subject to CGT.

If you don’t want a nasty tax surprise when you sell that “old family property in the bush”, I suggest you read this article as it spells out when a separate CGT asset is created on pre-CGT farmland and what the CGT implications are when it’s sold.

1.1     Can pre-CGT property attract CGT on sale?

Many breeders have farmed the family property for years and there is a perception that as it was acquired in the family many generations ago, CGT can never apply to the sale of this property.

Yes. CGT assets acquired prior to 20 September 1985 are referred to as ‘pre-CGT assets’ and thus generally not subject to the CGT regime.

However, certain assets are specifically subject to CGT despite being “pre-CGT” assets. In particular, breeders should note that capital gains and losses will not be exempt from CGT where the following circumstances apply:

  1. Farmland was acquired pre-CGT, and a building was constructed on (or significant capital improvement were made to) the land on or after that date, to the extent that the building/improvement constitutes a separate CGT asset.

  2. Where there has been a change in the underlying ownership of a pre-CGT company or trust that owns the property.

I won’t discuss b) above as it’s just too technical for our purposes, but seek out your adviser if you think this could be an issue.

1.2    What is a “separate CGT asset”?

Under common law, buildings, structures and capital improvements on farmland form part of the farmland itself. As such, the farmland and any attached buildings/structures/improvements are treated as a single CGT asset.

However, where farmland is acquired prior to 20 September 1985, the CGT rules will apply to treat the sale of a portion of the pre-CGT farmland as being subject to CGT in the following scenarios:

  1. A building or structure constructed is a separate CGT asset if:
    • A contract for the construction was entered into on or after 20 September 1985; or

    • If no contract, construction commenced on or after 20 September 1985.

  2. Where farmland acquired on or after 20 September 1985 (post-CGT farmland) is to adjacent pre-GGT farmland, the post-CGT farmland is taken to be a separate CGT asset if it is amalgamated with the pre-CGT farmland into the one title;

  3. A capital improvement made to a CGT asset (e.g. farmland) that was acquired pre-CGT is taken to be a separate CGT asset if the cost base of the capital improvement (plus any related improvements) when the CGT sale happens exceeds both:
    • The improvements threshold for the income year in which the CGT improvement happened (e.g. the ‘improvement threshold’ for the 2018 income year is $147,582 and this threshold is calculated yearly by the ATO); and

    • 5% of the capital proceeds of the CGT event.

1.3    What happens when a “separate CGT asset” on pre-CGT farmland is sold?

In any of the above scenarios, when the farmland is sold, the sale if effectively treated as a disposal of two or more CGT assets, and the following CGT consequences will arise:

  • any capital gain or loss arising in respect of the underlying pre-CGT farmland will be exempt (i.e. the farmland the structure sits on remains a pre-CGT asset); and

  • any capital gain or loss arising in respect of any separate CGT assets (i.e. buildings, adjacent land and/or capital improvements acquired on or after 20 September 1985) will be subject to CGT.

Apportioning proceeds on sale of a “separate CGT asset”

When dealing with separate CGT assets, the CGT rules require the capital proceeds received upon the sale of farmland to be apportioned on a reasonable basis between the pre-CGT underlying farmland and the post-CGT buildings/land/improvements. A 1998 tax determination stated that an apportionment based on market values at the time of sale is generally acceptable as “reasonable”.


Example – Capital improvements made to pre-CGT land treated as a separate CGT asset

Susan acquired farmland in the 1970s for $100,000. From that time, the farmland was used in a horse breeding business carried on by a related company.

This farmland is pre-CGT farmland as it was acquired pre-20 September 1985 and, ordinarily, would not be subject to CGT when sold.

The company’s farming operations ceased during the 2015 income year, and capital improvements to the farmland were made during the 2016 income year to ready the farmland for sale. The improvements, costing a total of $260,000, included clearing the land, engaging contractors to upgrade the electricity connections and sewerage works, and rezoning the land for mixed property use.

Susan sold the farmland in the 2018 income year for $2 million dollars, and it is considered to be the mere realisation of an asset (i.e. not a “profit-making” venture).

Are the capital improvements “separate CGT assets”?

