It is so good to be “back in the saddle again” to witness this wonderful time of year.

I cannot place enough praise upon Racing NSW and the Australian Turf Club and, in particular, Mr Peter V’Landys, AM and Mr Laurie Macri, for their positivity towards our industry. Since they have “joined forces” they have changed the whole concept of racing in this State.

This was particularly evident on Stakes Day at Rosehill Gardens where everyone I saw expressed this positive view, something that has not occurred for a very long time indeed.

But how could you not be positive when we have such a spectacle as the Sydney Autumn Carnival featuring The Championships – simply fantastic!

Whilst the Carnival still has two weeks to go, it would be remiss of me if I did not mention a couple of truly outstanding feats so far.

The all the way win of Estijaab in the Group 1 ATC Golden Slipper Stakes after starting from Barrier 14 – how good was that! Unfortunately for the first time in 23 years I was not at the track to see first-hand this wonderful effort but even from my armchair it was amazing – my congratulations to His Excellency and the team from Emirates Park who are long time members of the Association.

Winx making it 24 straight wins and a world record of 17 Group One wins when she saluted in the Group 1 ATC George Ryder Stakes. Is awesome an understatement? Congratulations of course to owners and NSWROA members Mr Peter & Mrs Patricia Tighe and Mrs Debbie Kepitis. Words are fast becoming superfluous.

My colleague, Tom O’Callaghan, highlighted in a previous issue of the newsletter how outstanding the Inglis Riverside Complex was and I fully concur with this view. At the time of writing the Australian Easter Yearling Sale is being conducted with Day One producing seven individual lots selling for $1 million or more and Day Two producing eight individual lots. A great result for all involved. A full report on the sale will appear in next month’s newsletter.

Bookings are now closing for our Autumn Carnival Raceday Function which will be conducted on the last day of the Carnival – 21 April – see item later in the newsletter. I look forward to seeing you there.


On behalf of our Members, NSWROA is grateful for the sponsorship and support of Tabcorp.

TABCORP, we’re committed to supporting the racing industry.

Tabcorp is Australia’s leading wagering and entertainment group. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the Australian Racing Industry through our support of organisations like NSWROA.

Tabcorp returned $735 million to the racing industry in FY14 contributions such as this help to ensure the preservation and improvement of the industry and its people.

Having a bet with the TAB lets you be part of the action by getting involved in the race or the game. You can bet at any of the widely distributed TAB retail outlets, online, by phone or at the track - it's your choice.

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If you have any inquiries or questions, please contact our friendly customer service staff on 133 390.



Bookings close on Monday 16 April 2018 for the Association’s annual Sydney Autumn Carnival Raceday function on 21 April 2018, All Aged Stakes Day, at Royal Randwick in Suite E of the Randwick Ballroom on Level 2 of the Queen Elizabeth II Grandstand.

In what will be a fantastic day of racing, six black type races will be featured on the card including the Group 1 All Aged Stakes and the Group 1 Champagne Stakes.

The package for the day, which is priced at:-

$215.00 per person or $2,150.00 for a table of ten (both amounts are GST inclusive) for members, and

$230.00 per person (including GST) for associate members, and

$245.00 per person (including GST) for guests

includes general admission to the track, a sumptuous buffet luncheon and beverage package, afternoon tea and race book.

BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment.



NSWROA member Graham Caves, who is also a volunteer member at the ATC Heritage Centre at Randwick, has provided the following review from the ATC Heritage Collection for our newsletter this month.


We find it difficult today in the blaze of modern technology to appreciate the times of the past when race clubs had to improvise and organise a race meeting with what methods were available.

Today we have big on-course TV screens, smaller TVs all around the course telling us what is happening interstate and even overseas. A public address system always playing, most people have a smartphone if all that is not enough to tell them what they want to know.

Spare a thought for the race clubs and racegoers of a hundred years ago.

Back then there was none of that. Not even a public address system. No bookies boards either. The bookies called their odds or you asked.

So telling the crowd what was happening was not easy and the main need was to let people know what was what with the racing.

