NSWROA – Current issues and objectives

March 2014

The following is a summary of the issues and objectives that NSWROA is currently addressing, or is contributing to. They include specific current and long-term issues and objectives, and general objectives to maintain and improve the ownership experience of racehorse owners in NSW, from both the financial and enjoyment points of view.

Current Issues

  • Automatic membership of the Association for ALL racehorse owners in NSW to provide a strong voice for owners and maximize the benefits that flow through to owners/members from that strength;
  • Favretto report (Racing NSW imitative to have all owners supply credit card details at time of registering horse for use by trainers to pay accounts) – NSWROA did not agree to many aspects of the proposals;
  • Owner/trainer agreement;
  • Owner movement between viewing and presentation areas at new Royal Randwick;
  • Acceptance fees: Long-term objective - abolition of onerous acceptance fees for feature races. Short-term objective – prizemoney distribution structured so all runners in feature races have their acceptance fees covered;
  • Simplified horse/lease/syndicate registration process;
  • Reduction of costs to owners on an ongoing basis;
  • Fairer treatment of country-trained horses racing in the city under the Benchmark system;
  • Improving BOBS returns and ensuring the scheme remains viable, healthy and rewarding;
  • Rewarding participants that actually race in NSW and support our clubs and facilities;
  • Support trainers in all initiatives to ensure welfare of racehorses on training and racing surfaces; and
  • Appropriate recording of cessation of ownership for horses retired from racing.


 Industry representation and contribution

The Association has ongoing representation on:

  • RICG (Racing Industry Consultative Group)
  • ATROC (The Racehorse Owners Associations national body)

The Association has recently made contribution on owners’ behalves to:

  • The Favretto Report
  • Productivity Commission on Wagering
  • Securities legislation
  • Thoroughbred Racing Act review

Industry Improvement

  • Continued monitoring and review of race programming to ensure all grades of horses have adequate racing opportunity;
  • Introduction of a dispute resolution process in conjunction with the Australian Trainers Association and Racing NSW;
  • Build relationships with other industry participants with a view to improving the racehorse-owning experience
  • Work with other industry participants and stakeholders to educate and encourage new owners to participate;
  • Assist networking with owners through social and race day functions outside the competition of racing;
  • Produce the NSW racing industry flagship event – the Racing’s Night of Champions Awards for acknowledgement of owners and horses, and broadcast internationally.
  • Input into industry policy and strategic planning including submissions on NSW Strategic plan, the Thoroughbred Racing Act etc.

Members Benefits

  • Standardization of owners’ entitlements at all racecourses in NSW and generally improving the racetrack experience for ALL owners;
  • Protecting the rights of owners in all industry negotiations;
  • Working with other stakeholders to attain additional benefits for members through discounts or access to events;
  • Maintain and invigorate schedule of raceday functions for NSWROA which in turn promotes the use of race club facilities;
  • Pass on specific member suggestions to race clubs.


  • Increased starter’s rebates paid down to tenth place at all racecourses.
  • Reduced cost of race club membership for NSWROA members.
  • Ongoing discussion with sponsors to provide additional rewards to owners.


General objectives under our constitution

  • To promote encourage and ensure co-operative effort in all matters pertaining to the interests of racehorse owners.
  • To promote the efficient conduct, regulation and development of horseracing and to encourage and promote the maintenance and improvement of the breed of racehorses.
  • To promote the consideration and discussion of all issues affecting the sport of horseracing and to promote the economy, efficiency, excellence and co-operation in such sport and to support and protect the character status and interest of the owners and to promote their best interests by all lawful means.
  • To diffuse amongst members information on all matters affecting owners or racehorses.