Yes. These capital improvements will be separate CGT assets, as the total cost base of the related capital improvements (i.e. $260,000) exceeds both:

  o   The improvements threshold for the income year in which the CGT event happened (e.g. the ‘improvement threshold’ for the 2018 income year is $147,582); and

  o   5% of the capital proceeds of the CGT event (i.e. 5% of $2 million = $100,000).

The capital proceeds of $2 million need to be apportioned, on a reasonable basis, between the pre-CGT farmland and the post-CGT capital improvements to the land. For example, if the market value of the farmland at the time of the CGT sale would have been $1.5 million had the improvements not been made, it would be reasonable to attribute $500,000 (i.e. $2 million less $1.5 million) of the capital proceeds to the post-CGT capital improvements.

Accordingly, the capital gain on that separate CGT asset is $500,000 less the relevant CGT cost base items. As the improvements were held for at least 12 months, a 50% general CGT discount applies to this gain.

Note - if Susan is eligible, any capital gain may be reduced under the CGT small business concessions.


Please don’t hesitate to contact the writer if you wish for me to clarify or expand on any of the matters raised in this article.


Any reader intending to apply the information in this article to practical circumstances should independently verify their interpretation and the information’s applicability to their circumstances with an accountant or adviser specialising in this area.


Prepared by:
801 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, VIC, 3122
TEL: (03) 9982 1000
FAX: (03) 9329 8355
MOB: 0417 549 347
Web Site:



NSWROA member Graham Caves, who is also a volunteer member at the ATC Heritage Centre at Randwick, has provided the following review from the ATC Heritage Collection for our newsletter this month.


One of the pleasures of volunteering at the ATC Heritage Centre is that whichever way you look you will see wonderful paintings, signs, books, and other racing memorabilia on walls, shelves, in glass cupboards, on racking, everywhere.

I love being assigned a task in the reception office. That’s because I will be sitting working and admiring this magnificent painting by an acknowledged master of racehorse painting J F Herring.

It is a big painting, measuring about 120 cms x 120 cms and very valuable.

The painting depicts the famous English racehorse and sire of the mid 1800s, Fisherman.

How the ATC (then AJC) acquired this masterpiece is not known, maybe I’ll get lucky and one day be asked to try and find out.

How Fisherman himself came to be in Australia is just as amazing. He was one of England’s best stayers, winning two Ascot Gold Cups and over 60 races. Foaled in 1853 he came here in 1860 and had only a short stud life, dying in 1865. Horses of his quality just didn’t come to Australia, but his owner was the wealthy and influential racing man Hurtle Fisher and he installed him at his SA stud farm, then moved him to his Maribyrnong Stud in Victoria.

In those few years at stud Fisherman left the champion Fishhook and a host of high class classic and feature race winners such as Angler, Sea Gull, Gasworks, Fenella, Lady Heron, Sylvia, My Dream and many more. He was also the finest broodmare sire Australia had produced to that time.

Since buying a Herring painting would need a lottery win these days, it is most likely that Fisher commissioned the painting from Herring. Herring was a prolific artist and his paintings adorn the walls of art galleries, museums and stately homes all over the world.



When there is a GST injustice done to a breeding industry player, especially where it relates to the stallion market and the high GST cost associated with buying into one of these noble beasts, this practice is always prepared to take it to the ATO and get the proper outcome for the breeder.

The ATO recently selected a taxpayer in our industry for audit and disallowed approximately $50,000 of GST refunds on the purchase of more than half a million dollars’ worth of stallion syndicate shares. The reason given by the ATO was that the purchase of shares was a ‘financial supply’ as the syndicate was a Managed Investment Scheme (‘MIS’). The higher end stallion syndicates are generally MIS’s, so this decision had vast industry significance for serious commercial breeders.

Carrazzo Consulting was engaged to “troubleshoot” and undertake the objection to this decision. We knew what this meant for our key industry stakeholders, i.e. the stud farms selling stallion shares to their client base and investors. We also were aware of the complexity of the tax rules applying to these types of transactions with the added difficulty of the MIS regime that posed an unacceptable tax risk to these stakeholders.

Our team here, led by new partner Bill Mavropoulos, escalated the matter to the upper echelons of the ATO and through close collaboration with the ATO our objection was successful and the GST was ultimately able to be claimed by the breeder. Justice was done.

The ATO was understanding and engaged with us professionally. They administered the decision fairly and in accordance with the tax law.