Small bells were rung to remind the crowd that the horses were heading out to the barrier to race. Big bells were then tolled to let know that the field had jumped away and you needed to get your binoculars out to follow the race. No racecallers or commentators. Hand timing of races was giving away to electronic timing when the new fangled chronographs were appearing on racecourses around Australia. They were set off though by a signal and a “ding” of the bell.

A brochure was produced by the ATC Heritage Society in 2010 for the 200 Years of Racing Exhibition which contained a lot of information about the bells.

Starter’s Bells being solid heavy metal and not made from corrosive elements, they have survived today to show the interested racing people what kept the racing public informed in years gone by.

Currently located in the main foyer of the ATC Administration building are two of those very bells.


On the left is the Randwick bell, made by John Taylor and Co. and on the right is the bell from Warwick Farm, made by John Barwell.

Not much we haven’t got in the ATC Heritage Collection.



Some advance notice to members that Paul Carrazzo from Carrazzo Consulting will be conducting a “Sport of Kings” Talk at the new Inglis Riverside complex at Warwick Farm on Friday, 15 June 2018 from 10-11.30 am in the William Inglis Hotel.

The talk includes horse tax and key financial industry indicators.

A special discounted rate of $132.00 is applicable for NSWROA members.

See attached media release for preliminary details.

For further information telephone Carrazzo Consulting on (03) 9982 1000 or email to register for the event.



Members are reminded that the 53rd Annual General Meeting of the NSW Racehorse Owners Association Limited (ACN 000 498 859) is to take place:

  • at PKF, Level 8, 1 O’Connell Street, Sydney
  • on the 14 May 2018
  • commencing at 5.30pm.

In order to assist with catering arrangements, it would be greatly appreciated if members attending the AGM could advise the office by either email or by telephone (02) 9299 4299 by 7 May 2018.



Once again the Association, as part of our commitment to support our country colleagues, will be continuing our sponsorship at the Wagga Wagga Gold Cup Carnival in 2018 by sponsoring the NSW Racehorse Owners Association Maiden Handicap over 1400 metres on Town Plate Day – May 3.

Town Plate Day is of course part of the Murrumbidgee Turf Club’s prestigious Wagga Wagga Gold Cup Carnival which will commence on 15 April with Prelude Day and conclude on 4 May for Cup Day.

The featured event of the Carnival is the Listed Wagga Wagga Gold Cup which is run over 2000 metres and has prizemoney of $160,000 on offer.

We would like to invite members to be part of the excitement of the Carnival by joining us on 3 May. The Association has a very limited number of admittance & members tickets available for Town Plate Day for our members on a “first in” basis.

Accordingly, if you would like to take advantage of this offer simply email your details to the office ( quoting NSWROA Town Plate day ticket offer. For those of you without an email address, please call the office on (02) 9299 4299 to register your interest.

For further details on the Carnival, visit the Murrumbidgee Turf Club website at



Due to asset protection and possible tax savings, a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is generally an attractive tax structure to hold eligible assets.

At Carrazzo Consulting we often consult clients on the general “ins and outs” of this strategy, but more specifically consult primary producers, such as horse breeders, who wish to transfer their farmland into their SMSF.

Yes, this is a complex area unfortunately, but let me share with you, as simply as possible, the major issues to consider if you’re contemplating this strategy.

In addition to the issues I’ll discuss below, it is important to also consider the ongoing taxation treatment of the strategy once it’s in place, being:

  • Any rental payments made by the primary producer to the SMSF will be tax deductible to their business (assuming the payments represent an arm’s length amount);
  • The SMSF will generally only pay tax on the rental income at 15% after considering any tax deductions (or nil tax to the extent the farmland is being held to support a pension and is ‘segregated’ in the fund for this purpose); and
  • The SMSF will only pay capital gains tax (CGT) on sale of the farmland at an effective tax rate of 10% where it is held for at least 12 months (or possibly nil tax to the extent it is being held to support a pension and is ‘segregated’ in the fund for this purpose).

Mechanisms for transferring farmland into an SMSF

An individual may consider the following options for transferring farmland into an SMSF:

  • Where the individual already has a total superannuation balance (TSB) equal to or in excess of the new $1.6 million eligibility threshold, then it is not possible for the fund member to make an ‘in-specie’ contribution (i.e. a contribution that is in the form of an asset transfer, not cash) of Business Real Property (BRP) (see below) into their SMSF in any income year (no matter the value of the BRP/farmland in question). In these circumstances, the fund member may consider selling the farmland to the SMSF at market value.

    In this case, the individual could consider contributing some or all of the cash proceeds received from the SMSF, back into the SMSF under what is called the ‘CGT cap’ (i.e. available where the member has applied either the small business ‘retirement exemption’ or the ‘15-year exemption’ to this farmland sale to the SMSF, these being special concessions for small business under the CGT rules). This can be done even if the individual has a TSB equal to or in excess of $1.6 million dollars (i.e. because the fund members TSB is not relevant in terms of accessing the CGT cap). For the 2018 income year, the lifetime CGT cap is $1,445,000.

  • Where the individual is not at risk of exceeding the $1.6 million balance threshold, they may consider:
    • making an ‘in-specie’ contribution of the farmland utilising the non-deductible contribution cap and/or the CGT cap; or
    • selling the farmland to the SMSF at market value (rather than an ‘in-specie’ contributing it to the fund).

If a company or trust own the farmland?

Our examples above relate to an individual owning the farmland, but where an entity (such as a company or trust) owns the farmland, an ‘in-specie’ transfer of the farmland to an SMSF by such entities would generally count towards the fund members deductible contributions cap. The size of this cap is paltry (just $25,000 from 1 July 2017), thus it would rarely be tax effective to adopt this strategy of an ‘in-specie’ contribution of farmland to an SMSF.

Issues to consider before undertaking either strategy

Prior to undertaking either strategy, there are a number of issues to consider, that are relevant to either strategy that I note below.

1. Is the farmland business real property (BRP)?

Subject to limited exceptions, SMSF rules prohibits SMSFs from intentionally acquiring assets (including by way of an ‘in-specie contribution’), from related parties. However, an exception exists where the asset acquired is business real property (‘BRP’) that is acquired at market value. This means that unless the farmland constitutes BRP, the landowner is unable to transfer it into their SMSF.

The main requirement for the property to be considered BRP is that it is used ‘wholly and exclusively in one or more businesses’ (regardless of whether the business is carried on by the landowner or a related party of the fund). Note, the ATO has acknowledged in that real property is capable of satisfying the definition of BRP even though it may not be strictly applied ‘wholly and exclusively’ in carrying on a business, provided it is used to an appreciable degree or extent in carrying on one or more businesses.

Farmland with a residential dwelling can also be ‘business real property’

Many primary producers live on their farmland, so does this exclude the property from being transferred to an SMSF on the basis that it is not BRP?

Good news – SMSF rules contains a special rule that ensures the ‘business use test’ can be met even where a part of the land on which a primary production business is carried on contains a residential dwelling. That is, the ‘wholly and exclusively’ threshold, will still be satisfied where:

  • the area containing the dwelling and used primarily for domestic or private purposes does not exceed two hectares; and
  • the domestic or private use is not the predominant use of the property.

Do water rights constitute BRP?

Unfortunately, an SMSF that acquires farmland and a water right from a related party will generally be in breach of the related party acquisition rule in the SMSF Act in relation to the water right (refer above). This is because the definition of BRP does not extend to a water right as it does not constitute an eligible interest in real property.

2. Selling the farmland to an SMSF

Where the farmland constitutes BRP, a fund member may consider selling the property to the SMSF at market value or contemplate a part-sale/part-contribution.

In this case, the disposal of the farmland may trigger a capital gain in the hands of the landowner but, if the CGT Small Business Concessions are available, the capital gain may be reduced. As noted above, where eligible, the landowner is able to reduce the capital gain under the ‘retirement exemption’ or the ‘15-year exemption’.

Note, where the SMSF intends to borrow (under a Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement) to fund the acquisition, the cost of the interest expenses (reduced for any 15% tax benefit), should be factored into the analysis.

3. In-specie contribution of farmland to an SMSF

An individual landowner may consider making an ‘in-specie’ contribution of farmland under the non-deductible contributions cap and/or the CGT cap (to the extent these caps are available).