But there’s more..

The ATO recognised that this issue and the way Stallion syndicates and breeding rights are taxed/administered is not necessarily well understood by them. The industry based rulings and guidance issued by them have only served to create confusion and uncertainty. With this in mind, we put forward a formal request for the ATO to explore the issues and release a special Class Ruling on these matters.

The ATO, on reading our detailed and industry savvy submission, decided that the issues were better addressed by a wider reaching consultative process that would end with a binding public ruling or other broader authoritative guidance. They recognised the need for Carrazzo Consulting to lead this engagement and for us, in time, to access and arrange the appropriate industry input required.

Current state of play – our view
Given the lack of a definitive ATO position, this area of tax law (both from a GST perspective and income tax) is fraught with risk at present. The set up and administration of these syndicates should be undertaken with the help of specialist legal and tax advisors until the binding public guidance is released by the ATO.

However, in the interim, we reiterate that the ATO have no basis to decline GST claims re the purchase of stallion shares from an MIS scheme – the hard work of our office has made sure of this!

If you would like us to expand upon or clarify any issue mentioned in this release, please do not hesitate to contact the Carrazzo Consulting office.


Any reader intending to apply the information in this article to practical circumstances should independently verify their interpretation and the information’s applicability to their circumstances with an accountant or adviser specialising in this area.


Prepared by:
801 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, VIC, 3122
TEL: (03) 9982 1000
FAX: (03) 9329 8355
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Web Site:




I am pleased to advise that NSWROA has received a limited number of “hard copy” 2017-2018 Metropolitan and Country Fixture Cards. If you would like a “hard copy” of the cards, simply contact the office and same will be sent to you by mail.

Electronic copies of both the Metropolitan and Country 2017-2018 Fixture Cards are also available to members. Click on respective images to access.

The 2017-2018 Fixture Cards are brought to you with the compliments of Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers.



Hereunder for the interest of members is a recent industry item:

2017 NSW Country & Provincial Racing Award Winners
The 2017 NSW Country and Provincial Awards Dinner was conducted on Friday 29 September 2017 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Sydney.

The Country recipients of the 2017 awards were:



Simon Nivision Special Achievement AwardPeter Clancy
Country Horse of the YearThe Monstar
Country TAB Race Club of the YearMoruya Jockey Club
Community Race Club of the YearDeepwater Jockey Club
Outstanding Achievement AwardCrookwell & District Amateur Picnic Race Club
Country Trainer of the YearTrevor Sutherland
Country Jockey of the YearRachael Murray
Country Apprentice Jockey of the YearJean Van Overmeire
Country Approved Rider of the YearRicky Blewitt
Special Recognition AwardReg Paine

The Provincial recipients of the 2017 awards were:



Ted McCabe Provincial Recognition AwardPaul Perry
Provincial Horse of the YearLe Romain
Provincial Trainer of the YearKris Lees
Provincial Jockey of the YearJeff Penza
Provincial Apprentice Jockey of the YearRachel King

Our congratulations to all.



Update by Julieanne Horsman,
Media & Communications Executive, Racing NSW



Super Ex kicked clear in the opening stages of the 2017/18 BOBS Horse Premiership contest but now two Godolphin gallopers are giving chase.

Piracy recorded three wins in the first six weeks of the new season, earning $33,750 in BOBS prizemoney. His efforts have placed him second on the BOBS leaderboard, just behind Super Ex who boasts $39,375 in BOBS earnings.

“He’s had a great start to the season,” said Godolphin’s Head Trainer, James Cummings. “When we simplified his training regime he became the happiest horse in the stable and it has reflected on the racetrack.”

Piracy’s most recent win came in a Benchmark 77 race over 1250m at Canterbury Park where he shot up the rails to salute by a length and a half. “It was a great effort and it warranted him starting favourite against older horses in a tougher subsequent race,” Cummings said. “In that event he went along a bit quicker when sharing the lead but still managed to finish fourth.”

Piracy (Kerrin McEvoy) easily scores at Canterbury Park
in the middle of September – one of three wins this preparation
(Photo courtesy of Bradley Photographers)

Piracy is due to line up in the Listed Brian Crowley Stakes on Saturday 21 October and with Super Ex currently spelling, a win would see him jump to the lead of the BOBS Premiership. As a gelding, I have the opportunity to place him to advantage and I expect him to be competitive in the Brian Crowley Stakes,” Cummings said beforehand. “It’s important for his sire, Exceed and Excel, to keep getting runs on the board too.”

Stablemate Ataraxia is currently in third place in the BOBS Horse Premiership but is unlikely to be able to progress any further now he’s been moved to Godolphin’s Flemington stables. The three-year-old colt has earned $28,125 in BOBS prizemoney from two wins, including an upset victory in the Listed Dulcify Quality at Royal Randwick. The performance earned him a crack at the Victoria Derby, provided he can stay the distance.

Close to 80% of Godolphin’s Australian horses trained in New South Wales and most sires are based here too. Godolphin has a high opinion of the BOBS scheme and its benefit to owners who race their horses in New South Wales,” Cummings said. “Having the option to double up BOBS profits and put the money towards stallion service fees helps justify the company’s cost of breeding to BOBS stallions.”


Horse Sire Prize Money Wins
SUPER EXExcites$39,3753
PIRACYExceed and Excel$33,7503
ATARAXIATeofilo (Ire)$28,1252
BEAU GESTEStreet Cry (Ire)$22,5001
MENARISnitzel$22,500 1
PERFORMERExceed and Excel$22,5001
SATIN SLIPPERPierro$22,500 1
VIRIDINEPoet's Voice (GB)$22,5001



A WINNER – there are no better words for an owner to hear! As members are aware, as part of our membership renewal process, NSWROA requested members to forward the names of their racehorses in order for us to acknowledge their racing triumphs in our publications.

The listing under comprises wins recorded in New South Wales as well as Australian black type successes which are recorded in bold type.

Accordingly, hereunder are the lucky NSWROA members who had winners in September 2017:




J AbrahamsHawkesburyParlay Vous (NZ)
D & Mrs K AckeryWarwick FarmExoteric (GB)
J N AllenRandwick (2)Redzel (2)
G AltomonteMudgeeSkylimit
M AngelosHawkesburyGrand Finalist
G BachellMoonee ValleyShe Will Reign
S BilichCessnockLatin Light
Mrs D BoydWaggaKruanui
T BurkeMoreeDesert Marshal
Mrs K Carpenter Warwick FarmCanberra
A ChiswickTuncurryGold Skye
D CordinaGosfordCrimson Halo
J CordinaGosfordCrimson Halo
 RosehillAce High
M CrismaleHawkesburyPleasantries
P J DugganHawkesburyGroundbreak
Emirates ParkKempsey (2)Jawdaa
M FieldMoonee ValleyShe Will Reign
D N FullerRandwickPerformer
GodolphinCanterbury (2)Beacon
 Gosford (2)Demerara
  Osborne Bulls
 Kembla (2)La Chatte
  Sacher Torte
 Newcastle (2)Ataraxia
 Randwick (4)Alizee (2)
 Rosehill (2)Beau Geste
 Warwick FarmRegimen
 Wyong (2)Persia
A Gow-GatesRosehillSuncraze
S Grant Warwick Farm (2)Canberra
Gundaroo StudGraftonWater Boy (NZ)
G HarveyCorowaZafina
 QueanbeyanUncle Gerry
Highclere Thoroughbred RacingRandwickLibran (IRE)
Mrs C IrwinBowravilleOur Magic Girl
K KeadyTareeWarrumbungle
Mrs D KepitisRandwick (2)Winx (2)
Mrs D & P KepitisKempseyBochy
M & Mrs E KowalczukWyongTorvill
Laurel Oak Bloodstock CanberraConfidential
KemblaSikhing Glory
Warwick FarmCanberra
R LeghHawkesburyGroundbreak
D & Mrs S LilleyNewcastleBroadside (NZ)
R Lloyd Warwick FarmCanberra
N MacdonaldKemblaSikhing Glory
Warwick FarmCanberra
L MacriHawkesburyDarhad
K MaloneyCaulfieldVoodoo Lad
J & Mrs A McDonnellRosehillPositive Problems
Mrs S McGrathRandwickLibran (IRE)
L Mihalyka CanberraConfidential
KemblaSikhing Glory
Warwick FarmCanberra
T MillardWarwick FarmCanberra
N Moraitis, AMGoulburnSmart As
 HawkesburyBon Equus
 Warwick FarmRealise Potential
 WyongDestiny's Kiss
D W W MorleyGosfordCrimson Halo
P MorleyGosfordCrimson Halo
Dato Tan Chin NamKemblaSky Boy
T O'CallaghanCorowaLawton Joseph (NZ)
I & Mrs C PatrickNewcastleBroadside (NZ)
K PrykeHawkesburyDarhad
 Warwick FarmExoteric (GB)
P QuirkRandwickLibran (IRE)
D RamageKemblaSky Boy
Ramsey Pastoral CoNewcastleNewburgh
C Reynolds CanberraConfidential
Ms J RitchieHawkesburyDarhad
 NewcastleAudacious Choice
J Ryan Warwick FarmCanberra
C Sala CanberraConfidential
Mrs D Simkin CanberraConfidential
Mrs M SmithWarwick FarmRebel Miss
O P TaitNewcastleZanbagh
P TigheRandwick (3)Performer
  Winx (2)
Torryburn StudRosehillDeploy
 Warwick FarmMemento
Vinery StudCanterburyCocoexcel
M WalcottCanberraD'beak
P WalkerCanterburyAnother Larga
T & Mrs D Wallace, J & Miss H WallaceTareeMarathon
G WatsonMuswellbrookTakahashi
Ms L WatsonWaggaCosmo Star
M WhitbyGosfordBadge of Gameness
 KemblaZa Zi Ba
 Warwick FarmScreamarr
J WilsonCanberraConfidential