That is, where eligible, the individual can potentially combine their caps to contribute up to $1,745,000 (calculated as, $300,000 under the three-year non-deductible contributions cap plus the $1,445,000 CGT cap).

Essentially this will only be the case where the individual is under 65 years of age and the capital gain is exempt under the 15-year exemption (where the CGT cap is fully available).

The CGT implications for a landowner contributing property to an SMSF will be the same as if the property were sold for full market value proceeds.

Where the landowner makes a capital gain in respect of the in-specie contribution of the farmland to their SMSF, and the property qualifies as an ‘active asset’, the landowner’s capital gain could be reduced, potentially to ‘nil’, under the CGT Small Business Concessions where the eligibility requirements are satisfied.

Stamp duty to consider

In addition to potential CGT issues (refer above), consideration must also be given to the transfer costs (e.g., stamp duty and GST). In relation to stamp duty, note that the duty can vary between States and Territories, and may also differ where the farmland is sold to the SMSF as opposed to making an in-specie contribution of the farmland.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the writer if you wish for me to clarify or expand on any of the matters raised in this article.

Any reader intending to apply the information in this article to practical circumstances should independently verify their interpretation and the information’s applicability to their circumstances with an accountant or adviser specialising in this area.

Prepared by:
801 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Vic, 3122
TEL:   (03) 9982 1000 or 1300 Right Track
FAX:   (03) 9329 8355
MOB: 0417 549 347
Web Site:



The Association was delighted to provide sponsorship to Equestrian NSW for two classes at the 2018 Southern Cross Show Horse Spectacular which took place at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre at Horsley Park from 16-18 March 2018.

Equestrian NSW is the governing body of equestrian sports in NSW and is a not-for-profit organisation, managing the disciplines, training the officials and upholding clean sport in NSW under the banner of Equestrian Australia.

The best of the best attended the Southern Cross Show Horse Spectacular having qualified at shows around the country. Showing is all about the most beautiful looks, temperament and movement so naturally thoroughbreds are at the forefront of the Show Horse world.

The winner of the NSW Racehorse Owners Association Led Thoroughbred Class was Holly Mahony, and she has kindly sent through a photo of herself and the winning horse, Chloe Chester’s Springston (Bletchley Park(IRE)-Lyme Regis), who travelled over from WA to take part in the show. Holly was given Springston by connections when he retired from racing and sold him to Chloe who has had a very successful saddle career in Perth with him.

The winner of the NSWROA Newcomer Off the Track Show Hunter TB class was Rebecca Harnas riding Bravo. The newcomer class is for horses having their first year in showing and this was the final for horses who started their careers in 2017. Rebecca is from Rivett in the ACT and is a student who juggles her studies with her show horses. She has done all of the work with Bravo since he came off the track as a 3yo and he commenced his show season in March of 2017. Bravo raced as Bel Monaro (Bel Danaro-Lady Sequalo) and was trained by Kerry Parker at Kembla Grange, having only 1 start.



Hereunder for the interest of members are some recent industry items:

Finalists Announced for Godolphin Awards
The finalists in the 2018 Godolphin Stud and Stable Staff Awards have been selected from a record field of 300 nominations. After much debate and consideration, the judging panel, led by South Australia’s chief stipendiary steward Johan Petzer, settled on 14 worthy finalists from whom the seven winners will be chosen. The winners, plus the overall Thoroughbred Excellence Award winner will be named at the official Stud and Stable Staff Awards Ceremony at Morphettville Racecourse on Friday, 4 May. The finalists in each category are:

Category Finalists
LeadershipPeter Keating, Newgate Farm, NSW, and Jade Rossington, Willow Park Stud, NSW.
HorsemanshipWarren Sutton, McEvoy Mitchell Racing, South Australia, and Scott Eeles, Godolphin, NSW
Dedication To BreedingAngus McAlpine, Eureka Cambooya Stud, and Patrick Sheehan, Coolmore Stud, NSW
Dedication To RacingJoe Agresta, Malua Racing, Victoria, and Steve Adams, Anthony Freedman Racing, Victoria
AdministrationMichelle Nichols, Arrowfield Stud, NSW, and Hannah Dick, Widden Stud, NSW
Thoroughbred Care and WelfareLee Purchase, Darren Weir Racing, Victoria, and Liz Andriske, Saleyard Thoroughbreds, Victoria
NewcomerJarom Rhind, Armidale Stud, Tasmania, and Meg Stanley, Kathryn Durden Racing, Victoria


THE EVEREST - Inglis calls for expressions of interest
Inglis is calling for official expressions of interest from connections of potential runners to fill its slot in this year’s $13m The Everest. Inglis was one of the 12 original slot holders form last year and has taken up the option of extending its Everest contract for a further year, ensuring it remains a slot holder until at least the 2020 running of the race. Owners or trainers of Inglis graduates who are interested in competing in the 2018 The Everest are encouraged to express their interest by contacting Inglis Managing Director Mark Webster on or 0419 610 809. Expressions of interest are requested before close of business on Friday April 27. Priority will be given to Inglis graduates that have paid up for an Inglis Race Series, past or present.



Update by Julieanne Horsman,
Media & Communications Executive, Racing NSW
Picture: Bradley Photographers



Kembla Grange came within a whisker of a BOBS clean sweep on Saturday 7th April. Seven of the eight winners earned a BOBS bonus, with their connections able to choose to receive $5,000 or double it up and have $10,000 credit to use at the next sales or on a service fee.

Favourite Love Shack Baby got his owners and punters off to a good start, working home strongly to break his maiden in the opening race. Jockey Jean Van Overmeire had a fall the day before but bounced back with a well-timed ride to deliver Warwick Farm trainer David Pfieffer the win.

Strome looked beaten with 100m to go in the Otford Class1 Handicap (1400m). She was held up for a run but then justified her odds-on favouritism with an explosive finish. A determined Jess Taylor squeezed her through a gap and she kicked away to win by 1.3 lengths from Falster. The three-year-old Gary Portelli-trained filly is enjoying her best preparation yet with two starts for two wins.

Strome (Jess Taylor) and Falster (Chad Lever)
battle it out for first place and the BOBS bonus.

Devil’s Lair came out on top in a tight finish in the Gardiners Creek BM66 Handicap (1600m). Racing in the famous cerise colours of the Ingham family, the Pierro gelding outsprinted Bolord and Lani Girl to land the lion’s share of the prizemoney and a BOBS bonus for Chris Waller, Yusuke Ichikawa and owners.

A Touch Of Mink was sent out $1.35 favourite in the Helensburgh Maiden Plate (1600m) but missed the kick like she did in the Group 3 Kembla Classic three weeks before. Despite the bombed start jockey Nick Heywood remained calm and allowed a Touch Of Mink to settle into a rhythm at the back. He brought her into the race just before the turn and she fought home to win by a head from Happy Seventy and Triplicate. Trainer Matthew Smith confirmed A Touch Of Mink, who is already stakes placed, will next head to the Listed Aquis Park Gold Coast Bracelet at the end of the month.

Jockey Adrian Layt has endured a rough trot recently, having to spend 16 of the past 19 weeks on the sideline due to a broken leg and rib injury, so a comfortable win aboard Boorooj in the Wilson’s Creek Class 1 Handicap (1200m) was a welcome tonic. Layt made it look easy, bringing the Snowden-trained filly into the race at exactly the right time and willing her on to win by 1.3 lengths.

My Zebrinka smashed his maiden and claimed his first BOBS bonus with a dominant win in the Kellys Creek Maiden Plate. Under the guidance of Blake Spriggs, the Ron Quinton-trained gelding shot to the lead and never looked back. Daydream Explorer and a flying Stealthy chased hard but My Zebrinka claimed victory by 2.3 lengths.

Another odds-on favourite, Temprado, rounded out what was a devastating day for the bookies with a 3.5 length demolition job in the Stanwell Tops BM67 Handicap. The win brought up a double for Snowden Racing and stallion Pierro who is currently in 16th place in the BOBS Stallion Premiership. Snitzel is the clear leader with his progeny notching 48 BOBS wins and earning half a million dollars in BOBS bonuses this year.

Snowden stable mate Emperor’s Way leads the BOBS Horse Premiership with three BOBS wins for $67,500 in bonus prize money.


Horse Sire Prize Money BOBS Wins
Emperor's WayRoman Emperor (NZ)$67,500.003
UnforgottenFastnet Rock$56,250.003
VictoremI Am Invincible$56,250.003
I Am ExcitedSnitzel$45,000.002
CorderoGio Ponti (USA)$42,500.003
Super ExExcites$39,375.003
Brave SongYour Song$33,750.002



A WINNER – there are no better words for an owner to hear! As members are aware, as part of our membership renewal process, NSWROA requested members to forward the names of their racehorses in order for us to acknowledge their racing triumphs in our publications.

The listing under comprises wins recorded in New South Wales as well as Australian black type successes which are recorded in bold type.

Accordingly, hereunder are the lucky NSWROA members who had winners in March 2018:




D & Mrs K AckeryRosehillMultifacets (NZ)
 Warwick FarmMazaz (IRE)
J N AllenRandwickRedzel
G AltomonteCanterburyLeningrad
G BachellNewcastleGreysful Glamour
C & Mrs M BranthwaiteOrangePosh Arli
T BurkeSconeShiver Me Timbers
 TamworthWashington George
A M CardyMoonee ValleyHellbent
China Horse Club Racing Pty LtdCanberraAssimilate
 Newcastle (2)Bondi
  Great Good
 RosehillAuvray (FR)
 Warwick FarmAugustus
M CodlingWarwick FarmTarabai
S DeanWarwick FarmTarabai
Emirates ParkRandwick (2)Estijaab
Miss C P EweNewcastleGreysful Glamour
A FitzgeraldWarwick FarmTarabai
D FullerKemblaShirazzle
 Gosford (4)Attracted
  Drochaid (GB)
 Hawkesbury (3)Revenire
 Kembla (2)Dissolute
 RandwickOsborne Bulls
 Rosehill (2)Osborne Bulls
 Warwick Farm (5)Absolute
 Wyong (3)Petite
A Gow-GatesSconeSuncraze
S GrantWarwick FarmTarabai
Gundaroo StudCoffs HarbourHope Island
G HarveyCanberraCatch the Culprit
 NewcastleSaint Katarina
D HendersonCrookwellShe's Demanding
M HohosAlburyNevada Dane
Ms L InghamKemblaDevil's Lair
I R JohnsonCanterburyDomed
R KemisterNewcastleBurden of Proof
Mrs D KepitisKemblaDevil's Lair
P & Mrs D KepitisWarwick FarmMissile Coda
G & Mrs D KolivosKemblaTemprado
D KotelCoonambleMolasses
M & Mrs E KowalczukHawkesbury (2)Image Neat
 Warwick FarmBolero King
Laurel Oak BloodstockWarwick FarmTarabai
C & Mrs L LawlorHawkesburyGodunov
 TrangieAusbred Petal
R LeghFlemingtonGrunt (NZ)
N MacdonaldWarwick FarmTarabai
J & Mrs A McDonnellNewcastleOnly Tiger (NZ)
 SconeMissybeel (NZ)
D McLeishRosehillCellarman
L MihalykaWarwick FarmTarabai
N Moraitis, AMGosfordBon Equus
Dato Tan Chin Nam NewcastleOnly Tiger (NZ)
R PegumMurwillumbahIggy The Moocher
K PrykeWarwick FarmMazaz (IRE)
D Ramage NewcastleOnly Tiger (NZ)
Ramsey Pastoral Pty LtdDubboBlazing Issue
Ms J RitchieHawkesburyThink Straight
NewcastleOnly Tiger (NZ)
L & Mrs J SavilleWarwick FarmTarabai
P & Mrs P TigheRandwickWinx
 RosehillMultifacets (NZ)
 Rosehill (2)Unforgotten
 Warwick Farm (2)Mazaz (IRE)
  Sexy Eyes
W ToHawkesburyMomentum to Win
 Warwick FarmMomentum Factor
Torryburn StudRosehillThe Pinnacle
M WalcottCanberraAlmost Court (NZ)
Ms L WatsonArdlethanTearful Kitty
 TullibigealDream On Stan
G & Mrs V WilliamsGoulburnStrome

Another feature in the Newsletter is the NSWROA Member’s Black Type Honour Roll which acknowledges the success of members in the black type arena.

The Honour Roll for the 2017-2018 season is as follows:

NSWROA Members
2017/2018 Black Type Honour Roll
Current to 31 March 2018

Category Race Name Horse Owner
G1ATC George Main StakesWinxP & Mrs P Tighe, Mrs D Kepitis
G1MVRC Moir StakesShe Will ReignG Bachell, M Field
G1ATC Flight StakesAlizeeGodolphin
G1VRC Turnbull StakesWinxP & Mrs P Tighe, Mrs D Kepitis
G1ATC Spring Champion StakesAce HighJ Cordina
G1MVRC W S Cox PlateWinxP & Mrs P Tighe, Mrs D Kepitis
G1VRC Victoria DerbyAce HighJ Cordina
G1VRC Darley ClassicRedzelJ N Allen
G1WATC Kingston Town ClassicPounamuJ L Thompson
G1MRC C F Orr StakesHartnell (GB)Godolphin
G1VRC Australian GuineasGrunt (NZ)R Legh
G1ATC Chipping Norton StakesWinxP & Mrs P Tighe, Mrs D Kepitis
G1ATC Randwick GuineasKementariGodolphin
G1MVRC William Reid StakesHellbentA M Cardy
G1ATC George Ryder StakesWinxP & Mrs P Tighe, Mrs D Kepitis
G1ATC Golden Slipper StakesEstijaabEmirates Park
G2ATC Warwick StakesWinxP & Mrs P Tighe, Mrs D Kepitis
G2MRC P B Lawrence StakesHartnell (GB)Godolphin
G2ATC Chelmsford StakesWinxP & Mrs T Tighe, Mrs D Kepitis
G2ATC Theo Marks StakesDeployTorryburn Stud, K Maloney
G2ATC Run To the RoseMenariG Altomonte
G2ATC Tea Rose StakesAlizeeGodolphin
G2ATC The ShortsRedzelJ N Allen
G2ATC Roman Consul StakesViridineGodolphin
G2MVRC Moonee Valley Fillies ClassicBanishGodolphin
G2MRC Sandown GuineasVillermontR Legh
G2WATC Ted Van Heemst StakesPounamuJ L Thompson
G2ATC Light Fingers StakesAlizeeGodolphin
G2ATC Hobartville StakesKementariGodolphin
G2ATC Skyline StakesSantosEmirates Park
G2ATC Reisling StakesEstijaabEmirates Park
G2ATC Challenge StakesRedzelJ N Allen
G2ATC Phar Lap StakesUnforgottenP & Mrs P Tighe
G3ATC Show County QualityDeployTorryburn Stud, K Maloney
G3ATC Concorde StakesRedzelJ N Allen
G3MRC The HeathVoodoo LadK Maloney
G3NJC Spring StakesAstoriaGodolphin
G3NJC Newcastle Gold CupBroadside (NZ)D & Mrs S Lilley, I & Mrs C Patrick
G3NJC Tibbie StakesZanbaghO P Tait
G3ATC Kingston Town StakesLibran (IRE)Highclere Thoroughbred Racing, Mrs S McGrath, P Quirk
G3ATC Gloaming StakesAce HighJ Cordina
G3MRC Thoroughbred Club StakesInvincible StarD & Mrs S Lilley
G3MRC Northwood Plume StakesCool PassionJ & Mrs A McDonnell, Ms J Henning
G3MRC Ladies Day VaseQuilateR & Mrs M Conway
G3GRC Geelong CupVengeur Masque (IRE)R Legh
G3WATC Asian Beau StakesPounamuJ L Thompson
G3VRC Lexus StakesCismontane (NZ)D Lilley
G3VRC Red Roses StakesJordaGodolphin
G3VRC Queen Elizabeth StakesVengeur Masque (IRE)R Legh
G3MRC Sandown StakesDollar for DollarR Legh
G3ATC Summer CupMontaukM Whitby
G3ATC Canonbury StakesPerformerP & Mrs P Tighe, D N Fuller
G3ATC Widden StakesFiestaD Henderson
G3ATC Eskimo Prince StakesKementariGodolphin
G3VRC C S Hayes StakesGrunt (NZ)R Legh
G3ATC Southern Cross StakesKaepernickMs J Ritchie
G3ATC Triscay StakesFaraway TownMrs J Cook, Ms S Sproats, Mrs M Smith
G3VRC Shaftesbury Avenue HcpNozomiGodolphin
G3CRC Black Opal StakesEncryptionGodolphin
G3ATC Sky High StakesAuvray (FR)China Horse Club Pty Ltd
G3ATC Maurice McCarten StakesDothrakiG Harvey
G3ATC Epona StakesThe PinnacleTorryburn Stud
G3ATC Neville Sellwood StakesArbeitsamJ N Allen
G3ATC Doncaster PreludeCellarmanD McLeish
LRATC The RosebudMenariG Altomonte
LRHRC Rowley MileArbeitsamJ N Allen
LRWRC Wyong Gold CupDestiny's KissN Moraitis, AM
LRATC Heritage StakesViridineGodolphin
LRATC Breeders PlatePerformerP & Mrs P Tighe, D N Fuller
LRATC Dulcify QualityAtaraxiaGodolphin
LRATC Reginald Allen HandicapTorvillM & Mrs E Kowalczuk
LRATC City Tattersalls Club CupDestiny's KissN Moraitis, AM
LRVRC Century StakesBall of MuscleN Couper
LRHRC Ladies Day CupDuca Valentinois(IRE)Godolphin
LRATC CupBroadside (NZ)D & Mrs S Lilley, I & Mrs C Patrick
LRBRC Gold Edition PlateWhypeeoK Maloney
LRATC Christmas CupVassal (GB)D & Mrs K Ackery
LRATC Christmas ClassicMusic Magnate (NZ)Ms D Dunn
LRGRC Gosford Gold CupSinging (FR)D Ackery, P Linnegar
LRATC Lonhro PlateSandbarN & Mrs A Vass
LRCRC Canberra GuineasAssimilateChina Horse Club Racing Pty Ltd
LRCRC Canberra CupAlmost Court (NZ)M Walcott

What great results! Congratulations to all! Don't forget to forward the names of your racehorses to the NSWROA office.



The following Showcase Meetings will take place during the remainder of April and early May.

First up is the Racing Orange Meeting on Friday, 13 April 2018. This meeting features an eight race program with a BOBS Bonus available on all races. The highlight on the card is the Orange Showcase Cup run over 2100 metres with $65,000 in prizemoney. For further details regarding this meeting visit the Racing Orange’s website at

The Coffs Harbour Racing Club will hold their Showcase Meeting on Friday, 27 April 2018. They also have an eight event card with a BOBS Bonus available on all races. For further details regarding this meeting visit the Coffs Harbour Racing Club’s website at

The Tamworth Jockey Club hold their Showcase Meeting on Sunday, 29 April 2018. An eight event card with a BOBS Bonus available on all races is once again to take place. The highlight of this meeting is the Tamworth Showcase Cup run over 1400 metres with $150,000 in prizemoney. For further details regarding this meeting visit the Tamworth Jockey Club’s website at

It’s a Showcase double header for the Murrumbidgee Turf Club on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 May 2018 – days 2 and 3 of the Wagga Wagga Gold Cup Carnival. Sixteen races will be conducted over the two days. The highlight on the Thurday card is the Wagga Wagga Town Plate run over 1200 metres with $150,000 in prizemoney whilst the highlight of the Friday meeting is the Wagga Wagga Gold Cup a listed race run over 2000 metres with $160,000 in prizemoney. For further details regarding these meetings visit the Murrumbidgee Turf Club’s website at



A reminder to members that 2018 membership renewal fees are now due.

To those of our members who have already renewed your membership our thanks – your support of the Association is greatly appreciated.

Yours in Racing
Ray McDowell
13 April 2018


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