Another feature in the Newsletter is the NSWROA Member’s Black Type Honour Roll which acknowledges the success of members in the black type arena.

The Honour Roll for the 2017-2018 season is as follows:

NSWROA Members
2017/2018 Black Type Honour Roll
Current to 30 September 2017

Category Race Name Horse Owner
G1ATC George Main StakesWinxMrs D Kepitis, P Tighe
G1MVRC Moir StakesShe Will ReignG Bachell, M Field
G1ATC Flight StakesAlizeeGodolphin
G2ATC Warwick StakesWinxMrs D Kepitis, P Tighe
G2MRC P B Lawrence StakesHartnell (GB)Godolphin
G2ATC Chelmsford StakesWinxMrs D Kepitis, P Tighe
G2ATC Theo Marks StakesDeployTorryburn Stud, K Maloney
G2ATC Run To the RoseMenariG Altomonte
G2ATC Tea Rose StakesAlizeeGodolphin
G2ATC The ShortsRedzelJ N Allen
G3ATC Show County QualityDeployTorryburn Stud, K Maloney
G3ATC Concorde StakesRedzelJ N Allen
G3MRC The HeathVoodoo LadK Maloney
G3NJC Spring StakesAstoriaGodolphin
G3NJC Newcastle Gold CupBroadside (NZ)D & Mrs S Lilley, I & Mrs C Patrick
G3NJC Tibbie StakesZanbaghO P Tait
G3ATC Kingston Town StakesLibran (IRE)Highclere Thoroughbred Racing, Mrs S McGrath, P Quirk
G3ATC Gloaming StakesAce HighJ Cordina
LRATC The RosebudMenariG Altomonte
LRHRC Rowley MileArbeitsamJ N Allen
LRWRC Wyong Gold CupDestiny's KissN Moraitis, AM
LRATC Heritage StakesViridineGodolphin
LRATC Breeders PlatePerformerP Tighe, D N Fuller
LRATC Dulcify QualityAtaraxiaGodolphin

What great results! Congratulations to all! Don't forget to forward the names of your racehorses to the NSWROA office.



The Scone Race Club will host the upcoming Showcase Meeting to be held on Friday, 27 October 2017.

All eight races on the program have $30,000 in prizemoney on offer as well as a BOBS Bonus available on all races.

For further details regarding this meeting visit the Scone Race Club’s website at



Have your contact details changed? Perhaps a new postal or email address?

If so, it would be greatly appreciated if you could contact the office in order for our records to be updated accordingly.

Yours in Racing

Tom O’Callaghan
Acting President

13 October 2017


NSW Racehorse Owners Association • GPO Box 1506, SYDNEY NSW 2001
Ph: 9299 4299 • Fax: 9299 3212 • E: • W: